Where do I Find the Workers Comp Claim Form?

Hi, I’m Christian Foyle, I’m the director
of Foyle Legal. Today I’m going to show you how to complete
the workers compensation claim form which is an essential part of completing a workers
compensation claim. The first step to do is to go to the WorkCover
WA website. I placed a link to that down the bottom of
this video. And I’m just going to into that link right
now so we can go straight there. so you’ll see it’s come up now with the workers
form page. If you go to workers compensation claim form
and then the first link right there’s the workers compensation claim form PDF. So I’m just going to click on to that. The first couple of pages are just general
information about making a workers compensation claim, so we could just go to skip straight
through that and skip to the actual form itself. So, this is the workers compensation claim
form itself. The first couple of bits there you can see
in white are for completion by the insurer and the employer. So that’s not relevant to worker completing
the form. They just have to complete this bit in cream
you’ll see it says worker please complete. So it’s just that bit of this page and then
it goes on to the next page, so you have to complete all of that and then after that it’s
just got some more general information about making a workers compensation claim. Foyle Legal specializes in the area of workers
compensation law and assists injured people on a No Win No Fee basis. You can call Foyle Legal on 0408 727 343,
you can email us at [email protected], or through our website

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