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Clap Hello VALIE EXPORT speaking That’s all very interesting, very exciting Maybe we do that again Let’s do it like this instead My first selfie This is the atelier of VALIE EXPORT Why EXPORT? VALIE was a nickname, and I export my own thoughts I’m very happy I chose that name because I created my own identity I was frustrated, but then feminism at that time allowed you to choose who you are I take photography as a female artist and as a human being, from my own point of view You have to go against some of the rules of the state that suppress people’s liberties So I started writing my name in capital letters made myself a stamp and that stamp became my trademark This became my brand The centre of my work is the body and moreover the female body Also, I wanted to give some attributes back to the female body that were taken away I was married for a year and had a daughter My daughter was raised by my sister I left for Vienna in 1960 to go to art school This was a big step for me because everyone at school quickly found out that I was divorced and already had a child This was just unheard of back in those days Eventually I got into the art scene and began working independently I’m going to show you the poster of ‘Action Pants: Genital Panic’ Wearing these pants with the croth cut out, I walked through the rows of a cinema It wasn’t in a porn cinema like the legend has it As if I would’ve walked with a machine gun into a porn cinema [laughs] You’ve got to admit it was very punky Later on, I staged this and got a photographer and hung it up in the street of Vienna They always immediately got ripped of the walls but nodoby knew who put them up there From 1970 onwards, I suggested this work for exhibitions but nobody wanted to show it I lived in this building, just up there, from about 1964 until 1978 in that far corner This was a very famous building back in the day where a lot of artists lived A lot of my works were produced here, a whole series of ‘Body Configurations’ for example Here was the action Just like this I think it was here and also in that corner Thsi nunnery gave me a lot of impulses and inspired me I knew every stone in this yard because I lived her for such a long time Where did you live? I live on the 3rd floor up there looking over the park Ah, you look over the park, nice view Your face seemed familiar I thought you had to be VALIEEXPORT Here I filmed at the Hotel Imperial Treats, forbidden ones I quite like the Austrian culture The atmosphere in Vienna is quite beautiful in terms of architecture This is also a very intersting location where I did ‘Body Configuations’ These places were selected on purpose Many of them were historical buildings As you see here…You know best yourself Yes, it’s damaged It’s damaged, there are many fingerprints and discolourations on the surface as you can see here also several areas of silverfish corrosion Ah, interesting That’s the reason why it’s here at the Institut for Paper Restoration Was this just normal gouache paint? Yes! Which was available back then? Just like the one children had in school Often I use spit, it’s a very good cleaner I find it very interesting what you can still learn In 1968 Export created ‘ Tapp und Tastkino’ and the part played by the audience was further emancipated in her work Through her ‘Tapp und Taskino’ EXPORT developed a theory of feminist Actionism The theroy was a declaration concerning the image of women in our culture… through the coding of women’s social role Even though it was called ‘ Tap and Touch’ cinema, the most important thing was the gaze Everyone was staring at us trying to figure out exactly what was happening in this cinema that nobody could look into it seemed obvious from the outside but only the two of us knew what was or wasn’t going on inside In Austria and in Vienna strong feminist aspirations didn’t really exist I always thought women should have as much power as men It’s about power teh power to change things I think the creative process comes from life itself

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  1. THANK YOU. Are the strange views of the art work required? Are they distracting ? What do they add?

  2. I love hearing about how and why others artists have built a persona around themselves. It inspires me to recognize how much I can change myself in the process of furthering my own work.

  3. Just another feminist photographing her genitals … yawn …. we are supposed to not care that she is a woman artist and think about the art she is making rather than her gender … then bam! every time … feminist artists are either painting, smearing, penetrating, photographing and exposing their breasts or vagina's … this rubbish has been going on since the sixties and seventies … it's 2019 … don't you think this art trope is getting so damn stale and tired now??? How about some female/feminist artists who actually can paint and/or sculpt really well ….. or are we not allowed female genius ?????

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