TWL #4: Which Way Should Toilet Paper Face?

So, there’s this fantastic Wikipedia list
descriptively titled Wikipedia:Unusual Articles. I just remember it as “That Wikipedia List.”
It’s a collection of hundreds of articles about unusual, unexpected, and unbelievable
subjects. No matter what link you click, it’s bound to be interesting. For that reason,
every week I’m going to click on a new link and teach you a little bit more about our
amazing world. Which way should toilet paper hang? Over or under? It’s a point of international
contention that’s been touched on by All in the Family, Archie, and the Simpsons and
creates rifts in hundreds of marriages every year. To understand the argument, let’s
look at the pros for each orientation. We’ll start with over. Perhaps the greatest objective
advantage of this setup is that it reduces the chance that your knuckles will run against
the wall. This is more than an unpleasant experience. It could transfer dangerous germs,
especially if you’re in a public restroom. Over also makes it easier to grasp the end
since the loose end is visually distinguished and further away from the wall. Hotels, Cruise
Ships, Office Buildings, and others can also fold the toilet paper to indicate that the
room has been cleaned in the over orientation. Now for the under orientation, this way arguably
has a tidier appearance since the loose end of toilet paper is more hidden from view.
It also makes it more difficult for toddlers or pets to unravel the roll if batting at
it. RV owners also report that the roll hung under is less likely to unravel on its own
while driving. As a quick sidenote, I’ll bring you a real letter exchange between a
customer and the chairman of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher. The customer wrote, “Last
week in my journey to SFO someone put the toilet paper in wrong. Any damn fool knows
the papers come out the bottom of the roll and not over the top. I couldn’t figure out
how to correct the error …” Herb responded, “Dear Jim: What the hell were you doing
upside down in our lavatory?” Back to the debate. In general, the public prefers toilet
paper hanged over. Most surveys find between 60-70% of individuals say they put their toilet
paper in the over orientation. What’s more interesting, however, is to look at who prefers
which orientation. Older people tend to have a higher preference to hang their toilet paper
over, while middle aged people are most likely to hang their tp under. What’s most interesting
is to look at preferences by socio-economic class. Sixty percent of people who earn $50,000
or more prefer the toilet paper over while seventy-three percent of people who earn less
than $20,000 annually prefer the toilet paper under. When the researcher Barry Sinrod was
asked what this means, he responded, “I don’t know, but it’s sure interesting.”
One other research project concluded that liberals prefer over while conservatives prefer
under. Let’s now go a little deeper. Therapist Gilda Carle theorized that the way someone
hangs their toilet paper can tell you something about their personality. She says, “If you
roll over, you like taking charge, crave organization and are likely to over-achieve. If you roll
under, you’re laid-back, dependable and seek relationships with strong foundations.”
On another note, the Butler of Princes Diana Paul Burrell was asked which method is better
and said, “Of course it should be over. If it were down, it would unravel all over the
floor. Royals don’t have that problem though, because they have sheets of tissue which are
fanned out into an attractive display and sit in a box.” So that’s one way to solve
the issue, or we could just look at the patent. Oh, well that settles it. It was made to hang
over. Come back next week for more intellectual discussions. Also click subscribe.

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  1. There are three kinds of people in the world: toilet paper over, toilet paper under – and the ones who render this question highly irrelevant in perspective of their lives and humanity in general.

  2. Gilda is a complete moron, how you set the paper has nothing to do with characteristics. The simple explanation is that Over is better because its easier to fold in your hand. Although I personally dislike loading the paper on a roller, I prefer to place it on the side of the toilet, usually ontop of a counter

  3. My brother and I share a bathroom and he likes it over and I like it under, it causes some problems sometimes. I figure if he likes it over so much then he can refill the damn toilet paper for once in his life however the hell he likes it.

  4. Did you know that TWL also stands for Twilight, the Nintendo DSi's codename, which gives DSi enhanced games the product code TWL-XXXX-XXX the middle being the ID, and the last section, the region ID.

  5. I guess I’m weird. I’ve been doing it under. I had this frightening image of a spider jumping on me when it’s over lmao… But I admit now looking at it there’s a tidier look over. I’m conservative , but I think all our presidents sucks these days. 🙂

  6. 2:57 what a fuckin’ quack “oh this single thing tells SOOOO much about you, just like your horoscope” fuck off you sound like a fuckin’ cold reader.

  7. The fact that any of this research exists proves that we have too much money and time, and are in need of new plague, preferably one that wipes out people who orient tp under.

  8. i think youre forgetting the third [and my preferred] orientation. no holder at all. you use your non dominant hand to hold the tp and use your dominant hand to grab a piece and roll it around your hand. then slip your dominant hand out of the center of the tp and then wipe with that piece. "rinse and repeat" until finished.

  9. I usually put it over. I don’t even think about it. Later someone will bitch and say I did it wrong lmao. Most people I know put it under though…. I guess people with pets do it under!

  10. Over is better because people can clearly see and grab the end of it without touching the whole roll with their nasty, poopy hands.

  11. 1. Functionality is more important than appearance. Don't jerk of with toilet paper orientation. That is a weird fetish.
    2. Lock the doors after usage. Simple and civil.
    3. 90% or more don't have moving toilets. So not an issue for us.

    Sidenote : Please don't politicize every single issue and also Gilda is a quack.

  12. The way I unravel my toilet paper makes me prefer it rolling from under rather than over. If it was rolled over I would be wiping my ass with the less-soft side. I think people often read too much into these things. kind of like horoscopes

  13. It never seizes to amaze me that people actually care about this. Anyways, in my toilet the toilet roll is at a 90 degree angle, the hole facing the wall. No contact with wall germs and easy grabbing whichever way you hang it.

  14. There is only one other issue that I can think of that is more stupid to argue about than this one and that is whether the toilet seat should be up or down and whose responsibility it is to leave it in one position or the other. Really people! What is your problem? To stress on either of these two issues is ridicules!

  15. ever since i was small ive always fixed toilet paper when i saw people put them on under orientation, for me, its too much work to grap the toilet paper roll to take pices off, with Over, you just give it a little spin and rip off a cupple of pices 😀

  16. Listen, after a poop, when you go to grab the paper you’ll notice your hand sometimes touches the wall if the roll is turned towards the wall direction, so for that reason I will always use it away from the wall. Imagine years of people touching that wall after a poop! I rest my case. Thank you.

  17. What sort of neolithic world are you all living in?!? The right answer, as all citizens of San Angeles know, is to use the 3 sea shells!

  18. I found one public restroom stall with two rolls. One was over and one was under. The over roll was almost empty and the under roll seemed untouched.

  19. To end all the arguments:
    If it's hanging the right way, you hardly notice.
    When it's hanging the wrong way, just be happy it's there.

  20. The reason I and the rest of my family puts it under is because my mom was horribly abused, so to fuck with her mom, she'd put the toilet paper under. My mom told us all this and said that's why, whenever she sees toilet paper over, she changes it to under as a habit. So to save her the hassle of changing it in our home, we just always put it under. So yeah..

  21. Your data is wrong: I have a group of conservative friends and someone posted exactly that question. the overwhelming response of conservatives was over. Don't know where you got your info from but it doesn't agree with what I witnessed. And I have no idea what lib-tards do.

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