What is the best DAW software for music production // for beginners

what is the best software for music
production? you may have asked yourself the question just like I did when I
start out in this video I’ll give you some guidance on what to look out for
when choosing a DAW. so what is the best DAW? the answer to that question may
surprise you welcome back how are you doing I hope
you’re doing marvelously well. consider subscribing to the channel
if you already haven’t. the best DAW is the DAW that you can work the quickest
and the most comfortable with. but what that is? well, in this video I’ll give you
some guidelines for that. don’t listen to what everybody else says you need to use:
Ableton, Logic or whatever every DAW has its strengths and weaknesses and if
there was one DAW for everybody everybody would use it. there are a
couple of different DAWs out there I’ll start by naming a few starting with
the bigger ones FL Studio, Logic Pro X from Apple, Ableton
and pro tools less famous are Studio One, Reaper and
Cubase. but there are a lot more DAWs out there. let’s start off with FL Studio.
I FL Studio started out under the name Fruity Loops and they released in
2018 a Mac version, so it’s now available on the windows and on the Mac. FL Studio
has a little bit of an image problem. a lot of people don’t take FL studio
seriously, because they solve things differently in their software. okay. and
as a computer programmer I have to step in here. FL studio is written in the
programming language Delphi and Delphi is not the optimal language to program CPU
and computing heavy stuff for. but a DAW is. CPU heavy stuff is written in a
programming language C or a derivative of that, because it is the language
closest to the language of the computer and every big software company that is
programming CPU heavy stuff will use C for that. but not FL studio, so FL Studio
will never be the fastest DAW around. You pay about 800 euros for the full version
of FL Studio. then the software that I know pretty well. Logic, Logic Pro X.
I started out producing in Logic and I took producing classes and Logic. Logic is
just one version so no standard professional ultimate etc etc etc. one
version for 200 euros and it is the cheapest and most complete software
there’s only a Mac version so Windows is not an option, because it’s produced by
Apple. there are three big problems that I have with the software: first of all
you can’t search for plugins and presets regretfully, every other software can, but
they don’t do that second of all it displays a message when
it maxed out the CPU, then you have to click OK and press the spacebar again to
stop playing the song and will probably max out again, so you have to press ok
spacebar, ok spacebar, ok spacebar, that’s annoying. any other software crackles a
bit and continues playing also what I don’t like is that the bugs are really
not fixed in the software. Apple updates pretty much everything from equalizers
to spiffy-looking plugins yeah, but the bugs for example in the EXS24 sampler they refuse to fix if you want the detailed review about
Logic, leave it down in their comments below then Live or Ableton Live, everybody says Ableton but they mean Live, Live is the
name of the software. Ableton is the name of the firm. I think life is the most
used software by EDM producers. in my search for a new DAW. Tried Ableton Live and I really like it. What I like the most is that editor. it works a
little bit like Lego and that works really well. also I like the plugins at
the bottom of the screen, but regretfully that works only with plugins developed
by Ableton itself, so you don’t take advantage of that with third-party
plugins, and what I also like is the live feature in Ableton Live and almost every
DAW lacks that feature. what I don’t like is the way how automation works. I
also don’t like the track folding it’s too big or too small it’s nothing in
between Ok, bye 1985 just called they want a user
interface back. by the way Ableton Live is about 600 euros: full version
then ProTools well I don’t even consider it is a serious option for a beginner.
you need a software and hardware key for that it’s really complicated and then
also they charge you 900 euros per year just for the updates, then on top of that
they lack features: they are behind on the competition. the only, one and only
reason why you want to consider Pro Tools is because it is used in
professional recording studios. I use Studio One because for me it has the
least weaknesses. but it’s definitely not the best software around for example
when I want to zoom in or zoom out or scroll and a bigger project it lags
sometimes two three seconds before it reacts to my commands. also what I don’t
like but, ok I can work around, is the way side chains work. it’s horribly
complicated. I name a few things I like about this software: first of all this
search feature for plugins, .presets and files also you can drag and drop your
plugins on your project. also the editor. clips stick really nicely to the grid.
then the preview file browser with auto tempo adjust to your project. I like also
the scratch pad: just to try things out. automation right click on a point and
just enter a value. then the range tool from Pro Tools so the upper section of a
clip means something different than the lower section of the clip when you hover
over it with the mouse. with one you edit and with the other you grab the clip and
I like the start page a lot. I like also that the software is constantly being
developed. you can find Studio One the pro version that’s the biggest version
for about 400 euros. if you want a more in-depth view of Presonus Studio One let
me know in the comments below, maybe I’ll make a video about it. you can download
trial versions of different DAWS regretfully Logic is an exception to
that. but even Presonus Studio One has a full-functioning
version that you can get for free on the website. most DAWs have Windows and a
Mac version. but again Logic is an exception to that. but just choose one
DAW and start with it. try to learn and try to learn the basics. if you learn the
basics in one DAW, you can apply that to the next ,so if you’re unhappy with your
choice in a year or so, you can still switch to another one, but I think it’s
more important that you learn the basics than choosing the right one immediately.
Does one music genre suit a certain DAW better than the other? well I
personally don’t see why, because the basics are the same, maybe the way you
are getting there is different, but you can produce hits with every major DAW
and there are hits produced in every major DAW. does one DAW sound better
than another? well yes but again the differences are
so small and there are hits produced in every major DAW. if it wouldn’t suit the
job people would use it I found a comparison video on YouTube, I
will link it in the description below I want to give a shout out to Pianology
who commented in my video about RAM for music production that sampled
instruments take up more memory than non sampled instruments. thank you for
that comment. if you have a useful comment for this video leave it down
share it with the rest of us. I love to make content free of charge on YouTube
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  1. I like fl studios the best as it is super easy to create and arrange music in my opinion, I then would use pro tools for mastering the music

