Welcome to Prism Island! – Paper Mario: Color Splash Gameplay – Episode 1

– [Zebra Gamer] What’s up guys, and welcome to Paper Mario Color Splash. I’ve gotten to this point
where I just don’t care what the internet says
about games any more. I’ve sort of grown past it, like, everybody’s been huffing
and puffing about this game not being this, or not being that, and all I’ve seen so far in the trailers and the
gameplay and everything is how fun this stinkin’ game looks, so I am so excited to be
playing it for you guys, starting right now. You might notice that it is much before the game actually releases. We were able to get our hands, our hoofs, on an early copy of
Paper Mario Color Splash, and that is thank you to Nintendo. Nintendo sent me this game early, so thank you so much
Nintendo for doing that, but also thank you so much
to you, the Zebra herd, because without your Zebratastic support, no awesome companies would
be sending me awesome games to play for you guys early, so thank you guys for your awesome support that you show in every single video. I’m gonna stop blabbing,
’cause just as much as you guys want to see the game,
I want to see it too, so let’s get started with
Paper Mario Color Splash. (jungle music and sounds) (rain and storm sounds) Oh boy. It’s a dark and stormy night, which you would think
it would be devastating, seeing how everything’s made out of paper. Oh no, two hooded figures. I think that’s Mario’s
house in the background, from the other Paper Mario games. (door knob creaks open) Ah, there he is! Hi Mario! But why, OK. Oh, it’s Princess Peach, and Toad. But they look upset, uh oh. (fire crackling) Let’s let them in, it’s cold out there. (dramatic violin music) Oh, a letter. What’s going on here? Uh … Oh, it’s a toad without color. Wh, why? And, a post stamp, but from where? Oh, I guess that! How convenient. Oh yeah, it’s the same post stamp. Okay then. Oh, so now we’re going then. Oh gosh, it’s still raining. You don’t think we could have waited until there was better weather? (laughter) It’s a little dangerous right now. Oh, no. (dramatic music rises) Paper Mario Color Splash,
oh my gosh, this is so cool. So we’re trying to figure out the mystery of the color-stolen toad? Is that what’s going on here? I think so. Oh, it looks like we made it in one piece. Let’s hope so, or hopefully
we’re at the right place. Oh … Nothing’s in English, or at least it’s not
right up front in English, but there are sign posts. This is, actually this
reminds me of the opening to some of the other Paper Mario games. “Guys, we’re here!” Or are we? I guess. I’m going to trust Toad here. “So this is the famous Port Prisma. It’s so peaceful! And quiet. Really quiet. Um, where is everybody?” There’s Princess Peach, hi! I love her parasol, that’s so cute. Princess Peach, just in
case you didn’t know. “Ah, it’s nice to be on dry land again. We … have come to the
right place, haven’t we? Port Prisma?” I hope so. “I thought I was supposed
to be a tourist … Or this was supposed to
be a tourist destination. It seemed a little …
quiet, don’t you think?” “Yeah … weird. I even let them know we were coming. You’d think they’d
prepare a warmer welcome for Princess Peach and
the world-famous Mario!” Well, how demanding, Toad. So expecting. We’re here, and come on out. Oh, uh-oh. He’s been turned into a paper basketball. “Oh! That was quite a storm
last night, wasn’t it? You poor thing.” This really is just Mario crumpled up. Are you guys gonna help
him or just stare at him? “Hah, you look like a used gum wrapper!” That is just cruel. “Iron yourself out, man.” Um, OK. I can jump, OK here we go, yeah! Mario! That’s cool, I love the little
introduction thing there. I guess Toad doesn’t get one, ’cause he’s not important enough? That’s sad. “There’s my Mario! Much better.” All right, so what’s going on here? Why is nobody here and … “All right, let me just take
another look at this letter. Oh, I just can’t bear to think about what I’m really holding … A folded-up colorless toad. The only clue we have is that he was postmarked
