VIRTUAL REALITY EDITION  | Drawing Your Tweets #9

*WOOPISH!* Top of the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to ‘Drawing Your Tweets.’ This is a special version of ‘Drawing Your Tweets’, because we’re going to do it in VR, in the HTC Vive, in a program called Tilt Brush, it’s made by Google, it’s like a 3D painting project. A lot of you have probably seen it already, but if you haven’t, you just get in and you can like paint all around you. It’s really crazy, and I’ve gotten in and tested it out a little bit, just to get um a feel for the controls and how it works to make this go smoothly, and I’ve had this idea for ages, ever since I got my Vive and Tilt Brush came out, I’ve wanted to do a Tilt Brush like, ‘Drawing Your Tweets’ video, and I kept putting it off for ages and ages because I thought it was gonna be a lot more cumbersome than it actually is, I don’t know why, I just keep putting off these things instead of just fuckin’ jumping into them, but as my vlog recently, um, I’m just going to do shit from now on, so I tweeted out just a few seconds ago, sayin’ ‘Doing a different kind of drawing your tweets, would LOVE some suggestions, please keep it simple.’ I-I said to keep it simple because I… I’m not that good at drawing, in general, and I have no idea how this is going to go, so I decided to keep it simple, to see like, just to draw simple shit for now, and then once I figure out how the game works and everything um, “game”, then I can change it up, so, the first tweets are coming in. The first one is ‘draw a dog riding a banana.’ Okay. And that’s not just the first one I picked, either, that was actually, like, the first one that was something that I thought I could draw, um so I guess it is the first one that I picked. *giggles* Uh, we’ll ignore all the ‘fist me daddy’ things that come in first, um… right, so a dog riding a banana (so basically Chica?) um, the logo’s normally there, but whenever you ‘clear sketch’, it disappears. Why? ‘Sketchbook’, oh, I don’t have anything saved. Um… right. So a dog riding a banana. Is this a yellow that we want? So, this is how it works. You draw like this, and like, to you it’s just a flat image, but to me, it’s like I can go in and around all this, around everything, so, I’m sorry if the whole 3D effect doesn’t show up on camera, but it’s really really cool. So I will use the, um, the ‘light brush’, ’cause that’s my favorite and that’s the one it started off at first, because the ‘light brush’ has like this REALLY NICE glow about it, um..okay…go back…right. So, let’s draw a banana. …there we go… …and… There! Oh, God, yeah. See *laughing* it looks fine, but then you look at it on it’s side, and it’s not fine. It’s all off, also, I drew that too high if I’m going to fuckin’ draw a dog on it. So let’s do this… …and then this. Nice. Much better. Much, much better. Let’s colour it in, to give it that nice glow. I’m not colouring it all in. And there’s no fill tool, at least, not that I can see. I have a teleport, and I have a mirror tool, that will come in handy for some drawings eventually. Um…right. Okay. So, let’s draw; bananas always have this, like, weird, black, butt on them. So let’s draw the- That’s not black! Ooh. That’s cool. Do you do anything? No. It’s showing black on this. That’s not black! What are you doing to me? There we go, that’s the black I know and love. And then the front of it is like this. A banana, everybody! *giggles* The simplest of shit. “Jacksepticeye can do it, don’t you even worry about it.” (quote of the day) Right, okay. Now we have to draw a dog on top of it. What colour is a dog? Is that good? Maybe. Oh god fuckin’ knows. Um, right. A dog sitting on top of a banana. See, now you see what I mean. This is not, there’s a gap in between the banana, but over here, it’s like ‘ooh, that’s a sexy banana’. Right. Um, so one dog leg, coming down over here, and then- *giggles* What am I doing? This is not how a dog looks. This is how a balloon animal dog looks. (or a teddy bear) *giggling* Who cares? It’s fun. Um, right there, that, these are it’s paws, by the way. *giggles* *laughs* That’s cute. Aww. Don’t you think that’s cute? Aww, that’s adorable. Um, oh God, they did not turn out right. *Giggles* I like that effect, by the way, just go like Harry Potter deluminator on this shit. WOOSH! Nice. Um… There we go. Aww, he has his hands in the air. It would be cool if you could, like, grab this and puppet warp it to the sides, like you can in, um, Photoshop, but whatever. Uh, right. What does a dog’s head look like?