  2. So i noticed nobody posting/asking about or recommending Propellorhead Reason 10. Is it that bad? Price and content seems to be on a nice spot for beginners.

  3. If Logic included a chord track in a future update I would stick with it, but drifting over to Studio one 4 more and more lately. Logic is visually easier personally.

  4. Where’s Bitwig? I know Ableton was similar but Bitwig is moving into it’s own unique space. Because it’s so different I’d have thought it’d have been mentioned at least.

  5. Hello…..question …..I have a windows PC using an Asus z390 maximus xi extreme with a thunderbolt 3 pcie card for my newly purchased Apollo mkii quad . I'm seeking to record guitar songwriter style tracks and hip hop trap style tracks……what would be my best DAW to utilize for that style of music? Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your precious infos I’m really agree with you in case of learning the basics so you can work with all of them and make a choice for the some one who wants to start making music by computer I highly advice to get a iPad and start with GarageBand cause it has touch instruments a lot of free loops and instrument and the basics nearly the same but in much more easier way when I was started I chose fl studio and knows nothing about it and it seems to me like a Alice in wonderland but with GarageBand I could play and make some thing out of it .garadgeband has another version on Mac which is similar but has no touch instrument good luck

  7. All the DAWS sounds the same, put the same stems and make a master render file. Make a null test, the result is 0, total silence.

  8. Jumping back into the the "Choose a DAW" world after about, well I knew what fruity loops was sooo, a long time. For me, I went with Studio One as well. Even with using it to record 2-4 live instrument tracks, 16Gb has been good so far. The quality of life of having the search library through Splice and the fact the professional version comes with Melodyne was more than enough to get me to try it. Also 14 day free trial and they have a rent to own method for those of us that dont have the initial funds to outright spend 5-600 bucks.

  9. Acoustica Mixcraft is great. It comes with really good plug-ins as well as integrated Melodyne. And it's incredibly cheap compared to other DAWs.

