Welcome to a new Scary Tuesday, Tiktakers. In this occasion, we are traveling back to
Japan and the yokai mythology, to tell you about a dreaded yurei or apparition. We are talking about Yuki-onna, the snow woman. Her physical appearance is that of a very
beautiful young woman. She is tall and her hair is long. But her eyes can terrify anyone by just looking
at them, and her skin is very pale, it almost seems transparent. She usually wears a white kimono, but in some
legends she appears naked, laying on the snow, and her face and hair are the only contrast
with what’s around her. When she moves, she floats over the snow and
leaves no trace, some people even say she doesn’t have feet, a common characteristic
in many yokai. If she feels threatened, she can vanish, transforming
into a cloud of smoke or snow, since she is associated with winter and that kind of snowy
landscapes, and she usually appears when the weather conditions are like that. About the origin, people say it’s the spirit
of a pregnant woman who froze to death in the snow. That’s why, sometimes, she shows herself
holding a baby on her arms. Other versions say it’s a princess from
the Moon who, tired of her life, she came down to Earth during a snowstorm to explore
it, and then, she never knew how to get back home. She has an evil nature. Her beauty hypnotizes the travelers that are
tired of fighting against the storm, and she uses her frozen breath to calm them down and
send them to sleep until they pass out and turn into ice sculptures. Sometimes, she just disorientates them, and
leads them to dying lost in the middle of the snow. But in other legends, she is a more aggressive
character. She goes into people’s houses, knocks the
door down with a gust of wind, to kill them while they sleep. Even sometimes, she adopts the shape of a
succubus or female demon, to seduce weak men and, with
a kiss, take from them their vitality. As you can see, she has multiple manifestations,
and depending on where in Japan we go to, we’ll hear different versions. In the prefecture of Niigata, they say she
kidnaps kids. In Iwate and Miyagi they say the steals souls,
and in Ibaraki she throws men who ignore her off cliffs. In Aomori, she is called Ubume, and she asks
travellers to hold her baby – but the baby is so heavy that the person holding him can’t
move and freezes to death. Yuki-onna is one of the most classic characters
in japanese culture. She usually appears in the most famous franchises:
manga, anime, videogames… such as Crayon Shin Chan, One Piece, Ranma of Final Fantasy. But Yuki-onna also has a merciful side, as
it is shown in the most popular tale – we can find it in the compilation book “Kwaidan:
Stories and Studies of Strange Things”, by the scholar of eastern culture Lafcadio
Hearn. One winter night, Minokichi and his mentor
Mosaku, were going back home after a long trip. The last obstacle they had left was going
across the river, but when they got there they were surprised by the boatman not being
there. This plus the weather conditions forced them
to spend the night in his cabin. Mosaku fell exhausted, but it took longer
for his disciple to fall sleep, with all the noise of the storm at the door. When he finally fell asleep, a gust of wind
and snow against his face woke him up again. Minokichi opened his eyes and saw the door
open and a beautiful young lady with long hair and a white kimono leaning on his master,
kissing him with her blue lips. She turned around and jumped on him as well
– he tried to resist, but couldnt. The woman looked at him and whispered with
her frozen breath, that she was gonna do the same to him that she did to his master, but
due to his age and his beauty, she’d spare his life. Tho, under one condition: he couldn’t tell
anyone about their encounter, or he’d immediately die. When she vanished, Minokichi tried to wake
his master up, but his body was as cold and rigid as ice. A year after, winter came back, and one day
Minokichi was going back home when he saw a beautiful girl called Yuki – she was going
to town to try to work as a maid. The young boy was captivated by her beauty,
and he didn’t hesitate to host her. Soon after, they married and Yuki gave birth
to 10 beautiful kids, who, surprisingly, had a paler skin than usual. One night, while Yuki was knitting by a lamp,
Minokichi looked at her face and confessed she reminded him of a figure he had seen years
ago, a spirit from the other side who had taken his master’s life with her frozen
breath. When she heard this, Yuki suddenly left what
she was doing and a horrible smile appeared on her face. Slowly, she got close to Minokichi, laughing
evilly, transforming into the ghost, and reproaching him for not keeping their secret. “You idiot! if it weren’t for our children,
I’d kill you right now! Remember this, if they ever complain about
you, I’ll know. And a cold and snowy night, I’ll come for
you and I’ll kill you”. Suddenly, the spirit became white fog and
left up the fireplace, forever.

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