Want to QUIT Photography? Watch this

I totally didn't go as planned but I want to be very honest with you I want to be super brutally honest with you and that's what I've always wanted on that channel is not to hide anything that is more difficult than something else today was really challenging because I had a really set idea in mind of what I wanted to shoot this morning and I woke up really early like 350 a.m. to get out there for sunrise made it let's go shoot the reality hit me pretty quickly that things were not going as planned first of all I got told by the CTA train lady that I couldn't shoot there although I just had taken the photo with my phone she didn't say anything pulled the camera she said you can't shoot there but apparently got already told I can't be shooting all that eye contact photos on the CTA the CTA with train here very confused and then I was at the wrong location me I'm not at the right spot it's the one on wicker park it's a little bit further and it's her to get there before the Sun rises I met other friends they got the same problem and we tried to move to another spot to take the photo that we wanted which was skyline of Chicago where's the awesome sunrise but another problem that that appeared is that actually the sunrise didn't happen it wasn't a nice sunrise it was super hazy which meant that the Sun kind of like lifted behind the haze you could see it but you had no colors really casting nicely in the sky clear didn't work out as planned the Sun is not what we expected super hazy so we'll kept superly for that's a good shots that's really one of those moment where it really puts you down you know when you're trying to get out there you have a creative idea in mind and suddenly you get kind of disappointed and what you can do especially I wanted to city that you start to know it might be your hometown it might me your way to work etc and you make an extra effort to get something creative out of it and then doesn't work and that happened to me this morning and that's exactly why I understand why some people stopped doing photography you know you take your camera out there and it's not the right time or the wrong light or your subjects not there or the street photography that you had in mind is not happening I can't understand why if it's not your job and you're always in the same location you might want to stop but but and that's why I think this video is important that's why I want to be brutally honest with you I try to push myself even further every time what I mean by that is that yes this morning was setback it didn't work out but that doesn't mean that it's the end of the day you know it doesn't mean that you cannot try to find something different we went after with my friend Alex we try to find out the spots it didn't really work out today either we found a cute little spot with the forest tiny forest we're gonna call it like that and we can get some cool shots right here when you get really low to the ground let me show you you get some really fun effect so what we did is we kind of tried different poses will so try different shots where we focus on the plant subject it's kind of fun super unpredictable kind of photo because we did not expect that look at that when you go out did you expect that it's like city forest I mean forest you you get it that's what's cool but the rest nothing inspiring an inspiration was not coming so what I want to share here is that don't beat yourself up if you have a session that doesn't work out that's fine tomorrow I'm gonna get out there I'm gonna try to shoot again and I'm sure I will get something the conditions will change and it's not a race for photos remember you're not trying to get a hundred good photos every time you go out and shoot maybe you're trying to get one that's already great but I have a lot of photographer friends and some that are really famous let's say even tell me that they might go a week without getting a shot that they're really really into so if you have ever struggled with that if your passion like starts dissipating a little bit at one point I highly encourage you to just stick through it because people who stick through it will make it out on the other side and no matter what you're seeing on YouTube you might be seeing all those people having a ton of inspiration and creative ideas etc but the reality is that there are a lot of times where we're not sure exactly what we want to shoot but the fact of getting out there consistently actually pushes our creativity and sometimes you know even if you have nothing to shoot well you can still find a little bit of jam like I did at least that was for me a little bit of pleasure shooting really low to the ground with that little tiny forest it's all about perspective what I really wanted to share with you today that it happens to me there are times I go out get absolutely nothing nothing looks great to me I'm kind of disappointed by what I shot and I go home and think ah damn it what am I gonna do and I always remind myself it's okay to go out there and try to create something and it doesn't happen it's okay to fail it's completely okay now maybe learn from your mistake maybe I should have checked the weather a little bit better have better knowledge about the weather conditions in Chicago and sunrise in the morning that could have helped but also just effect of going out there and trying to get something out I think pushes us and if you do that repeatedly you will get those great shots there will be a time where every condition will match and that's when you're gonna get your bang a shot a ton of people just abandon the day before they could have succeeded at what they had been trying to do for years and years and photography is the same when you have a set idea don't give up on it that's my advice and that's what I've realized over the years that said I wanted to keep that super shot I wanted to be truthfully honest with you I wanted to give you the reality and not some sugar-coated thing this is what happened this morning didn't work out but you know me I'm fairly positive person I would say or like optimistic tomorrow I'm gonna get out there I'm gonna try to shoot again hopefully I'm gonna get the shots I want I will try again until I get it and I think that is where we can all grow is by pushing through those difficult times all those times we think we don't have inspiration even if it's a you own city and you know it by heart keep pushing and pushing and if you push and tell you that well you only have two choice either you succeeded or you died and in either case I think I'm fine with it if you're new to this channel I'm p.m. and travel adventure photographer I'm taking you on those real adventures all around the world so hit that SUV Siri button ring death notification bell if you want to be part of the awesome Club of photography adventures even the bad ones I would say and I will talk to you in the next episode see you in the next episode guys get out there good shoot try something different try something new even if it doesn't work out try again have an amazing day bye