… Up and then, we need to give you, like, big, floppy ears. Oh God, that does not look like a dog. Ooh, Jesus Christ. Okay, snout. *laughing* That’s not what a dog looks like! Ooh, Jesus. Ooh, I’m sorry Rex. Oh no. Give him little eyes. Oh God, a fucking demon. He looks like an elephant! *laughs* He doesn’t look like a dog! He looks even creepier from the back, those fuckin’ beady eyes. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, at LEAST it looks like a dog riding an elephant. Umm, wait We have to give you nips. *giggling* That’s how you know it’s a dog *laughs* OKAY! I failed at that, NEXT SKETCH The NEXT one I want to do is ‘a spoopy ghost’ Becuase not only do I think I can actually DO that in tiltbrush, But ALSO because it’s the month of S̜̘̠̤̼̎ͦ͘Pͣ͂ͣ̎ͩ̚͏̪̣̖̰͇̘̩O͉̯̗̤̳͍̖ͤͥ͊̈́̇O̶͙̟͔̭͈̼͇P̧̹̜̗̱̞̬̗̔O͓̳̼̻͇͕̻͒̐͂̌̀ͦW̪͔̬ͨ͆ͥ̉ͅE̮̼̥͈̎ͪ͊̐EN͕̭̻̱̩̺̺ It’s October! So it’s Halloween month, so which means we have to draw a ghost, now What do we have? Snow, Rainbows, Fire, Embers, Stars, Sm- oH SMOKE! Oh, SMOKE’ll be good for the ghost. Not smokING, just smoke in general, ahm… Yeahhhhhhhhh I’m gonna do like, a Pac-Man ghost. Ya know what I mean? Oh it moves! Oh that’s so weird! Yo-you know what I mean? These kind of just, round headed ghosts. So let’s- Oh wait, let’s just do this. Let’s paint YOU all in. There we GO! You’re not- you don’t look like a ghost yet. You need to be whiter. Theeere we go! THaaars a ghost! That’s a ghost if I’ve ever seen one! HA! Sorry, there was a GHOST here, I got scared. Huehuehuaah *giggles* your all colored in I mean that’s a ghost on its own, already. I mean if you just had human legs out of the bottom of it, it would just be like a man wearing a sheet. BUT! I wanna do… uh, okay im gonna have ta go back to these markers Then sense I can’t use black maybe I can use black with the smoke lemmy check em, black No, why does the black never work? It, that’s not black. What size is my brush? *weird noises are made* There we go… That looks cool *laughing* it’s like except this fuckin’ thing. Now I want you out in, front center Nice, he kinda looks like Napstablook (it’s NapstabLOOK) doesn’t he? *in sighing tone* hey, I’m Napstablook you can come to my house if you want you don’t have to… That means we need to give him headphones if he’s gonna be Napstablook Uh there and there… this is almost to dark now I can’t even fuckin’ see it um.. all the way up and over. YEAH! little Blockey aw I love you little bro um, *signing bottom* Blockey Aww Isn’t he cute? This is so much fun! Tilt Brush is awesome! Okay Next sketch maestro Ross O’Donovan says ‘draw a T-Rex in a striking action pose strong line of action please, also make sure I fits in the golden ratio perfectly.’ *pause* Fuck you Ross. Oo draw your Septic eye. Now I’ve drawn the Septic eye before, a bunch of times in different reading your er, Drawing Your Tweets videos I was gonna say reading your comments, um but I wanna draw him in 3-D I should have started the episode with that. Um Sam! Imma draw you little buddy are, are you okay with that? *pets Sam* Yeah, don’t fall over now that’s my jumbo Sam, he da best god I’m fallin’ over um right, so what kind of gre- no I have to go back to my light brush. And not light as in ‘ah this bush isn’t very heavy.’ as in LIGHT LIIIIIGHT bitch! uuum yea, so now we need a green. What kind of green are you Sam? Are you this sort of green? Your a bit lighter than that I think, we’ll use a little sailor blue *giggles* We’ll go all Bob Ross on this it’s like, here we have some little clouds sh, shou shou yeah aw nice little clouds and we don’t, don’t have any mistakes we just have happy little accidents. God I love Bob Ross *R.I.P Bob Ross* so glad they put that on Netflix as well, um right okay so Sam What size are we gonna draw you Sam? That seems good that seems very good aw shit I messed it up. This is why you don’t do everything in one line, you add next lines so that if you fuck something up you just remove the last line instead of ALL your freakin’ lines. Oh that’s cool, okay cool can we fill in the middle? A bit. See the problem with the light brush though is that it BLEEDS light everywhere so that’s hard to see. Oh god none of these plain *laughs* look at that gap. Aw Jesus okay well from here it looks perfect mm that’s glory- what