Voice Teacher Reacts to Angelina Jordan – Fly Me To The Moon

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to Angelina Jordan. I’m so excited to react
to this song “Fly Me to the Moon”. It’s one of my favorite jazz standards and it’s
also her top viewed video here on YouTube. So, I’m excited to see what
millions and millions of others have been able to experience. Let’s jump right
in. Oh, I love it! She is so good even at this young age. I know I’ve seen others from this era.
This is right after she won Norway’s Got Talent, I believe. She is such a jazz diva
and what I mean by that is she knows how to nuance these notes and phrases to be
right up there with some of the great sounds that we’ve heard throughout the
decades. She places these vowels and uses her diction to almost chew some of
these words the way some of the jazz greats did. Ella Fitzgerald, Billie
Holiday, just a number of them that we all love and enjoy.
She just soaked in all of their talents and is giving it to us here at this
ripe early age. Oh my goodness. you guys. I love this. That little bit of vibrato that
she lets creep in on the ends of some of those phrases. So nicely done and also
shows her stellar musicianship to be able to let this happen in the vocal
control that she has. You know, I’m so excited to see her on the upcoming
season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions season since she was the winner
from Norway back in 2014. Of course, she’s grown up several years
now and I’m excited to see what she does on that show, as well. A bit of a tempo
change here. Very nice lower sound there she went
down into. Of course, most of this is residing in her mid-chest range but she
was showing the ability to go down into her lower voice there, keep it connected
on the breath, and I loved that. At this age, she performed a lot barefoot – just
giving us such a unique performance and display of her vocal abilities. So cool. Great guitarist, as well. Nice! Oh wow! Of course, they loved it. It was so
impressive. I like that she went up into her mixed sound, just above her chest
voice there, for the ending of a nice held note. But, she also let in a bit of
vibrato creep in there at the end as it was about a mezzo Forte or a Forte
volume and then pulled back on the volume level there, a nice mezzo piano,
if you will. And, that takes a lot of control to be able to do. So, I am truly
excited to see what she sings on the show upcoming, see how she does in the
competition, and I’m eager to review and react to so many of her newer songs as
she is matured into her teen years. She is a true star talent. I’m always
thrilled to see her songs. I’m truly appreciative of you all that
are her fans that contribute to me on my Kofi page there and I’m going to be
offering new content on that site and the ability to sponsor songs on there. So,
if you want to help me determine which songs we react to in the future,
see Q&As that are monthly, be able to submit songs and questions. I’m just
truly appreciative of the support and so many great comments that I get from you all. It really keeps me going and I appreciate that so much. I’m very
grateful. I hope you all enjoyed this reaction and, otherwise, have a great day.

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  2. Hey Andy can you please react to jonathon palomar singing “llamarada” he is my teachers son and I am very close to him. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  3. reacts to ariel camacho, is my favorite singer of the genre "Sierreño" that is basically 2 guitars and a tuba, a very simple genre that I raise

  4. Gonna be a busy Jan, Angelina on Champions and HuaHua back on Singer 2020, starting Fri. Don't know who else is scheduled to be on the singer.

  5. I love Angelina's singing 🙂 Rate the singing of other young singers who might blow your brain;) This is Danelia Tulesheva from Kazakhstan. She is here for 11 years.
    And also Diana Ankudinova from Russia. Here she is at the age of 15.

  6. Thank you for another great Angelina Jordan reaction. I am really looking forward to your next one, I suggest I Putt A Spell On You, even though it is an old one. She was 9 years old when this was done and she made the musical arrangements herself, you can see her handing them out in the beginning of the video (its in black and white).
    Please react to the magical AURORA singing Runaway at The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. She wrote the song in 1 hour when she was 11 years old, she looks young, but was actually turned 19 years old in 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc7XWW_Ehb8 AURORA – RUNAWAY – The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

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