WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY WHEN IT'S BEST | behind the scenes, birds, fox, thunderstorm, Nikon z6, 3D camo

Dette er rent held … De var… De var på vej til mig og … Lyn torden er meget højt … Dette er fantastisk. Der er en ræv, der er en ræv … Ok, jeg har lige set to kraner. (udånder) Det er første gang Jeg har været så tæt på kraner her hvor jeg bor. Og… Jeg ved ikke, hvad de skal gøre. Det er derfor, jeg taler nu. Jeg ved virkelig ikke, hvad de skal gøre. Jeg ved ikke, hvor god deres syn er, deres hørelse noget, så jeg bedre be very, very careful. They're out there. Let me see if I can show you. Ok, I think I'm safe here because I age these 3D clothes on, I'm behind good vegetation. I should be very well camouflaged. Except… my movements will be very obvious because of the silhouette. But, let's have a look. I might see if I can photograph through the reeds though. I don't know what to do because they're just on the other side and they're coming this way. This is pure luck! They were… they were on their way to me. I was so afraid they might see me, and then disappear, but now they're out there calling. They just jumped around, I didn't get that, because I was behind the reeds but… wow. Wow, wow, wow. First time I'm photographing cranes in Denmark at this distance. It's awesome. I'm going to put on my teleconverter so I can get a little closer. So, the cranes are now very far away and I think, for me, it's the perfect opportunity to get out of here unseen and… I think I want to come back tomorrow in the morning and sit on the other side alongside the forest, and hopefully I don't have to struggle with the reeds in the foreground and my silhouette that is so obvious. Even though I am behind the reeds, they'll definitely be able to see my silhouette. So, now, pack my gear, go home, and get ready for this evening where I am probably going up to the forest to look for the badger, or the fox, or the deer so, yeah! What a wonderful morning! Now I regret I got up really late and that I spent time on doing the little video about the solar panels but… that's how it is. Yeah, see you tonight. So, it's about 7 o'clock and, as you can hear, there is thunder. I don't know if you can hear it, but, when I was sitting at home, I thought ok, if it's heavy rain and thunder it would be awesome! Imagine if I could see deer out in the fields, with the heavy rain coming down. I would really like that. But, look at this. This is the little forest where I have been many times before. Can you hear the thunder? Oh, this morning with the cranes! Did you hear me complaining about the light, the hard light? Should never complain about nature, that's a rule! But now, heavy clouds, rain, this thunder – it doesn't get better than this. Wow, this is nice! Ok, let's go. I'm on my way to the badger place and I could just smell the fox. It's too noisy. I think I'm going to sit here for a little while, just to have a look. I think I'm going out to the open now, to check out the meadow – see if I can see some deer out there. It seem quite dead in the forest, and I think all the animals are just seeking shelter but… let's see if we are lucky. It's wet! I just put the camera in a little, into the pine forest just to avoid the extremely heavy rain. I don't know how waterproof the Z6 is but I'll find out There's lightening, there's thunder. This is fantastic. Im just… This is so full of rain and water, and it's dripping. I really want to film these beautiful patterns with the fog, but it's just impossible because it's pouring down with rain and I think I'm just going to film it anyway and let the lens be wet and let the drops be a part of it. Because I just want to capture the mood right now in this rain and thunder and then I think, actually, I'll let that be an evening and go home. So, as you can see, I have given up a little on the deer but I have not given up on capturing this beautiful forest and that's what I'm going to do right now. It just stopped raining and I actually decided to change my mind and go that way to look for some deer. Maybe they would come out when it stops raining. But now it just got very dark, very fast. Usually it means that a lot of rain is coming. I think I'll take the chance though. I'm quite soaked and so is my gear but I just want to get out and see on that field if there's a roe deer. If there's not, then I think it's time to go home but, I just couldn't resist, just a little extra. So lets go out and have a look. My 3D camouflage stuff is dripping so… when I get close to there I'll put it on again There's just nothing better than being in the forest just after heavy rain. Everything kind of smells really, really good. Fresh and nice, and all the leaves… and listen, all the birds… This is really, really nice. It's empty out here, there's nothing. I might try to walk a little… down the little path here to see. I'm just going to walk a little around, and then… I'll turn that one on again if something happens. So… It's definitely clearing up. There's a fox! There's a fox! It's just on the other side of that hedge up there. It's a grown up one. It's just out there. Look at this – There's a roe deer far away out there. Look at this – This is incredible! A fox, a roe deer. The fox has disappeared just behind… it might come back. But look at this – Just want to see what I can get here. Something scared the deer. And I know it wasn't me, because it was looking in another direction. And so, I'm going to get my bag on again and go further up and see if I can find that fox again. What an evening! There's a hare down there, far away. I could just see it's ear sticking up. I'm going to see if I can get a little closer. so, the hare just ran away and I think I know why. Because, on the other side, the fox is coming. I've just tried to see if I can find a hole Yeah, there is it, there is it. Just need to get… I don't know if I can get down there, but I'm going to try. There is nowhere where I can shoot through this – I need to get all the way down to the end. Oh, maybe here, maybe here, maybe here… Yeah! Yeah, yeah. I'll see if I can get down. It ran into some of the bushes. I don't know if it… if it's the smell of me or what it is. The light is brilliant. Just need to see if I can get down to the end of this fence. Maybe even here is good. I got down to the end now, but… the fox is gone. Just going to sit here and wait for a little while. The light is very low now so, just sit here and relax and then see what happens. Wow, look at that sun! This is almost torture! I went… I just went out without that camera for a few steps to photograph the hare. And then suddenly, then suddenly a bunch of red deer came out and they were less than, I think, 40 meters from me. They filled out the entire viewfinder and I was just desperate to share that moment, but I had nothing to do it with. But, I have video, and I have photos I can show and at the same time, I have two roe deer and that is awesome! So, look at this… I got some good pictures of the fox of the roe deer, of the red deer and the hare. Thank god I did not go home just after the thunder and the rain. I'm totally soaked but it's worth every single drop of rain It's getting really dark and I want to get out of here right now because these are grassing down there and… it's getting so dark now that actually I have to get out of this forest before sunset, and that's about now so… I'll leave these beautiful deer along, try to see if I can sneak out without them seeing it. Yes. Just get a last little glimpse in the viewfinder just to see how they are still standing there Now I'm disappearing behind this little hill and, they're still grassing there, have a look – Isn't this just awesome? This is the best feeling, it's so awesome. We did it again – got the photos and got out without them noticing. Beautiful. The red deer though, they discovered me but, yeah… What… what a… morning, what a day, what a fantastic experience. I have seen hares, roe deer, red deer, fox, cranes this morning. I'm so grateful for this experience. This evening has been wonderful and I'm so, so happy I didn't go home when it was raining. It was amazing. But, I'm not going to talk about this right now, I'm just going to pack my stuff and get out of here because it's sunset and the forest wants some peace I think instead of me walking around. It feels so sensitive right now because all the deer come out but I'm going to talk about this in the Behind The Camera that'll come out in a few days but, until then, what a day! See you out there!

