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that actors have not been on their best behaviour. Like us, celebrities also have consequences
for not behaving in a professional manner. We see headlines all the time of actors getting
fired from their role, so let’s check out the top 10 stories with today’s list of
Top 10 TV Actors Who Were Fired For Unacceptable Behaviour. 10) Starting off the list at number 10 is
Kevin Spacey. Back in October 2017 the actor was accused
of sexually assaulting a minor, many years before. He denied the allegations but still issued
an apology following the allegations, probably hoping that it would be enough and everything
would just blow over. But, that’s not what happened. At the time, he was the star and producer
of the hit Netflix TV series, House of Cards, and was suspended immediately when the accusations
surfaced. But ultimately, they decided to fire him and
the show would wrap up with one final season, without him, of course. In December 2018, he was charged with indecent
assault and battery regarding an 18 year old boy’s allegations, but by July 2019, the
criminal charges were all dropped. Despite the legal outcomes, his acting career
won’t ever be the same again. 9) Next up at number 9 is Isaiah Washington. He started to have a bad rep back in 2006
when reports surfaced that he had used a gay slut on the set of Grey’s Anatomy towards
his co-star T.R Knight, who came out as gay shortly after. Isaiah issued an apology which helped him
gain SOME forgiveness from people, but not all. He stirred up another controversy the following
year at the 2007 Golden Globes when he was caught uttering another anti-gay slur while
backstage. He then issued a second apology and admitted
that he had used the slur and that ABC had asked him to go through a counselling program. However, they couldn’t be so forgiving to
the actor who kept repeating the same mistake, and they fired him from the Grey’s Anatomy
series just a few months later. 8) Swiping the number 8 spot is Thomas Gibson. He played Aaron Hotcher on the hit TV series
Criminal Minds from 2005, all the way until 2016. He was the front runner of the entire show
to be honest. But even though he had a significant part
in the show, it didn’t stop them from firing him after he got into an altercation on-set. Turns out he had an issue with one of the
lines so he brought it up to a producer, which wasn’t well received. Gibson asked for the line to be changed and
when the writer-producer, Vigil Williams, approached Gibson about it, the altercation
happened. The actor describes his side of the story
and says: he came into the room and started coming towards me. As he brushed past me, my foot came up and
tapped him on the leg. If I hadn’t moved, he would have run into
me. We had some choice of words, for which I apologized
the next day, and that was it. It was over. We shot the scene, I went home and I never
got to go back. I think it’s kind of obvious that he’s
underplaying the whole thing. It reminds me of the excuse i’d use like
when I was a kid. I’d kick my sister and then be like no dad
she just tripped over my foot. Like, come on, poor excuse. 7) Up next at number 7 is Lisa Bonet. From the years 1984-1991, she played Denise
on the TV series The Cosby Show. She played the oldest daughter of the family,
who’s dad was played by the one and only Bill Cosby himself. Her character was a fan favourite, so much
that she was given her own spin-off show called A Different World. But she was written out of the Cosby show
which ultimately ended her character as a whole. The reason she was fired was because she became
pregnant and engaged to musician Lenny Kravitz after her first season of A Different World. The producers wrote her character out of the
show and focused on other character’s instead. At first, they allowed her to return to the
Cosby show but was also written off that one as well and wasn’t even invited to appear
in the show’s finale. To sum it all up, they did not end on good
terms. 6) At number 6 is Danny Masterson, you might
know him as Hyde from the series That 70’s Show. This one was a huge ordeal, so if you missed
it, you might be living under a rock. Danny had allegations against him that went
on for years, accusing him of sexual misconduct, including a violent rape case. He is known to be involved in the Scientology
church which is probably why he was protected by the church for a while, before the Me Too
movement brought it to light. He was starring in the Netflix series called
The Ranch, alongside Ashton Kutcher, when he faced the heat. It took some time, but Netflix eventually
announced in December 2017 that Danny was let go from the show. Any charges that were filed were eventually
dropped and he continues to call them, I quote: outrageous allegations and says that he is
very disappointed in Netflix’s decision to write his character off the show. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 is
Charlie Sheen. He was once the highest paid actor, earning
1.8 million dollars an episode for his role on Two and a Half Men. But his career went on a break in January
