Voice Teacher Reacts to Rocío Dúrcal – Amor Eterno

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, by huge requests from so many of you, I’m going to be reacting to
“Amoer Eterno” again but this time by Rocio Durcal. I was able to react to a
duet of her with Juan Gabriel and so I’m eager to hear her version of this very
touching and emotional song. The beautiful accompaniment as well. Looking beautiful and her green dress. Beautiful Orchestra. They appreciate this song so much. Wow. I love her voice. I’ve only heard it
in the one duet with Juan Gabriel who was the writer of this song and I am so
thrilled to be back reacting to Rocio. I know this song, though, is however very
emotional for so many people and so I want to make sure that we include that
reverence here in the reaction as well. But I enjoy her voice so much. Her vowels
migrated back just a bit giving us a darker sound, almost a bit of raspiness
in her voice and I enjoy it so much. Let’s look at an approximate translation
of the lyrics in English for just a moment. “Eternal love. You’re the sadness in my eyes that cry in silence for your love. I see
myself in the mirror and I see, in my image, the time that I have suffered
since your passing. I force my thoughts to forget you because I’m always
thinking about yesterday. I prefer to be asleep than awake to forget all the pain
of knowing that you are not here.” Such heart-wrenching lyrics of this truly
touching song. Her voice is beautiful. Wow. I loved that part right there where
she did a bit of a scoop up into one of the notes there in such a beautiful way.
She is pouring out her soul in this song already and I know that she was the one
that made this song famous you all have explained that to me even though I had
reacted to the Juan Gabriel version when he performed it at one of his concerts
and I enjoy them both equally already. She just has such a gorgeous tone
quality to her voice though and I love this song. The lyrics go on to say, “I wish
I that you are alive, that your little eyes never closed, that I was looking at
them. Eternal love and unforgettable. Sooner or later I will be with you to
keep loving us. I have suffered so much in your absence since that day. I am not
happy even though my conscience is clear. I know I could have done more for you.
Dark loneliness is the one that I’m living. That same loneliness of your
Sepulcher. You are the love in which I have the saddest memories of Acapulco. The emotions. Love those runs there. Oh, she is pouring out so many emotions
you all. I know you all have explained to me that she lost her son I believe to
drowning in Acapulco. So, the words are just so personal to her and I just can’t
imagine the emotions she feels on such a personal and deep heartbroken level when
she performs this song. And the lyrics go on to repeat a bit of the chorus, “I wish
that you were alive, that your little eyes never closed, that I was looking at
them. Eternal love and unforgettable. Sooner or later I will be with you to
keep loving us. Eternal love. Eternal, eternal love.” Such beautiful lyrics for
such a beautiful and gorgeous but heart-wrenching song. I love when she opens up into that wider
taller vowel and now pulling back in the dynamics. Floated up nicely into a head voice
quality there for a moment. Look at her. She’s so in the moment. Bless her heart. It’s very hard for a singer to perform
songs that touch them so deeply and I know that may seem odd for so many of
you that don’t sing. It almost sounds like it would make you perform better
but it is sometimes hard to keep the emotions in check. I’m so impressed with
her vocally, though. Like I said this is only the second time I’ve heard her sing.
So, she’s just so impressive on every level. Breath control, vowel placement, the
way she uses her dynamics, softer singing, louder singing, but in the appropriate
areas. Being able to do all of those within one phrase. A true master of
singing and is performing this song so well. I know she was star quality talent
and that is so apparent through the couple of reactions I’ve done. I can’t
wait to see so many more from her. Wow that was a long note there. So beautifully done. Wow. I’m sure most of the audience was in
tears from this. I know many of you commented on my other reaction to this
song by Juan Gabriel that it just makes you cry instantly when you hear
this song. And some of you weren’t even able to get through the entire reaction
because of the emotions you all feel. I know this is sung at a lot of
memorials. It was used a lot for the memorials in the El Paso Texas mass
shooting recently and so I hope you all enjoyed this reaction to Rocio
singing this song. It was truly beautiful. I am touched and humbled for seeing it
today. I’m so glad I was able to see this performance and I hope you all just have
a great day.

