Voice Teacher Reacts to Lola Beltrán – Paloma Negra

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, by request from so many of you
Lola Beltran as she performs “Paloma negra” which translated into English is
“black dove”. I am so excited to hear this legendary Mexican performer. So let’s
jump right in. Her presence on the stage is striking to
me already. She is so confident and the audience is just loving it.
I am mesmerized by the way she is starting to tell this story with such
grace and such passion already even though we’re not into any big kind of
singing yet. Let’s look at the lyrics as they’re translated into English. This is
an approximate translation. “Black dove. I’m already tired of crying, then it
doesn’t dawn. I don’t know whether to curse you or pray for you. I’m afraid of
looking for you and find you where my friends assure me that you will go.” It
goes on to say, “there are moments when I would prefer to give up and pull out,
once and for all, the nails of my grief. But my eyes die if they don’t look at
yours and my love at dawn waits for you again.” Love the Mariachi as she’s interacting with them a bit. Oh. Increasing the volume in that phrase
just a bit. Wow!! Oh my goodness.
The emotion and the passion she sings this with just it’s exuding out of her
soul right now and again the present she gives and that confidence
on the stage it just mesmerizes me in this performance. The lyrics go on to say,
“and you decided on your own to go out on a spree. Black dove, black dove, where can
you be? Don’t play anymore with my honor, reveler.
If your caresses are going to be mine, nobody else’s, and although I love you
passionately you don’t come back. Black dove you are prison’s bars. I want to be
free to live my life with whomever I wish. God give me strength that I am
going to go in her search and you decided on your own to go out on a spree.”
She is conveying these lyrics so well through her body language and through
her voice. You know she started with some softer singing, a piano sound if you will,
and then moved into a nice mezzo Forte section and now she’s opening up with a
bit of volume which just increases that emotion that she’s giving us through
these lyrics. I also like that her vowels kind of migrate back just a little bit
to give us a darker color. Oh so good. She pulls back the volume just a bit. Wow. Oh my goodness. That phrase right there
was so well supported on the breath. But more than anything she’s giving it so
much heart – almost crying out to this love that’s left her. So good you guys. Letting a bit of crack. Oh my gosh, you guys. That was so well
done by her. I love it. She lets a bit of a crack come in to a few of the phrases
there to show us her emotion even more. What a wonderful performance and I know
so many other spanish-speaking artists have performed this song and I am
looking forward to being able to review their versions as well. But her phrasing
here, her use of musicality, great breath support, an awesome voice with a bit of a
darker sound in her vowel placement – what a wonderful introduction to Miss Beltran.
I’m so glad you all wanted me to react to her because I know she is so
legendary in her region and throughout the world
especially for this song in particular. So thank you very much for letting me
know about it. I hope you all enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click
like and hit subscribe, leave me a comment down below and as always have a
great day.

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  3. Andy I gonna tell you something that I hope you believe. In the 60's my Mom used to work as a maid for Lola Beltran.
    I think She still keep photos with her signature.
    I really don't know how old Lola was by then but she looks younger then this video.
    Thank you for this reaction.

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  10. Andyyyyy

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