hello lovely person it is I not see the greatest artist on YouTube and on the Internet and I also haven't been posting for the past two weeks so yay but I'm finally back to my normal upload schedule where upload twice a week today we are doing something really interesting we are working with Pascal plans for the first time I've never used them before I hope you guys are gonna enjoy the video I finally got my hands on some Pascal pens after having seen pasta pans online many many times I finally decided to buy some myself I'm so happy that I finally got them and I want to give you guys a first impression and also create some up with them today I got a box off of Amazon with 33 colours eight of those colors are metallic colors and the rest are just like normal colors they came in a really cute box after getting them I try to open them up which was like actually very hard to do because all of them single-handedly packed in plastic so you got to get a lot of trash out of it by the way my dump was too stupid to figure out and then you can just twist them while being in the plastic packaging and you can open them up very easy in that way I certainly didn't know that and for more than half of the packaging I opened them up with a pair of scissors took me like 40 minutes lovely thank you after having them unpacked I wanted to do some quick s watches as I said I got 30 free colors I have a few colors that are quite similar to each other for example the straw yellow and the yellow you can barely see the difference on the camera and also in real life it's kind of hard to see the difference so when you buy call us online make sure that you actually got what you want and don't get colors that are too similar to each other other than that I think all other colors look very pretty and different enough from each other to justify me having purchased with such a big pad I especially love the metallic colors I think they are so pretty and I love the shine they have to it after having unpacked and swatched for the first time I decided to have a little bit of a color test I knew on for him that I wanted to draw Watson from apex legends she's a new legend in the game and just came out like two weeks ago so I wanted to give the colors a try and see how they work on the paper I'm using I did that and after I was done I sketched out on a big a two piece of paper which is giant and wanted to start coloring and I was scared I was so scared I was just sitting there for probably half an hour just contemplating how to do this but after I finally got my together we jumped into this and got the work done oh look at me do my first stroke I was so scared so the thing is for me I normally work with a Copic markers I haven't worked with Posca pens ever I watched a few tutorials before jumping into this but still it's such a weird experience because pasta pens are so highly pigmented and they don't work like a Copic marker where you have a brush pen and it works nicely on your paper plastic pens are slightly different where they are very opaque they are not very blendable I would say I think you can do a few gradients but overall they on solid colors and you shouldn't blend them together as much so I needed to think of an approach that would work for this picture because I'm used to blend a dish out of every drawing I make a few informations about the pasta pants I personally think they don't work very well on paper I think every other artist that has tried to use them on paper before will tell you that as well they are not necessarily made for paper I know they advertise with that they work on almost every surface and they probably do but paper is just not one of them I tried them on metal and plastic as well they work amazing on that they also work amazing on wood and I heard they also work good on carpet and stuff like that they just don't work on paper the paper is normally too thin you need either really really really thick paper or you need as I said cardboard to use them I am using paper than its 200 milligram paper and it was certainly not enough for the pasta pens the perfect pants are scratching over the surface of the paper and slightly taking off the upper layer of the papers so you get small balls of paper laying around on top of your paper it's a little bit of weird I think you can see it in some of the recording as well that that's just like those small balls flying around you can after the paper is dry it down you can actually take it off which is nice you can literally just brush over the paper with your hand very carefully and those small paper balls are gonna come off which is nice but overall I would recommend not using pasta pens on paper and if you do be very careful when working with them overall I had a lot of fun using these as I said I was it was a very different approach to what I normally do but it was a pleasant surprise that I liked the past events so much and I certainly will use them in the future for different projects mainly I want to use them for drawing on other surfaces like maybe fabric and metal and plastic but for this first impression I wanted to stick with something that I know of and that is paper I didn't want to go too much out of my comfort zone and I think it worked out pretty well pack events are a lot of fun and I love as I said how opaque they are but god they are annoying when it comes to activating them to activate them you need to shake them a lot and oh boy did I shake them but if you don't have a problem shaking them every two minutes it's gonna be fine you kind of get used to it it's just small con to all the positives to this pan rings I decided I'm drawing on a very big piece of paper because the Husker pens I got a size m5 it just tells you what size of the tip is and they are very big you can also get them in smaller but I wanted them for bigger projects so I decided on drawing on a big piece of paper so I don't need to draw too many small details on a tiny piece of paper and then I'm just gonna do that and we don't want that although to just sum up the pros and cons I had with the Husker pens let's start out with the cons I think they are not beginner friendly I think you should know a little bit what you're doing before you jump in using them they are a little bit more on the expensive side so if you want to get them try to maybe only get one or two and get used to the pens to figure out if they are even something you want to work with they are not blendable or at least not very blendable if you want something you want to be able to blend I would recommend getting a Copic markers instead or any kind of other alcohol-based marker they are not made for paper as much as they advertise for them being for paper I'm a hundred percent sure these are not very good on paper at least not fin paper so please watch out when you want to use them on paper as your paper might rip or get damaged to the positives I love that they have a lot of different sizes there is I think five or six different tip sizes you can get for those pens I love that they have so many different colors and also do have metallic colors I love that the white they have is so epic you can literally use it on top of other pants just in general every color can be used on top of a different color as soon as they are dried down you can just put another color on top and it's gonna still be vibrant it's still gonna cover up everything and I love that so much in general I just think the colors are lovely they are so bright they are so vibrant the pasty is amazing and overall I think they are a lot of fun to play with and work with and I think you should get so I would definitely definitely recommend the paska pants but yeah we are kind of coming to the end of the video and it is time to finally show you guys my finished first pasca pan artwork as I said I drew Watson from apex legends I hope you like how this turned out thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy the video and how the artwork turn out I had a lot of fun as always drawing this artwork and I need to admit imposter parents are probably gonna be something I'm gonna work with a lot from now on if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel also check out my other social medias they are linked in down below and I see you guys for new video on Tuesday bye bye

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  1. I love it!! Your art turned out so well even if the Posca Pens aren’t meant for paper! I’ve been playing so much Wattson since she was released. Can’t wait to see more of your art! 😍

  2. Uh idk if you even do digital art but… does anyone have any tips for getting used to a graphic tablet? Also the artwork was amazing! I loved it. Even if idk who that character is/I don’t play the game she is in.

  3. I love Posca pens. I have always gotten my money's worth out of them. I haven't bought any of the metallic ones before, and after seeing the ones you have, I will have to buy them.

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