did I do? Alright I’m gonna sue, I’m gonna do your um your pupil next, so then we can wrap around your thing, what is this? Dah your shit I don’t want you Um.. We have any other brushes? God we have a lot of brushes Coarse Bristles? Aw that’s nice This is a cool little piece of software lets do.. lets just do a Tapered Marker so lets do um are you in the black? Can you get as black as you could possibly black? Like this. Aw that’s good now I’m gonna make it bigger aw I like how it looks like it’s just spilling that’s VERY cool. and than we have to go blue, how blue is your iris? It’s pretty blue it’s not that bad, can you guys see him from here? Hopefully it’s kind of a *sighs* it’s a lighter blue um. I’m sorry Sam I don’t know the ins and outs of you completely, what colour are my toenails? *zones what Sam* Yeah fuckin’ thought so bitch um, it’s kinda like this colour almost (that’s urple) ah that’s fuckin’ purple (told ya) thats not it. There it is. That’s the one. Oh yeah okay come out in front Come Out In Front there lil Sammiboi like that, oh god now it’s not fuckin’ circular there ya go, you sad why do you look sad Sam? Look alive it’s a great day to smell the flowers by Jesus! Wont’ have any fuckin’ sort in this hou- right okay and now I need to do I need to do a little shines see Sam’s got these little shines in his eye that make him unique, that make him sparkle just like that. OMG! it looks cool! Right I wanna finish somethin’ lets do this I wanna lighter up the rest, but not to much because okay now that looks stupid I wanna do this Man I feel like a regular ol’ artist I feel like Van Gogh I feel like a regular ol’ Mozart of art ( A MozART?!), oh cause if I do the blue er green to close to this then it’s just gonna like bleed actually looks pretty fuckin’ cool. Not gonna lie Sam that’s pretty damn awesome bro! Uh I gotta do your little tail even thought it’s not a tail it’s like an optic nerve or a retina stem or something but Oh My God that looks awesome holy shit! Sam you’ve never looked better I-I didn’t mean that I-I take it back I didn’t mean that you, you look great I have like 3 Sams over there well more, I have like 15 of them in the boxes over there um right and now I wanna sign it *signs bottom of it* *continues to sign* yeahh oh thats so cool lets add some stars in the background because Sam deserves that, Sam deserves the stars um yeah white stars wait no let, lets dick around lets do some red stars in the background OOOOH My God it’s fuckin’ awesome OH My God it’s so sparkly that is SUPER cool omg I love that Septiceye Sam! somebody said to draw a ninja um can’t you see I already have, I drew a whole army of ninjas can you see them? no, because good can’t be *is touched by ninja* what was that? Oh you ninja bastards *giggles* CinnamonToastKen says ‘draw dicks, dicks with wings.’ Ken I think I can applys that because I have an idea in my head of how to draw this already um *chokes on What colour is a dick? ah I could just pull down my pants and see but uh okay this aw fuck it we’ll just do, we’ll do this well why the hell not, what.. we should go like a pinky colour no a bit darker… there we go okay um right, so you draw like this by the way, cause if you draw like this it comes out flat so when your looking at it like that it’s fine but when you lookin’ at it at the side it doesn’t look right, okay. Let me just get my palette here hm yes very good uh I’m gonna draw with the light brush again because I like the light brush the best there’s one part and there’s two no that’s not very, there we go I have no fuckin’ idea what the hell is goin’ on and then oh, OH GOD NO *laughing* what is wrong with your penis? Oh god sorry bro um there we go MUCH better *laughing* it looks like a fucking dinosaur *laughs* oh you lean to the right do ya? It happens to the best of us bro don’t even worry about it umm right so lets fill this in to give it that nice OH yess dude I can make some badass vapor wave album covers in this game that looks cool! I love neon I love ANYTHING neon if you have a video game that’s like dark and rainy with neon in the background I am all over that shit that’s why I love Infamous Second Son well at least the visuals in that game because ah they were so good. Right, we need to do wings next and this has a mirror mode which means, okay I didn’t really draw you on the line but I can do this *drawing wings* OH YEAH perfect mirror wings and now I get to colour them in. Should I colour them, I don’t feel like I should colour them completely in cause then you lose some of the definition that’s in them so if I do just like this Oh yeah oh I like this oh I don’t know I feel like I should probably colour them all in I’m gonna go with the wings though to try it give it like a feathered effect that looks really cool, mwah. *giggles* oh god did I really just kiss a penis? OH dude! how did I forget?! let me just oh how did I forget your little ballers? dude, oh god no turn off mirror mode there we go oh can I draw both? *laughs* yeahhh and then just *giggles* draw little hairs on them Oh My God this is what I do for work, this is my job right here *laughter* *laughs* *gasps and laughs again* this is the best thing I’ve ever done. Oh sweet Jesus Oh my god I’m gonna have a fuckin’ heart attack Oh I love how 3-D it all is *giggles* That’s the best I wonder if I can accentuate the wings a small bit um lets go with a tapered marker and go to a black just kind of *sighs* okay no um go into mirror mode actually so anything I’m drawing shows up on both I just wanna give it sort of like a textured to it to make it look like there spanning out Oh my GOD that is awesome I love pink neon! it looks cool, I’m actually touching a penis that’s a big ween you got bro that’s what she said very nice good job prod of you *laughs* thank you Ken for this WONDERFUL suggestion okay I’m gonna combine two somebody asked me to do ‘a pumpkin with a love interest’ and Suzy Mortmer asked me to draw ‘cute spider sitting on an equally cute pumpkin’ so I’m gonna draw the pumpkin with a love interest with a spider sitting on top of it. Oh! Making 2 dreams happen with Drawing Your Tweets 2, 2 for 1 Twofer 2 balls 1 stone right so lets draw a pumpkin oh no turn off mirror mode lets draw a pumpkin, is that a good pumpkin colour? that is a fantastic pumpkin colour! So, pumpkin over here ah that doesn’t look like a pumpkin go like this what are you doin’?! What’s wrong with my arm? Perfect circle perfect circle there ya go, is that a pumpkin? This is, oh that’s what’s wrong? This isn’t my sexy light brush, it’s just a marker markers suck! There we go! There’s a fuckin’ pumpkin cause pumpkin’s have candles inside them so there always glowin’ and then we ned to do little eyes um okay no fuck you there we go. Oh that looks awesome! He looks like a little *nomming noise* He looks like an emoji actually Jesus Christ killin’ me now, um and then they have like little green stems off the top of them, actually we probably could go darker than that. Dude were twins! Now we both got green hair! VERY nice um, should I colour you in though? I feel like I should colour these in so it looks like your FLAME ON BRO Oh very nice very, very nice, oh yeahh, this is a ton of fun, now you wanted me to draw his love interest first things first, I’m gonna have to draw a heart in the background because this, this is what’s happening. Well lets turn on mirror mode for a second we’re gonna draw the heart way in the background, omg it’s the most perfect heart I’ve ever drawn in my life, thank you Tilt Brush you’ve made my dreams come true. Um except now I got to colour it in which is a pain in my fuckin’ ass omg the neon looks awesome *laughs* Oh! Spider I almost forgot, sorry Suzy um lets draw a lil, lil spider on top it’s gonna be, like *sighs* it’s gonna be like this there’s his body and he’s got a tiny head up here and then little tiny feet there’s 1 2 3..4 cause stupid spiders have 8 legs not stupid spiders I’m sorry I didn’t mean that spiders don’t attack me in my sleep please aww, that’s adorable um should we give him little beaty eyes? Why the fuck not *laughs* He’s like ‘hey bro hey how’s it goin’?’ Also! Right spider done, pumpkin done heart, aw fuck you were on mirror mode all this time weren’t ya? Can I *sighs* can I just erase? Nice, okay I could just erase I could erase one side and you don’t erase aw mwah! Love you little dude! *giggles* so what I wanna do is have something come out of this there we go this is how I get excepted into the artist academy of Wakawimpwa they have a very prestigious college there’s 1 half of the arrow and then the other half comes out here it’s VERY cartoony by the way so um that’s my way of shut the fuck up and stop judging me there’s some uh feathers there we go! This is looking good already right, so as for my “pièce de