here in Port Prisma.” Which, I’m guessing this is a
location we’ve never been in in the Mario series. “Not to worry, Princess. I’ve read the Port Prisma
guidebook cover to cover! We’ll want to head to Prisma Fountain in the center of town. It’s a big tourist attraction. From there, maybe we’ll
run into a few locals who can help us.” I really hope so! “Sounds like a plan. But I’ve got a bad
feeling about this place. Let’s proceed with caution.” Will do. So now I can play, I can walk around. I can just talk to people too? Uh, let’s see. “Let’s get out of the marina
and head for the fountain.” All right, and then Princess
Peach, how are you doing? How you doin’? “It’s much too quiet. Something’s not right here.” Yeah, definitely. Can we just hop into the water? No, we can’t. Well he can sort of lose his
balance a little bit, whoa! (laughter) All right, so let’s go down here and what is going on, what is this? “White letters on a white sign? That’s like, Bad Design 101! Who approved this layout?” (laughter) OK, apparently Princess Peach
is even the fashion police. What is this? “Prism Island, a colorful island paradise. Port Prisma, voted the
world’s most colorful town. Behold Prisma Fountain and
its six magnificent colors.” Well that is quite a lot
of colors for a fountain. Oh, is that a hammer? Which I think are in
other Paper Mario games. “Ah, now we’re talking. Looks like there’s
something up on that box. Think you can jump up there
and check it out, Mario?” Uh, sure, I’ve been jumping. I know how to jump. There we go, no no! K, apparently not. If I can’t jump I think
this game’s gonna be a little difficult for us, but there I go. I got the hammer! (triumphant music) “You got a hammer!” I noticed! “Score! This totally makes up for me accidentally tossing your hammer overboard
during the voyage, right?” I guess, I mean if you don’t find one you can just steal it from somewhere else, just laying on the floor. Finders, keepers. “I bet it works just like your old one. Try pressing B to swing it.” All right, let’s try it. Uh, excuse me. Ready? Boom. All right, so we get coins
out of these, all right then, so I’m going to go ahead and destroy all this precious cargo. I mean, nobody’s here to
stop us, now are they? I like how even the
coins are actually, like, they’re shiny on the
edges but if you look, they’re made out of cardboard, like if you see them when they rotate. I like that little
detail, it’s pretty cool. Now I don’t know what’s going on here, like there’s a little circle here, there’s like a little thing here. I can’t break these,
they’re a little too tough. So is there anything else
we can break around here? Like, there’s a trash can. Yeah, there were coins in there! Is there any more? Yes there is, give more! Why, who’s throwing out money, by the way? Oh no, I’m so sorry! “Don’t make me take that
hammer away from you, because I will, mister.” Sorry. Oh no, I didn’t mean to do it! I wanted to hit Toad. OK, she’s just gonna
keeping threatening me? Fine then. Toad, no I wouldn’t! Wow, the game like, is
making me hit Princess Peach. I’m trying to hit Toad to
see what happens, but oh … I guess we can get up here now. “Sorry, crate. You gave us no choice. Let’s go and check out the town.” We will in just a second, hold on. I got more coins to collect. All right then, so I
collected a few more coins. I got 59 of them already,
like, that’s a lot. I can only imagine that
the maximum is 99, right? Like, I mean, it’s a Mario game. (flute music plays) Ooh, what is going on? Uh, oh, this is a fountain, isn’t it? Well, there’s no water, so I mean, not much of a fountain. Yeah, this place is like … Completely, wait, oh! OK, I’m sorry, I was going
to say there was nobody here but there’s a colorwashed toad up there. This is horrible. “Wow, this is a real ghost town. This can’t be right. Are you sure this is
Prisma Fountain, Toad?” “According to my
guidebook, the fountain is ‘a glorious rainbow of happiness and joy.’ So, um … yeah, this doesn’t seem right.” I mean, it still looks pretty joyous, just there’s, you know,