  10. I've owned Cubase, Pro Tools, FL, Ableton and Reason. I like Reason the best, and PT the least. Reason is easy, interface is fun and easy, and I find it to be the best integration of loop production and audio recording. Ableton has an amazing audio to MIDI conversion, but it lacks third party plugins. Protools is cumbersome and expensive. I would rather maneuver a speedboat than a cruise ship.

  11. What plugins do you recommend a semi beginner getting on studio one or FL studio 20. I have them both and I’m not sure if I should get third party plugins or stick to the premium ones that FL studio offers… they are all very expensive… I’m not sure about studio ones plugins either what are your thoughts? Thank you if you see this

  12. I've narrowed down my choice between Reason and Studio one. I want to work a lot with virtual instruments, midi, but I also record vocals and acoustic guitar. For those of you who have experience with both, which would you recommend?

  13. Download them all and try them. I spent the past three months using Reason, Ableton, LMMS, Tracktion, Reaper, Cakewalk, and FL Studio. I bought the intro versions of Ableton and Reason, and ended up grabbing the Producer Edition ($200) of FL Studio and it's my main DAW. Those three were the easiest, fastest, and most full featured DAWs imo. They all share a very streamlined workflow that lets you create beats and melodies extremely quick. I went with FL Studio for a few reasons: 1. You get unlimited tracks and effect support out the door. All the others require you to purchase extremely expensive versions, otherwise you're limited 16 tracks, which is just not nearly enough for making electronic music. They're basically crippled versions and FL Studio realized this and don't limit you. 2. Once you buy FL Studio you get lifetime updates. You don't have to pay $50-150 every year. 3. The workflow and features is a perfect blend of Reason and Ableton. Having both of those and coming to FL Studio feels like home. I hope FL Studio eventually adds in the live looping support (From controller pads) that Ableton does, because that is FUN.

  14. I wanna get started with music production…I have no clue where to begin or how to begin. Also it's just as a hobby but really eager to try it out…any of you guys have any advice for some free software and any other tips on how to begin and how to learn.

  15. l followed a website by beginners/intermefiates/professionals (l cannot remember its name) in which they tried out every single Daw on the market recently (by pooling together their finances). they found that the easiest Daw for learning is Presonus Studio One

  16. I’m partial to Studio One since I’m trying my hand at vocaloid production and it came bundled with a vocaloid and the vocal editor for about $200

  17. I produce hip hop on maschine II but it's too limited.. I'm looking for a DAW with a fast/intuitive workflow allowing customizing interface and shortkeys for me to work fast. Any suggestions ?

  18. FL studio was my first DAW when I was just 14. I plan to take audio production very serious soon, so that'll probably be the one!

  19. Good video review keep up the great work when u get a chance try magix music maker and also magix acid pro 8 it's a new version I think you'll like it enjoy..

  20. I understand why you left out Reason since its not really a beginners DAW. Logicaly speaking, if one wants to learn the basics, then Cubase is the main choice, since its the historical foundation of all modern DAWs.

  21. I can't connect with Ableton came into it too late and visually turn off. is there not a much easier colour by numbers daw as the old studio Making waves

  22. the pros say that some DAW's made specifically for composition while others are focusing on mixing and editing. as a Logic user I always say that Logic is for Musicians Producers while Pro Tools is for Engineers

  23. I use Propellerhead's Reason for the most part because it's what I learned on after Audacity. I know a lot of people don't really like it because in the past it wasn't VST friendly and what not, but for me, it was very user friendly and fun and it has an analog approach to electronic music that I think will help most beginners if they know how to play "organic" instruments. This is just my opinion, but I really enjoy the program and it's also pretty inexpensive when you compare it to some of the other ones. The limited version (like most of them) is $99, but (again, personally) I think that it comes with the most similarities to the full version which depending on the time of year is between $300 to $400. Pairing it with FL Studio will give you a very well rounded level of possibilities, given that it's VERY easy to create your own personalized sounds on them. I think that they are both really good introductions to Ableton Live in that regard, but since I'm still working to that, I can't say for sure.