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  1. Who can Relate?! 🖐
    Let's focus on the content not its title! Have an awesome day! 🔥❤️
    Come say hi on Instagram! https://instagram.com/pierretlambert 🙂
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  2. I got up at 3:51am for a sunrise shot. I had it in mind to just give it a go. My shots were okay, but I know I can do better. So, I can relate.

  3. Hmmm….. if you watch Pierrre's videos….. why would you think this is clickbait?
    His style, his positive lesson for the week! And it came at a good time for me. Thanks Pierre!👍

  4. Dude I just wanna say I’ve been watching a few of your videos and you’re a true inspiration, you have this fight like no other, I’m a newer photographer, only been using digital for about 5 months now, and I have felt that urge to quit at times but I know the days get better and that push to work hard will only pay off. So thank you for that man!

  5. Hey Pierre… I really don't think you should go for these click-baity titles. You're really good without all this. Please don't become like the rest. You have a good channel, keep it that way!

  6. Nice… I can relate. This year has been a cloudy windy year in the SW. Searching for the Milky Way horizon shot for over 6 months. The only night that was clear without strong winds, I was ran out by a video production crew in the middle of nowhere.

    Thus, too late to get to another location for the Milky Way. Nevertheless, When planned well there will be more success than fails.

  7. Its a fair point. And you are right. Should not give up on your passion. I think somehow people think the road to fame and money is super easy. Not realizing those that have worked super hard on it, and still are, and always will be. I guess thats the insanity of influencers also. Seems all easy. Lots is fake or a ton of work or even both. Last few years I made a decent living with some services I did not like anymore and Photography. 2019 I decided to go for it full force. I feel I have grown. And while I had some financial succes it also is time to manage money well in order to keep growing. I make a few photography based products sold locally and soon also nationally. Mostly a book, a calendar and postcards. People are constantly shitting on it. “Its cant ever be successful, nobody makes money like that” or they just find it stupid al together. I dont think its stupid to want to live the way you want to. Even if its just a regular pay up to some point.

  8. Getting good shots can be a lot like fishing. You can have really nice gear, but it is your technique that will catch fish. And some days, the fish just are not bitting, or you get rained out. But it is the enjoyment of doing it that makes it worth it. Photography is the same. I spend all week waiting for a day off to go photographing. So if it for some reason do not work out, I still was not stuck working that day, so it is still something to be thankful for!😉

  9. Quitting is for people without passion, the haze you encountered is from the fires in Canada, it appeared you did not scout your site out, piss, poor, prior, planning. The example of weeds in an ally did not look like a forest.