some colorless spots. “I’ll take a look around and
see if I can’t find somebody.” All right then, good luck with that. “There’s no mistaking that the
postmark on this poor toad. He was definitely mailed
from Port Prisma.” And this place is definitely
Port Prisma at this point. “But who could have done such a thing?” I mean, there’s plenty of bad guys. Mario’s thinking about it! He’s like, hmm … One of the thousands of
bad guys I’ve faced … (earthquake sounds and alarms) Uh oh, what is happening? You dropped the toad, that poor guy! Uh, what is exactly happening? Uh, “look at that! Some kind of … device just
rose out of the fountain. Maybe you should go take
a closer look at it.” OK, I mean, if it’s dangerous, you told me to do it,
Princess Peach, it’s on you. “Emergency recovery unit. In case of emergency,
activate these three switches hidden in the plaza: blue
hit, yellow pull, red jump.” Huh. All right, we’ll go
ahead and look for those. So here’s blue, and I hit it. So we need to, did that work? That worked. All right, so we need to do yellow, pull. Where is there yellow? Here’s yellow. Oh, wait. Ah, there you go. And that’s yellow. Will that work? And then red was jump. Where, oh, I see a red up here. But is this? Oh yeah, I think this is it. Like, let’s go over here. Alleyoop, haha! Did that work? Cool, I think we got it open. All right, the puzzle has been solved. Not that hard of a puzzle, but that’s OK. Oh my, it’s, whatever’s in here like, is it a national treasure? Oh gosh! It’s … a … paint bucket? Looks like a paint bucket. Hello. “Huh … is that a paint can?” Well let’s find out. Hello Mr. Paint Can, are you a paint can? “Let’s see, what’s inside. Try opening the lid.” (pulling noise) Ooohhh, oh do I? I guess I can’t. Probably need a can opener. “Oh right, you need a specialized tool to open a paint can like that.” I mean, it looks like it has eyes, so I’m waiting for it to wake up. “Well, the only tool we have
is a bit more … blunt, but maybe it’s worth taking a swing?” Sure, and ah! Hey, it worked. Huey, aw, I like that, Huey. That’s cute. “Ow, what was that for?” How would you like it if I
just whacked you with a hammer while you were sleeping?” “We’re so sorry! It’s just that, we thought
you were a paint can, and so we tried to open you up.” “Um, a paint can? You think I’m just some
regular paint can?” No, of course not, you have eyeballs. “All right, you don’t look
like you’re from around here, so I’ll forgive that comment. But I am so much more
than a regular paint can. Anyway, now that I’m awake, you wanna grab a burger or something? Your treat.” Excuse me? Nah, I’m good, I’m good. “Oh, um, we’re actually here
to investigate a strange letter we received from your town. Only, it’s not an ordinary letter. It’s a toad, drained of color and postmarked from Port Prisma. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Princess Peach from
the Mushroom Kingdom. And this is my … friend Mario.” Oh, she had the pause on “friend”! (laughter) We’re getting there, we’re getting there. “He jumps on things and
hits them with a hammer when necessary. And I also have a very bright
and hardworking retainer around here somewhere …” I’m guessing she means
that toad that ran away? “Ahhhh!” Uh oh. “What was that?” I’m asking the same question. “Stop, get off of me!” Uh oh. Oh the paint can is right away. “That didn’t sound good.” (dramatic music) “That sounded like Toad! He might be hurt or in trouble. We’re coming, Toad!” All right, let’s go save Toad. Uh oh, what’s happening? Oh gosh! “Stop it, my, my beautiful colors!” No, stop them! “Goodness, what is that
thing doing to him?” “Mario, help me! I, I can’t feel my pants!” (laughter) “But I did find something
that might come in handy. Take these and remember me, fondly.” Oh my gosh, what is it, this is a horror movie all of a sudden! Yeah, happy music! “You got a bunch of cards.” And back to the scary music. Noo, Toad! You’ll be forever missed. Uh, uh … oh no, dun dun dun! (laughter) “Toad, noooo!” “What are you waiting for Mario? Use those Battle Cards on this sucker.” All right. “Poor,” what is she saying? “Poor, poor poor”? “Here he comes!” All right then, you ready dude? “Hold it!” What’s happening? “Do you even have any paint, Mario?” “What?” “You know, paint, that colorful stuff coursing through our bodies! No?” I mean, I guess I have some, if you’re saying it’s