    This is just my opinion, but as @Dexxter Clark said, it's what works best for you. I also started (even before Reason and FL) with a tracker software, and I always had a lot of fun with that. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. Enjoy what you do, and don't overcomplicate it for yourself by holding yourself to someone else's standard!

  24. after cool edit, adobe, vegas, acid, cubase and pro tools I finally have switched for reaper. Im on PC. I heard they making a linux version so even better as I grow annoyed by windows/google pushy approach.

  25. This is soo confusing.I used to use a 4 track cassette recorder in the late 80's.It still seems soo much easier than trying to understand all of this new tech.How to setup and use must take hours.Then to be efficient with it will take many more hours.

  26. I tested several DAWs , i love MuLab , only 60$ , very easy to use and it has all you need and sound so good – You should give it a try.

    FL Studio is to much – it slain you with Options and Stuff, everything is so complicated.
    Studio One – is ok but everything Sound so Synthetic.
    I like Reason very much but to expensive for me.

  27. I've used FL Studio for over a decade, back to when it was called Fruity Loops. I can honestly say it's a good daw and easily one of the fastest workflows, thanks in large part to a good piano roll. However there are things I dislike about FL Studio; for example, I was never a big fan of the pattern system. I much prefer Cubase/Logic style of arrangement. Using audio is awkward in FL Studio as well. If it wasn't for its famous sampler, which is basically one of its strongest selling points, audio editing would be a nightmare. Another aspect of FL studio I dislike is the UI of some instruments. Take the Sytrus for instance, it's a very good synth but completely cryptic to use. Even to this day I can't programme it. This leads me onto another thing i've grown to dislike, and that is the stock plugins feel tacky and limited. I think the problem is they squeeze too many features into one plugin, like the Fruity Limiter and the Maximus. The presets on some plugins suck too, like they were made by Johnny Casual in his spare time, with little or no understanding of processing or mixing concepts.

    I tried a trial of Cubase 10 a couple of months back and can honestly say it was very refreshing compared to FL Studio, but not without its flaws, too.

  28. I have Reaper, Reason, and Mixcraft. But using Studio One Prime convinced me that it was the DAW for me. It's like the best of everything IMO.

  29. your info is not for beginners. beginners want to know easy to install cheap and shows their notes played from their midi device keyboard. straight forward interface. I am 66, used cakewalk in 1991 on a 386 with my Korg 01w prox. stopped until 2008 when I bought protools. gave up protools in 2011 for Cubase 6. quit until now. I want to start up again with a daw on my windows 10 laptop connected to my Yamaha 665 baby grand digital piano. am starting with presonus. cubase has too many problems with dongle. suggestions? thanx

  30. Thanks for info downloading Studio One free version now to get me started with in my Home Studio initial setup 👍

  31. The sound engine in Ableton is not good enough, i know people wont admit to that and say its all hocus pocus but its true. You can make the exact same tracks using the same plugins etc in Ableton and any other DAW and abletons will always sound slightly lower quality.

  32. There is none better than another, you can get the same result with everyone, it depends exclusively how you use the tools it gives you.

  33. I think not all of these DAWs are great for beginners. They are pretty complicated and overloaded with features that beginners have no clue what they even do. I tried most of the DAWs from the video when I first started out and even though I was a musician for 10 years (electric guitar – so I know what effects do for the most part) I was completely overwhelmed by all the crazy menus and buttons and cryptic symbols.

    In my opinion beginners should start with
    – Garage Band (Mac only)
    – Stagelight
    – FL Studio Mobile
    -(and maybe Reaper, because it's inexpensive?)

    –>Reasons: They all have beautiful and intuitive touch interfaces (except Reaper). That make mixing and producing actually fun! They have just the essential features but still enough instruments/plugins/effects to make good music. Linkin Park for example used Stagelight. And lastly: They are free and/or very cheap.

    Personally, my favorite and the one I stuck with is Stagelight. It's so easy and intuitive! It's on every platform, it's mostly free (you have to spend 50$ to unlock VST plugin support on Windows) and it has everything you need.

