Workers Compensation- MMI – What It Doesn’t Mean

when you’re injured on the job there are
a few important dates when you are injured is one the next most important
date is when you’re placed at maximum ethical increment we call that MMI
I like describing max medical improvement as what it doesn’t mean
MMI doesn’t mean that you’re pain free MMI doesn’t mean that you’re fixed and
MMI doesn’t even mean that you don’t need further continuing medical care all
MMI means is that the insurance company doctor can’t think of another medical
treatment that is likely to cure you but in our experience seventy to eighty
percent of our clients get a second opinion and get either more medical care
or more impairment or both than the company doctor gave them if you have the
ability to challenge the company doctor’s opinion that nothing more can
be done for you to get you better but without proper guidance advice it is
impossible to get the care you deserve and need with almost 30 years of combined
experience we know the doctors we know how to read the medical system and we
know how to help you get through the system without us the insurance company
is going to prey on your lack of understanding and stop you from getting
the care and the benefits you deserve to get your life back on track
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