coursing through my body. But, uh … “What are we gonna do? There’s no paint around here.” I don’t know, what are we gonna do? “Argh, there’s no other choice. Mario, you’re going to
have to wring me out. Just press A to give me a squeeze. Don’t be shy now.” What? What is going on? All right then, so I need
to get paint from him? Oh my, uh … I’m sorry? Oh, well you look fine. Hey wait, you’re not three
dimensional any more. You’re two dimensional. But were you always? Now I’m going crazy, were
you always two dimensional? Or were you, like, sort
of three dimensional a moment ago? Now I’m going crazy. He does look a little different. “Whoo, I’m so light and airy. Is this what you paperfolk
feel like all the time?” I guess so, yeah, I guess
he is a little different. “All right, enough flapping in the wind. The paint you just absorbed is basically my blood, sweat, and tears. You’ll have time to shower later.” (laughter) “Use that paint to power
up those Battle Cards your friend gave you, and then use the Battle Cards to plaster this introverted assassin.” I mean, aw, because they’re
shy guys, that’s cute. “Hey so, we’re just gonna
go ahead and attack you now. I mean, if that’s cool.” “No, that’s definitely not cool! And since when are there three of you?” Well yeah, there are three of you. “Whatever, we’ve got
cards, we’ve got paint. You know what to do Mario!” Let’s do it! OK! (laughter) (cheerful music) We’re beating up some shy
guys in the name of Toad. Let’s do it. “You have no idea what to do, do you?” Not at all. “No worries, Uncle Huey’s
here to give you a primer.” Oh I like that, a primer. So there are several different
cards to choose from, right now we have three different cards. We have one that’ll make us hop once, one that’ll make us hop twice, and one that is just one big
hop, so it’ll do more damage. Of course, we have more
of the single hop cards than we do any other card, and after we choose the card
we want, we can paint it. We only have so much paint,
but we can use the paint to make our jumps or our
cards a little more effective, so I just fully painted this card. I’m now done painting, and hopefully it’ll make it a little bit better. So now we’re just gonna go
ahead and play the card. I gotta flick it upwards on the touch pad, and there you go. Now you can see it on the screen. So that’s a card I just
chose, it’s a double jump and I painted it all the way. “All right, now here’s where
the action really heats up. Press A at the critical
point of attack to increase the damage before … the damage you do to earn bonus attacks.” I don’t know why I saw the word “before.” “For jump attacks press A right before stomping on your foe. If you time attacks well, you can do a jump, you
can do up to give jumps. That’s a whole lotta stompin’! You can also tap the GamePad
screen instead of pressing A.” I’ll press A, I think that’s
a little more tactile for me. All right, boom, oh, OK. OK, oooh, OK I only need to hit ’em twice and I take ’em out though, so that’s fine. So there you go, that’s that one done. “All right, now you might
not like this part as much. They’re gonna attack you. But you don’t have to just
sit there and take it Mario. You can defend yourself. It’s the law!” Oh! “Press A right before an enemy attacks you to block some of the damage.” OK, oh, aw I messed it up. I gotta get used to that, for sure. So now I get to play a card again. Right now I can choose a
big boot or a small boot, I think I’m gonna choose a small boot, because I’m guessing I’m gonna
have to start saving cards. So I’m gonna go ahead and
paint that all the way to make it super duper effective, because I’m pretty sure that coloring it makes it more effective
from what they’re saying, because like, what’s
