Top 10 Disney Actors Hollywood Won’t Hire Anymore

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which is why I’m excited to get into today’s video. Many children, and childish adults like me,
dream of being on the Disney channel. And for many actors, it was the thing that
started their whole acting career. Let’s find out what ended it for some of
them with today’s video Top 10 Disney Actors Hollywood Won’t Hire Anymore. Let’s get started. 10) Starting off our list at number 10 is
Dylan Sprouse who we all came to know and love in the Disney hit The Sweet Life of Zack
& Cody. Or if you watch the TV show FRIENDS, you would’ve
known him as Ben, Ross’s son. After him and his twin brother Cole grew out
of the Disney channel; they both went to start their own acting careers as individuals. You can find his brother Cole taking a lead
role in the hit TV series Riverdale, but you can’t find Dylan in anything these days. Don’t get me wrong, Dylan has been in the
media over the years but it hasn’t been good attention. It started in 2013 when he dealt with a nude
photo scandal; the leak of his nudes almost shut down the entire internet. The Disney star was seen by the world with
his pants down, literally, when the pictures were leaked. He owned up to his actions and made humour
of the situation by tweeting out sarcastic remarks like “whoops, guess Im not 14 and
fat anymore”. His scandals continued but his acting career
didn’t. In 2017 he was caught in a huge cheating scandal
with his then girlfriend Dayna Frazer. She had posted a picture on her Instagram
of her crying and the caption read “When you find out your bf cheated on you lol”. The story blew up and Dylan tweeted his side
to the story which only caused more negative attention on him. Ever since, he’s still working in the acting
industry booking smaller roles and working on short films. It’s a shame we won’t find him on the
screen like his twin brother. 9) At number 9 we have Mitchel Musso; best
known as Miley Cyrus’s best friend, Oliver Oken, in the Disney show Hannah Montana. After Hannah Montana Ended he continued to
do some other work on the Disney Channel but once he grew out of that his acting career
quickly faded out. His career took a big hit because in 2011
, while still filming with Disney, he was arrested in Burbank California on October
16th. Apparently he didn’t slow down for a police
officer who was directing traffic for an accident, which had Mitchel pulled over. That’s when they found that his blood-alcohol
level was higher than the legal limit. Not only that but Musso was under the legal
drinking age of 21 so any alcohol in his system would’ve been charged as illegal anyways. He was charged with a maximum of 6 months
in jail and a $1000 fine for both misdemeanor counts. Some believe he should’ve been charged more
since it was technically a DUI and he could’ve killed someone. He was released on $5000 bail and returned
back to court in November. He hasn’t had much of a career ever since. He finished some work voicing on the show
Phineas and Ferb back in 2014. Since then, between the years 2016-2018 he
did voice over work for 3 episodes on a Tv show called Milo Murphey’s Law. I’ve never heard of it… have you? 8) Taking over the number 8 spot is Anneliese
Van Der Pol, known for her role as Chelsea Daniel’s on Disney’s hit That’s So Raven. I loved her on this show she was absolutely
hilarious; I always wondered what happened to her after the show ended. Well apparently what happened was that in
2006 she was arrested for driving under the influence, with a whopping blood-alcohol level
of .19; with the legal limit being 0.08. Yikes, there’s no flirting your way out
of that one. She was arrested on July 10th after colliding
with a parked car which caused a domino effect in which she hit two additional vehicles as
well. The police report states “After hitting
the parked vehicle, the Defendant then lost control of her vehicle, travelled across the
roadway, and finally collided with another vehicle”. The court offered her 26 months’ probation
and ordered her to pay $2,844 dollars in fines and required her to attend and complete an
alcohol education program. There was no way this wouldn’t affect her
career. Over the years she continued working in the
industry but nothing in Hollywood that brought her to the big screen. She did return to Disney channel with the
spin-off for That’s So Raven, as her returning character as Chelsea. So it looks like Disney is giving her a second
chance, but she’ll only ever be known for her one role. She has yet to make her mark in Hollywood. And In all honesty, they couldn’t cast anyone
else for her returning role… it just wouldn’t make sense. 7) In at number 7 we have Ryan Merriman. He might be known for his starring role in
the movie Final Destination 3, however, before that he was a star on the Disney Channel. If you’re a true Disney channel fan you
would’ve seen him in the movies Smart House, The Luck Of The Irish, and A Ring of Endless
Light. But like the other Disney stars on this list
he also found himself in trouble with the law. Back in 2011, he was arrested in Newport Beach
after police suspected her was driving under the influence. It seems to be a pattern with these celebrities
and feeling the need to drive drunk. According to the reports that TMZ shared;
he was originally pulled over because he didn’t stop behind the line at a red light. Once the cops began talking with him they
suspected he wasn’t sober. He was arrested and taken to a nearby police
station where he spent the night in jail. It seems like spending some time in a jail
cell was a wakeup call for him because he hasn’t been in trouble with the law ever
since. During the arrest he was filming some episodes
for his supporting role on Pretty Little Liars. After his time on the show, he went on the
book some short movies and pilot TV series, but nothing that was produced by Hollywood
directors or any that made it to a big screen. His latest booking was in 2018 where he was
the host for a game show called The Jurassic Games. It’s nice to see him still pursuing acting,
but it’s a shame his last major Hollywood booking was back in 2014 when his role on
Pretty Little Liars ended. 6) Up next at number 6 we have Mischa Barton. She’s mostly known for her role on the TV
series The OC, but it was the Disney Channel that threw her into the spotlight. At the age of 17, she took a lead role in
the Disney Channel Movie “A Ring Of Endless Light”. (the same one our number 6 actor
starred in as well). Most young girls would’ve killed for her
place in the spotlight, but she looks back on it as a time that took a turn for the worse. She claims her mentality at the time was “work
hard, play hard”. She said she also felt intense pressure from
her popularity and she could feel she was headed towards a mental breakdown. Her successful acting career continued after
she moved on from Disney, and so did her partying. In 2007 she was arrested for a DUI, and then
2 years later she blacked out while taking a sedative and ended up in the Cedars- