Hey there, tiktakers! Are you excited about
Valentine’s day? You probably have someone special in your hearts you want to give a
nice gift to… or maybe what’s going on is that you don’t know who it is yet! In order to find an answer we have prepared
an infallible test for you, created by our team of specialized love bears: Who is secretly
in love with you? We will resolve this question you’ve wondered many times, and we’ll ignite
a flame of hope in your hearts. The instructions are pretty simple: We will
read a question to you, and you will have ten seconds to choose an answer. Afterwards
we’ll give you the points for each answer, and then you’ll have to add up all the points
you got. Do you have pen and paper ready to write down
your points? If so, let’s go! 1. Where do you spend more time?
A) At home B) At work or in class
C) Walking around the neighborhood D) At my friends’ houses 2. If your life was a movie, it would be…
A) Spiderman B) My best friend’s wedding
C) Frozen D) Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Who do you usually dream about?
A) People I don’t know B) Famous people
C) People I see every day D) I never remember 4. Have you ever been in love?
A) Yes, many times B) Once
C) Never D) I think so… but turns out it was just
gas 5. Who do you feel more comfortable with?
A) With my co-workers or classmates B) With my friends
C) With my family D) With strangers 6. In a single day, with how many people do
you interact through social networks? A) One to four people
B) Between five and ten people C) More than ten people
D) Nobody 7. What do you prefer?
A) A handshake B) Holding hands
C) A pinkie-promise D) A high-five 8. Do you feel, in the bottom of your heart,
that someone is in love with you? A) Yes, I’m sure
B) Sometimes I feel weird… C) I’m not sure
D) Nope, only my mother loves me If you have between 0-150 points, then your
best friend is in love with you. You have crossed that fine line between love and friendship.
The other person has not been able to resist your charm, and has fallen madly in love with
you. Your friend dreams with being able to be more than friends with you, and even though
their love is unrequited, they will be forever by your side. If you got between 151-200 points, then a
co-worker or classmate is in love with you. You probably have noticed some intense looks
lately from that one co-worker or classmate, as well as passionate smiles when you lend
them a pen. That heart is beating intensely for you. If you got between 201-270 points, then someone
has not been able to forget you: Your first love. They still keep all the messages you
sent them, and they look at photos of you before going to bed every night, with the
hopes of being with you again some day. They will always be waiting for you, so… do you
believe in second chances? If you got between 271-340 points, then your
neighbor has a crush on you. For a while now, they have been greeting you timidly at a distance,
trying to find an excuse to talk to you. You probably haven’t noticed, but they are constantly
sending you signs of love and hope. And if you got between 341-390 points, then…
nobody loves you. But you don’t need somebody to! You don’t need anyone for you to become
your best self, and you never give up hope. After all, better being alone than with bad
company. Some day a special person will appear who will complement you. And if that doesn’t
happen… well, you’ll still have YouTube and cat videos! What did you get, tiktakers? Are you skeptical
about the results? Tell us in the comments if the results give you hope, and if you are
thinking about using Valentine’s magic to give love a chance.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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