2011 when he entered a rehab facility regarding his long history of alcohol and drug abuse. This isn’t a secret to anyone, we could
never forget the time he was on cocaine and told us he had tiger blood flowing through
his veins. On top of the multiple rehab visits, he also
had domestic charges against him by a variety of women. His reputation was suffering, and when he
got out of rehab he demanded a 50% raise from the show. When it was denied, he publicly insulted the
co-creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, which is when he was dismissed from the series. The things he said about Chuck were too explicit
and inappropriate for me to say on here, but one example to give you some perspective,
he told him to suck his butt. So, yeah. 4) Taking over the number 4 spot is Nicolette
Sheridan. She’s known to be one of the many divas
on Desperate Housewives, in fact; she might be the biggest one of them all. Over her time on the show, reports claim that
she was constantly clashing with the shows creator, Marc Cherry. The feuds and tension was so bad that she
was dismissed from the show and her character was killed off in April 2009 during one of
the episodes. Nicolette ended up filing a lawsuit against
him and Touchstone Television for wrongful termination. I mean, no one wants to find out their character
dies through an episode they weren’t even in. But, she didn’t remain very professional
and started to air out a bunch of dirty laundry. She claimed that Cherry hit her in the head
one say and that ABC fired her because she reported the assault. Cherry admitted to it but said it wasn’t
a hit; he touched her during a demonstration of how to enact a comedic moment during a
scene. The case did end up going to trial, but all
of her appeals were rejected. She was left without a job and with no compensation. 3) Okay, coming in third place is Shannon
Doherty. Really, she could take first place because
she managed to get fired from 2 shows: Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Reports say she was fired from Charmed after
an on-going feud with her co-star Alyssa Milano. Apparently she can’t get along with any
of her co-stars because the feuds continued when she worked on Beverly Hills 90210. She ended up getting fired after she got into
a physical altercation on set. If there’s one thing a workplace wont tolerate, 
no matter what the job is, it’s violence. After throwing punches at one of her co-stars,
Jennie Garth, she was fired for bad behaviour. Her other co-star Tori Spelling actually had
her fired because her dad was the creator and producer of the show. She went to him immediately after the altercation
and she was let go immediately. Tori later admitted that it put her in an
uncomfortable position but says she knows she did the right thing. 2) At number 2 is Columbus Short, known best
for his role on the hit TV series, Scandal. He played Harrison Wright on the series between
the years 2012-2014. But his own real-life scandal is what had
him fired after having allegations of domestic violence against him. The worst part was that they came from his
own wife at the time. She ended up getting a restraining order against
him after claiming that he put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. He openly admits to having a drug addiction
at the time but knows that it doesn’t act as an excuse. The show ended up letting him go and killed
his character off the series. He confirmed his departure from the show by
releasing a statement saying: at this time I must confirm my exit from the show I’ve
called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble in television today. Well, at least he went out gracefully. 1)Taking the number 1 spot on our list is
Jussie Smollett who starred in the TV series Empire. He is taking our number 1 spot because I have
an update for you guys! If you’ve been following our channel you
would know that he’s been on a few of our lists now after he was arrested earlier this
year in January 2019. If you don’t know the story, his story broke
news when he went to the hospital saying he was attacked by 2 men who were yelling out
racial and homophobic slurs and even poured a chemical substance on him. 20th Century Fox and Fox Entertainment offered
their support to the actor after the attack was reported, as did many fans, who were seeing
it as a hate crime. 2 men who were suspected of the crime were
arrested and charged, and that’s when the truth all came out in the courtroom. The men pulled out signed cheques from Jussie
showing that he actually had paid them to stage the entire thing, On February 21, Jussie
was arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report. The producers of Empire cut his character
from the final two episodes of the current season and said they would consider all options
for the future. WELL, UPDATE. The charges were dropped but Fox officially
announced just last month in AUgust that he will NOT be returning to Empire. Ever. Fans are actually in support of this because
he didn’t face any penalty for what he did wrong so this is kind of like karma. Alright guys, we are at the end here. Share your thoughts with me down in the comments
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