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  1. See my reaction to Juan Gabriel's performance of this song: https://youtu.be/w3Ez4E0-upE

    My reaction to Rocio Durcal & Juan Gabriel – Fue Un Placer Conocerte: https://youtu.be/QeMUg1K-5zY

  2. Don't listen to these people with their irrelevant false fake urban legends. Rocio had 3 children. They're all still alive. I met her daughter Shiela in Madrid Spain and specifically asked her about these stupid fake rumors about her brother drowning in Acapulco. She said no it was in memory for her grandmother, Rocio's mother who passes away. Now there's other people spreading lies that Juan Gabriel write this song for his mom when she died lol false. He didn't really have a relation with his mom. She left him in an orphanage when he was little and went to go get him after he turned 14. Yes he has altered it a little when his mom died and added the word mamá. You have to remember he wasn't out of the closet yet and was denying he was gay at the time. The truth is he wrote this song in memory of his boyfriend Marco. They lived together who 2 years. He died playing Russian roulette. Juan Gabriel was in Acapulco when he received the news. Juan Gabriel was devastated. His own manager has said this as well. So now you know the truth this dong was in memory of his boyfriend Marco who died.

  3. You’re so good with the videos you post, always making sure you know the lyrics and some background info. Well informed indeed. But this song omg, it just hits me in the feels every single time!!! >.< beautiful always.

  4. hey Andy love your videos and was wondering if you will do reaction videos to undiscovered youtube singers? if you ever do I recommend Stacey Martinez I'm a little biased because she is my daughter LOL but hey she sings really well I keep telling her that she's better than Ariana Grande and I do have video that can prove how good she is, maybe one day you can check it out. here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSbXV58-DIQ thanks Andy and keep them videos coming

  5. Excellent…singer..Rocio Durcal…
    Yes, she lost a child in Acapulco and this song fits her personal life story with that tragedy ..so sad.

  6. You should react to Rocio Durcal singing the song called "Costumbres" which was also written for her by Juan Gabriel.

  7. Great video Andy! I would like to suggest several songs from Jose Jose. "Sere", which talks about how one day, time is going to catch up to him. "Volcan" is another great song from him in which you can appreciate the fullness of his voice.

  8. Rocio was the voice
    and we will always love her

    Please react to these songs you will be blown away by her technique

    1 Como tu mujer
    2 la gata bajo la lluvia
    3 costumbres

  9. Mi amigo,eres un persona increíble,incluso si no hicieras videos,sería increíble poder conocerte y charlar contigo,,,,,saludos

  10. These are excellent hispanic artists that sang very lovely songs.

    Leo dan- como te extraño
    Emmanuel- todo se derrumbo
    Amanda Miguel- el me mintio
    Raphael- como yo te amo
    Jose luis perales- como es el

  11. I would love for you to see the reaction to the song “Recuerdame” performed live by Natalia Jimenez (Spain) and Marc Anthony (Puerto Rico). Heres a good link https://youtu.be/Sf95ypW2z6M

  12. Hola andy…soy nuevo en tu canal,muy buenas reacciones felicidades…por favor si pudieras reaccionar a jose jose tus ojos saludos desde monclova coahuila mexico

  13. Tu eres Rey Christine D'clario & Barak

    Tu eres Rey Christine D'clario & Barak

    Tu eres Rey Christine D'clario & Barak

    Tu eres Rey Christine D'clario & Barak

    Tu eres Rey Christine D'clario & Barak

    please please

  14. Her only son is still alive, so her daughter, She never lost anyone in Acapulco, the explanation of the Acapulco phrase is cause Juan Gabriel was there when he received the bad new of his mother dead.