  34. I own a bunch, and I’d say StudioOne is pretty easy to pick up. Really enjoy Bitwig as well. I personally use Reason out of comfort and the speed I can work with it. Since they fixed performance issues recently Reason is my go to once again. It really is a comfort thing though, recommend people demo as many as they can get their hands on.

  35. My first DAW was Sony acid, very hard to use! So i decided to try Fl studio and the first day, i made my first loop and the second my first song, so easy to use, the interface is amazing and so well done, older versions had latency issues but the last solved it. For me it's the best

  36. Logic is priced less than half to comparable DAWs. Ofcourse, Apple takes the fee upfront with the machine. Consider a price comparison (DAW+Computer) when contemplating an upgrade/switch.

  37. Well I understand but still you know better than myself that there are different types of trials, demos etc whatever name you want to call it but that-s why its called trial. You are just trying it. So for me garageband was the trial for me for over six months before switching to Logic Pro. Whiles I was using garageband I kept on see adverts and prompts asking me to switch to Logic pro. The interface mostly also looks the same… I hope you get my drift?

  38. Reaper and MuLab are my go to. Both amazing and don't often crash 👍

    FLstudio is expensive, complex, and sucks to record on

  39. #musicproducer I wanted to commend you on your competence and your focus on speaking proper English. Well done

  40. Well, I started music producing just recently and I use FL studio's demo version for it for now. However I plan on buying it later on, though not the one at almost 900 euros.
    What can I say? I'm a complete newbie in music creation, production and djing in general. Luckly there are more than enough FL studio tutorials and it was actually really easy to understand after watching some really good beginner tutorials. Youtuber called 'In the Mix' has been a great help in figuring out how everything works. I also love how you can change colors, icons and rename channels, patterns and tracks to stay organized as your projects grow bigger.

    I've been playing around with the demo version which is indeed completely free and you get to try out all the plugins and vsts to figure out what you like. Only shitty things that you can not do are saving your projects and using 'make unique' button. There might be some other things as well that I haven't acrossed with yet. Biggest cons are those (at least for me) that I mentioned above since I like taking my time on my projects and just saving it and continuing on another day. Especially since I'm still learning about beats, composing, mixing and mastering in general…. Plus the DAW. Lol But I don't plan on changing the DAW because I just find FL studio very nice and I can easily buy it later on. Plus unlimited updates is a big pro.
    Thx for the video ~

  41. My DAW is MC8..MixCraft 8Pro….This daw not only comes with many great virtual instruments and plugins ,including melodyne ,,,but it has been compatible with 98% of 3rd party plugins I've utilized with it.even supporting VST3 …for under 100 dollars.as of this date…I really don't understand why its not standing out more on the DAW radar,,but I have capitalized well using MC8…
    Please know that a DAW is only a Blank Canvas,,and you are the Artist!!!! So ,,no matter what canvas you use,,Create your Masterpiece with it……

  42. I am using FL studio 10 and the old version of cakewallk sonar DAW (version 3 and 6) because that DAW supporting soundfont sf2 instrumen and general MIDI sound from Roland

  43. Can anyone tell me why do my plugins (whether it's Ableton's built in reverb, Sylenth1 or Nexus, whatever) sound different and lifeless compared to the ones used in videos (usually sound synthesis tutorials) I watch on youtube? I carefully follow all the steps given but still the results don't sound so good. The final results sound as if they were generated by one of those 80's synthesizers. Does it have anything to do with my CPU? I currently own an i2 (the minimum recommended for running Ableton Live 10 is an i5, which I'll be acquiring in a few months).
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  44. I'd recommended Soundtrap. It's free and no download so you can go into google or any search engine and look up soundtrap. I think there is now a version you can buy to access better instruments but it doesn't really matter. I made some sick beats with this and i'd recommend it a lot!

  45. ✅ Looking for FREE alternative DAWS?
    see my other video: https://youtu.be/DfgFV2Fc-3U

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