résistance” that this is what would be the love interest of a pumpkin? you may ask, everybody out there is asking far and wide what do pumpkin’s love? Well I’ll tell you folks what pumpkins love pumpkins love our good ol’ friend wait, wait… pumpkins love our good ol’ friend PIZZA SLICE!! Pumpkin’s love pizza! It’s a known fact, if you didn’t know that then where the hell have you been? You’ve been living under a pumpkin free rock? Cause fuckin’ pumpkins have loved pizza, for EONS! Pizza with pepperoni on it, yes they have, oh look at that pizza with pepperoni on it not fuckin’ honey nut cheerios, Jesus man. Pumpkins can’t ONLY have honey nut feelios on them though, they have to have a little pineapple too! A little pineapple on your pizza, a lot of people think pineapple on pizza is weird you know what I say to them? FUCK YOU!! Pineapple on pizza is awesome um, and then we have to draw like a little, a little spinach on it, just here and there. Very nice very nice, that is a nice slice of pizza if I wait, were.. lets go to our our spatter brush and lets get a nice ah a nice yellow goin’ that’s fuckin’ smoke. Whatta ya doing? Thats smoke, where’s splatter? There’s splatter. Fuckin’ smokin’ me you know what this is? SOME NICE ASS CHEESE! Oh some nice cheese just drippin’ from the front OH MWAH OH ah. if I could eat that slice of pizza I would. There we go a pumpkin with a spider on it’s head and it’s love interest is pizza, that pizza kinda looks like it has a face as well but we’re not done yet because we are gonna f-OH we are gonna send a HOT FIRE UNDER THEIR LOVE YESS. Let your love soar, to the heavens like the streamers of Bobilonia! OMG that’s cool lookin’ holy shit I’m proud of that! I can’t believe I actually made somethin’ that looks like somethin’ that’s insane this is really impressive. What does the fire look like? Electricity? Oh you shouldn’t have shown me that ya shouldn’t have shown me that. There we go OH! Electric love baby. I have made a match in heaven pumpkin and pizza pizkin? Pumkizza? Pumkizza? Pumkizza I want some pumkizza bro. Okay! Well that does it for this video of ‘Drawing Your Tweets’ in Tilt Brush. Holy god that was amazing Tilt brush is awesome, I wanna do all ‘Drawing Your Tweets’ in Tilt Brush from now on, and I think I will I’m gonna try and do.. Well at least one more because that was way to much fun to just leave it to one, plus I’m very sorry I know a lot of you left some really great suggestions on Twitter for me to draw and I’m sorry I didn’t get to all of them I try my best to pick the ones I know I can draw or stuff that’s just gonna be fun stuff that’s fun to look at and everything some of you had some really great suggestions that I didn’t think I could draw them so I had to skip over them I-I’m really sorry Fuck You Ross again. Not really though I love you mwah um… but good god the fact that me, a person who can’t draw at all, well I can draw to some degree but the fact that I can’t like well and some of that stuff looks really really good, already is a testament to how cool that software is to make somethin’ look like a fully formed picture and drawing in 3-D is a lot harder then it looks you think just drawing a line is fine but you don’t realize you arm is going in and out of it all the time and when you look at it from the side everything is all spread out but oh that was so much fun I’m definitely gonna do a new one of those hopefully soon. Not only because I wanna do more ‘Drawing Your Tweets’ videos but I really REALLY love doing Vive stuff it’s some of my favourite content that I upload to the channel and I have an absolute blast playing anything, even the shitty Vive games are just a blast to play because your lookin’ all over the place all the time so much fun. Oh that was so good! Anyway Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it, PUNCH that like button in the face LIKA BOSS! and high fives all around WHOOPISH WHOOPISH, thank you guys and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!! *outro created by Cranbersher * *outro song by Teknoaxe. It’s call ‘I’m Everywhere’ * *Attack On Titan #9 on top left* *Tuber Simulator #2 on bottom center* I̤ͩͧ’m̛̝ͅ s̛tͫï̫ll h͑̿̚ĕre̕͞͡ ..ͮ̓.ͣ So many drawing ideas I should have drawn my tattoo, actually that would have been cool don’t you think? There’s not a whole lot to it but it would have been cool to look at heh

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