  15. Andy, I don't know who started this rumor but is not true, none of her children have died anywhere. To this date all her children are alive and well, that one of her sons died in Acapulco is a morbid rumor from long time ago by someone who probably had nothing better to do.

  16. I’m not sure how I came across your videos but thank you!! I’m so happy to know music can speak throughout emotions regardless of language. Both Rocio Dúrcal and Juan Gabriel do such an amazing job, they’re the literal voices of my youth.

  17. Hola Andy , en esta reacción la cansion termina en el minuto 11:45 y en la reacción de Juan Gabriel en el minuto 11:35 , pero si te das cuenta el sigue cantando y ese extra de su cansion es lo que Juan Gabriel le dio por el sentimiento que llenaba tanto su Alma y corazón checalo y te darás cuenta

  18. Love how you are so appreciative of music even if it’s in a different language And that you actually care to look up the lyrics!!! Much blessings to you!!

  19. This song by Rocio Dúrcal is just untouchable by any artists, except Juanga, in so many level . She delivers it as it should feel. R.I.P grandma 💔😪

  20. This song is a nuclear bomb for the heart of someone who has lost his parents … Juan Gabriel wrote it for the death of his mother and became a hymn for everyone who has lost his mother

  21. Hi Andy, I'm a big fan of yours. I would love for you to do a reaction on this one singer by the name Rogelio Torres from this one Mexican band called Banda Cuisillos and the name of the song is called Cartas Marcadas. You will not regret it. Thanks again. You're the best

  22. She was one of my favorite singers, she is my crush too! Is so sad we lost her, cancer is one devastating illness!🥺😢

  23. Thanks for investing your time in these videos Andy. I was born in US with Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Tony Bennet, the whole sixties music. But then I grew up in a Spanish speaking country and got to fall in love with these singers from Latin America and Spain. Thanks for including everyone you are wonderful to see and listen to!

  24. Thanks for reacting to a great Spanish singer. And also for reacting to the voices of other times. I beg you for reactions to a voice from many years ago. He is a singer of traditional Spanish music. With a sharp, crisp, crystalline voice like water, with extraordinary strength and sweetness. I beg your reactions to an old voice, it's called Antonio Molina … "A white dove." You will never hear a similar voice, the link is……..

  25. her son an 2 daughters are alive, I don't know exactly who Juan Gabriel wrote the song for his mother or passed lover back in the early 80's

  26. Your facial expression completely changes when she begins to sign. You feel the passion from her words excellent I love watching your videos.

  27. seria agradable que reaccionaras a una momento maravilloso en un concierto de Camilo Sesto en su canción Perdóname poco después de la muerte de un ser muy querido…. míralo es hermoso

  28. How much ELEGANCE and respect to talk about such a sensitive song for a country.!! I love you, Andy Davis.
    The song was written by Juan Gabriel dedicated to his mother who died in Acapulco

  29. Thank you very much, Roció Dúrcal was a great singer with a unique style. This song will always make you cry.👍🏻👏👏👏😊🇵🇪

  30. I grew up listening to her songs..wile my mom would play them, wile cleaning the house.. amazing. She had beautiful voice. Rest her in peace.

  31. I loved this reaction video ❤ tears are rolling off my face 😭 It is so special that you have shared both Juan Gabriel & Rocio's renditions. This song is unique in it's ability to just shatter one's heart but I always listen to this song through the end.

    Another commenter suggested a reaction video for Shaila Durcal's performance & I totally second that!

  32. This is why I am a loyal follower. You keep reacting to great artists on your channel. I am here to stay. Thank you once again.

  33. I love the respect that you put in all reviews, and no Rocio did not loss a son , all her children are a life, she died some years ago.


  35. Hello! would you like to react to one of 4th Impact's newest covers? It is Selena Gomez's song LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME.
    Thank you for considering to do so.

  36. I can not listen to this song without shedding a little tear. Especially Rocio Durcal's version. She is a true legend.

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