When a sanitation worker wants some hot water to eat instant noodles 环卫工寒冬街头借热水泡面,有人主动为她加了餐!(社会实验)

Hello Do you have some hot water? I want to soak a bowl of instant noodles No, there’s no water Hi, i’m Dashujun’s friend Joke, If there’s a sanitation worker ask for hot water from the merchants by the roadside under a freezing wind, What will they do? Hello, excuse me, Is there some hot water? I ’d like to soak a bowl of instant noodles. No hot water here. Thanks. Our water is not hot enough. We drink mineral water. Ok, thanks. Nothing matters. Excuse me, do you have some water? I need to soak a bowl of instant noodles. No, there’s no hot water. Hello, excuse me, do you have some hot water? I soak a cup of instant noodles. There’s no water. You can come back for a moment, I fetch some water for you. Thanks. No problems. You can come back for a few minutes. Thank you. No problem. Hello, do you have some hot water? I soak a bowl of instant noodles. Hot water? Soak it inside. Thanks. Soak it inside. Is these enough for your lunch? Yes. Are these food enough for your physical work? I think so,I’m used to it. Boiled water? Hum. It’s almost boiled., just wait for moment. Haven’t eat breakfast ? The water is almost boiled. There’s another flavoring bag. Sit here to wait? Ok, thanks, after I finish it (use the flavoring bags). Slowly, be careful, it’s hot. Thanks. Ok,you’ve not eat breakfast. What time is it? It’s 3 o’clock PM. You have only two meals a day? No problems, I’m used to it. I had little food at 4 o’clock AM after I get up. Have breakfast at 4 o’clock? Hum. Then you haven’t had lunch until now? My god. Do you have a bottle? I pour some hot water for you. No, just use it. It’s enough.Thanks. Pour all, it’s not enough. It’s enough.Thanks. Thanks. Need I make a baked wheat cake for you? No, I don’t need, thank you. Eat an apple. Thank you. There’s some tissue. Thank you. It’s hot. Thanks . No problems. I made a cake for you. Me? No,I don’t need it. No problems, I treat you for free. Thank you. Thanks. Continue working, I won’t disturb you any more. Where will you eat? Outside? It’s Ok. Aren’t you cold? You can eat inside. I don’t want to disturb you. Just eat here. No,thanks. Eat inside please, it’s cold outside. You are busy. It’s ok for you to eat inside. There’s no place to eat outside. If you need water, just come here later. Ok, thanks. No problems. A cup of boiled water, warms the severe winter.

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  1. พอเห็นน้ำใจของคนจีนจากคลิปนี้ ผมเริ่มเข้าใจแล้วว่าทำไมคนจีนส่วนใหญ่คิดกับคนไทยเหมือนญาติ เหมือนพีืน้อง😌💞

  2. 溫情和行為素質真的無法並行比較,華人的人情極其濃厚,看見殘弱窮都樂意援助;但是其他一般屬於公德的社會現象,還真的需要向下紮根的基礎教育來進步。

  3. 中國大陸正在改變,不僅人民素質變高,連清道夫的製服都那麽好看,反觀台灣……唉

  4. 其实做实验要考虑环境,你进餐馆或者基本有热水的店铺去问,比较能体现这个实验的问题。是有人有热水,或者有能力烧热水他们会不会帮助求助者,虽然在单位上班,但最可爱的除了军人,还有就是环卫以及干着最基础工作的人

  5. 開玩笑的:

  6. 曾看过也有个一样的节目环卫工人中午到一家沙县小吃店里请老板帮忙热一下白饭,老板娘嘴里说着最忙的时候来什么什么的,但是还是拿着饭进了厨房,还加了两个蛋让环卫工人在店里吃。

  7. Restored humanity💞💞💞💞

    loved your videos. 👍👍👍👍👍
    When everybody is busy and yet still have a hands to help others. Love lots from Qatar. Thank you for the subtitle☺

  8. 前面的。那几段 看了 后 。不怎么 开心!
    但是,看到 后面。有很多 热情的人。心情 感受满开心的 !
    因为,还有 这么多 的热心人 圈。

  9. 中国人本善良,网上说的大声说话等,只是一种文化下形成的习惯,大家没有意识到或者之前没有接触的这方面的礼仪文化,并不能粗鲁的归结为素质低。

  10. 没有哪一个国家都是好人,也没有哪一个国家都是坏人。中国也是这样的国家,但他也在进步,忍辱负重,任重道远。

  11. I remember having to stay at an airport in Vancouver for more than 10 hours because my flight was delayed by the weather so I missed my connecting flight, and the only food I had at the time was a bowl of instant noodles, and I needed some hot water. I went to the food court to ask various fast food restaurants for hot water. First A&W, asked them for hot water, they said it'll cost 50 cents, went to Wendy's second, they said 30 cents, then went to starbucks, and one of the employees gave me a big starbucks cup filled with hot water, free of charge, and even told me to come back if I needed more :')

  12. 其實全世界的人都會幫忙吧 😑
    為什麼留言一個個要標榜中國? 是感覺中國人會互相幫助很神奇嗎?

  13. The people are so kind. Some even give her food and ask her to stay in as it is cold outside. Some boiled water just for her.

  14. Sanitation work is one of the hardest jobs out there. If it were not for them everyone will be caught in a epidemic illness crisis.

  15. The more I see of these videos, the more I want to spend time in China. I’m already very fond of Chinese people, and deeply interested in the history, culture and philosophy of such a large, diverse and ancient country.

  16. I really cried after watching videos from this channel, i have watched a lot actually. My perception to Chinese people in this video is so good and beautiful. I hope there will be a lot of this kind of good and nice people in this world. Humanity Restored!!!

  17. Just a question, new to this channel and watching all these videos…is there something about being a sanitation or labor worker that people look at differently there? I’m just a little confused :/

  18. i feel like china is a country with its obvious problems, but people there are so warm. I remember watching an chinese anime on netflix that really had this vibe too

  19. My daddy work at his own eatery that sanitation workers always come and come to request a cold water because of hot weather and my dady always gave them free.

    sorry for my wrong grammar I'm 9

  20. I m new Subscriber here i really like the hospitality of your country guys🙂😃😃 I wish that someday i will visit it too..

  21. Chainis peoples
    Are best humanity

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