the difference between not painting it and painting it, right? There you go, and I took him out. Nice and easy. So there you go, there’s the
three shy guys taken down. Toad has been avenged. Oh, and they lose their color too. “Color me impressed! You’re a natural, kid.” Oh, he turned yellow there, that’s cool. “Oh, poor Toad. Everyone, a moment of silence, please.” “Man, I’m starving! How about that burger?” Geez, you are not cool,
at sometimes, dude. That’s just rude. “Huh, don’t worry about Toad there. He’ll be fine.” What do you mean? Uh, can you revive him? “Walk it off, bud. Hmm, well maybe he’s in
rougher shape than I thought. But no worries, he just
needs a fresh coat of paint, and he’ll be as good as new.” Well how do we do that? “Really? You can revive him with paint? That would be a miracle! He, won’t come back as some
kind of freaky zombie Toad, right?” “No ma’am, he’ll be the
same Toad he’s always been. That’s the power of paint. You see, paint isn’t just
for powering up Battle Cards. Paint adds beauty and life to the world! So I’ve taken the liberty
of loading up your hammer with all colors of the rainbow.” Oh, well what did you do that? “Go on, press X and give it a swing. Uh, aim your, for your
pasty friend over here.” All right then, are we ready for this? Boom! Oh, that worked. “Just five more minutes, Mom.” (laughter) “Wait, what?” (laughter) “I’m alive!” Yeah, you are! You’re totally fine. “And I can feel my pants, yeah!” At least he can feel his pants. “See? That’s the power of paint. Now, I’ve got to warn you. I gave you everything I’ve
got, but it won’t last forever. If you want to keep on
painting the world around you, you’re going to have to
resupply from time to time.” “So, this can here just saved my life? I knew all that recycling
would pay off one day!” (laughter) “Hey, just in case we get
ambushed by any more freaks with bendy straws, where exactly are we supposed to find this magical life-giving
paint you speak of?” “Easy. Remember that fountain
in the center of town? You know, the one where
I was taking a nap? Well, it’s the prime source of paint for all of Prism Island.” Wow, OK, it’s pretty important that we found that right away, then. “We’ve got six Big Paint
Stars hooked up to that thing, and they’ll put out as
much paint as you like. Plus, I mean, paint pretty much flies out of everything around here. Try hitting stuff with
your hammer to see what, you’ll see what I mean.” All right then, that’s good. “Oh, that’s wonderful news. I was a little worried, because the fountain looked completely dry when we woke you up.” “Yeah! So, I guess we just needed to turn it on or something, right? It was definitely dry when we got here.” “Bahaha, dry? Good one, Toad. Mario, you might wanna
give this guy another whack with that hammer. I mean, dry? Please. Our Big Paint Stars could never dry. C’mon, I’ll show you.” Well, it was dry though. “Mario, there’s another
colorless figure over there! We can’t just leave him like that. What should we do?” I mean, whack him. And it’s a blue toad, oh cool. “Welcome to Prisma Cardwa … Wait, what’s going on? Last thing I remember, I was surrounded by a bunch of thirsty shy guys … Mario? Nah, there’s no way Mario
would come all the way to Prism Island. What are you, so sort of Mario
impersonator or something? How much you make for a gig like this? Eight, nine coins an hour?” Oh man, we’ve already
made like, 70 coins dude. “Anyway, stop by my shop in
the blue district sometime to pick up some Battle Cards.” All right, see you dude. “Oh yeah, and if you find the
shy guys who stole my cards, turn ’em into scrap paper!” Will do, man, will do. And probably already did. All right then, so I think
that’s about as much time as we have today to play some
Paper Mario Color Splash. It’s been fun. I loved all the awesome stuff
we just got introduced to. I think we had so much fun, there you can see that
we can break these crates and get more paint, so if
we are starting to run out, that’s A OK, but with all that being said, thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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