  10. It's very unrealistic to think that good photos happen easily. It takes tons of tries to just land a few good ones. I think that social media pressure to post fresh content all the time is what causes people to think good content can be produced easily and consistenly but people don't see what it took to produce those photos. People like Josh Jackson shoot thousands of photos for each photo they end up posting. We live in a world where people want results fast. Secondly, I firmly believe inspiration does not come from shooting all the time. It comes from what you put into your head, things like photo books or literature classics, movies etc. Also, many great photographers do not have an Instagram so if all you look at is Instagram for inspiration, your scope will be limited to the same type of repetitive content. It's important to look at photo blogs, books and visit galleries. Subscribe to monthly zines for example. They will allow you access to photos that you would never see otherwise. What you put in your head is what comes out of your camera.

  11. I set up a rule for myself: If I come home from a trip with absolutely zero decent images, I have to learn what was going wrong. If I come home with at least one decent image, it's a success (Though I analyze the other pictures). Sometimes it's quite hard though that 90% of all pictures aren't the super awesome ones.

    That said, yesterday at sunrise in my area was like close to the jackpot in lottery. 😅 The weather forecast promised me a bit more spectacular clouds, but it's okay, I got about… 10 good images or so. But I think if the conditions are right for an amazing sunrise, it's basically a nobrainer.

  12. Quitting Photography is not an option. Eradicate that thought from you head fellow photographers. If you have a bad day or experience it's OK to take a break and come back with more passion on another day.

  13. I almost unsubscribed… I was 100% sure that this title was just misleading clickbate and so it was. Good inspirational video though. But, man, that was close. Don't do it again. Or do – eventually it's your channel 🙂

  14. Okay to shoot a photo with a cell phone, but not okay to shoot with a professional looking camera? Photographers have this problem often from what I hear. I shoot with my Sony 6500 with my Sony 20mm 2.8 lens when I want to be inconspicuous. Otherwise I get out my Canon 6D with all of its bigger camera lenses.

  15. I hit Hollywood Blvd. for 45 minutes this afternoon–it was a lovely gray day, so I was inspired to get outside–and I got a bunch of pretty nice street scene shots.

  16. I really enjoy your videos even if you just photograph a frog. Don't let people telling you you cannot shoot something bother you. Life is too short to worry. Just move on and have a great day.

  17. i really needed this pep talk. thank you so much pierre !!! i love you jokes lol.
    i know its a cliche question but what would you suggest to me to try as something new and fun? ive shot my area so much that its boring now, suggestions ?

  18. I had a similar thing happen to me a night ago, went to a high point overlooking the village/small town where I live but it was too cloudy to star with. I wanted to tryout some filters but it didn’t work well out but I’m learning, only just starting out really. I may have been doing this a few years but it’s only the last 3-4/years I’ve been taking it more seriously but I’ve not used filters much so it’s a learning curve, even though I couldn’t get the sunset there were some great colours coming through the clouds, which themselves were quite stunning. My shots were so unnatural but even so they looked good as something a little different

  19. What a coincidence you uploaded this. Had a bad session myself. 1 hour commute for very very bad weather. Dope video!

  20. Such truth there Pierre. I have got some great photos when Mother Nature has not put on a great sunset or sunrise. One of my favourite photos is of some kids fishing on a jetty with fishing boats in the background. I was there trying to get the sunset but it was way too cloudy that night. I hung around taking photos of everyone fishing etc… then the fog rolled in and I got this really cool looking scene. I have also got some rally cool black and whote sunrise/sunset with city skylines. I take it as a challenge when things don't go to plan. It'ss a bit like your 10 minute challenge because you don't get much time to adjust to the conditions. Keep up the good work Pierre. Loving the podcast too.

  21. Love your videos and yes no matter how you try to spin it the vast majority of people will read this as you quitting photography, which does lend itself to being clickbait as many have pointed out. Even how you handle the opening segment of the video is still keeping with the feeling of you quitting. You knew what you were doing but hey its frustrating you resulting to this cheap tactic when you really don't need to but your work is still great. Your video doesn't even discuss quitting really it's all about frustrations and losing motivation so your title could have been around those areas.

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