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WHAT CAN YOU CUT WITH PAPER? – Mr. Hacker Science Experiments

WHAT CAN YOU CUT WITH PAPER? – Mr. Hacker Science Experiments

Cutting Cardboard Cutting Pipes Having trouble cutting the bread finally cut the bread *squeaky* MR.HACKER Lets Play! STICK GLUE Music Take some white papers Cut the paper according to the dimensions Take a Gluestick Glue the papers together Hold some weight for the papers to stick Get a compass take a measurement Cut the paper in a circle Now cut a small circle in the middle to hold the paper Now place the paper on the machine Fix it The cutter should work fine We are ready ! Now lets try to cut a cardboard It works, the paper is cutting the cardboard Now lets try to cut a pencil sound No trouble cutting a pencil plastic cutting finally cut Smooth Cutting a pipe takes some time It works on pipes Now lets try cutting some wood wood being cut Cut Cutting a ball of Rubber bands. It’s taking some time. rubber bands going everywhere Now lets try breaking a coconut it sinks in Making a cut all around. Shell is bit hard to cut with paper. Finally, opening it after being cut It’s done!! Thank You for watching ! Like Share Subscribe Comment your suggessions below for the next video

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    I HAVE POWER :Scissors Haha Die Paper: Die Tingggg Sound :Scissors Dies :Rock: Oh Hello Paper: oh my wa mou shindeiru :Rock: WHAT :Rock: Dies Paper: MUHAHAHAHAHA People: HEY YOU People Gets Stab *2 People AHHHHHH Runs

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