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  1. Beautiful video thanks for sharing with us. One question why you don't use an aps-c camera for wildlife photography? The crop sensor gives you better range

  2. Doesn't it feel fantastic when you've been drenched with the rain, then nature rewards you with beautiful animals to watch? Those are the photographs that mean so much more. Awesome, as usual, Morten.

  3. Wow! Your excitement continues to pour through in your videos.👍👍 That was quite an amazing day. The hard work you put in capturing and editing these videos together is truly appreciated!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that chases shadows and has to satisfied with hazy shots through branches and twigs – patience is the name of the game – sometimes its better to just pick a spot and stay there hoping that something will find you rather than you finding it. Nice video Morten.

  5. wow, great one. I love birding. you can see most beautiful birds list from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRyupnNdXqs

  6. I can’t explain the feeling I get from your videos. I’m currently in Thailand and has been the past 2 weeks. I’m not gonna be home for a while and I miss my red deer, my fallow deer, my beautiful herons and I’m dying inside to get back home in the rain hahah. I didn’t think I would say that but I miss the rain so much and you DEFINITELY take me back home to good old Denmark when I watch your marvelously cut together video of an amazing day, in our beautiful nature of Denmark 🇩🇰 I miss Denmark haha and thank you so much Morten🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. Morten, are you never worried about tics when you are out in the woodlands and meadows? Do you have any advice regarding tics? They keep me from really enjoying walking around in the woods and I find myself checking my skin and clothes for tics all the time. Drives me crazy…

  8. Love the lapwings diving at the cranes! I also had the pleasure of seeing some Cranes here in Norfolk (UK) twice in recent months! Sadly at some distance and also in flight. Still awesome though!

    Another thing…Jesus your channel has exploded! Will be a million by next year I reckon! Send a few my way 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I always like your videos Morten. Very nice when you show how to work. This one was especially exciting to 😀

  10. What a beautifull video… You are really pationate to do this 👍… Fantastic job and thank you again for sharing with us. You make me looking more in the direction of Wilde life photography again 😎

  11. Hey Morton,

    Really great video! Near my house is a little bog, where 3 cranes live. So beautiful animals.

    I have a question for you. How do you protect yourself from ticks?

    Love your videos!

    Greetings from Germany!

  12. Hi Morten,

    As usual a fantastic video but can I ask is the suit your wearing the Deerhunter Sneaky 3D suit ? Thanks in advance my friend.

  13. I like your vlog, I like nature, I like your photos, keep working.💪💪💪 greetings from Indonesian…👍

  14. I could sit and listen to that rain and thunder for hours, always loved the rain prefer it over bright sunny weather!

  15. Beautiful and very inspiring. You did it again ! Thanks for sharing this experience.
    By the way, after watching this video I just realized where all the stories about the boogeyman come from … it definitively must be Denmark …

  16. just a thought instead of using shiny green tape on your tripod why not get some cheap rolls of camo tape from aliexpress. It's cheap and sticks very well. I use it on my tripod and gimble head.

  17. great video Morten, gorgeus photos. The only thing you don't see sundenly the red deer in the back ground of the fox, it will be a amazing picture with a little bit of dof. But anyway greet job as usually!

  18. I sit by the local river here in the evening with my 3d camo poncho on and get some nice shots of beavers.

  19. Great day for us also..man..I was thinking about please use teleconverter I want see that details and finally u put it… awesome Morten thanks for this video😘

  20. i love you and your all videos..i want to go to take photography like yours and more than yours so please give a advice and say how to save our life from wild animals attack…i am waiting for your reply forever

  21. Hi I really admire your work and I would like to ask you, how do you work with your camera (I see, that you have Nikon Z6/7) in such a rain, when none of these models is waterproof?

    Thanks! <3

  22. Simply fantastic. Your passion for wildlife makes every minute of your videos so addictive. Fantastic location to work in. I would have to wait weeks to see so many species in the same place. Could you bring some of your skill and luck to the UK

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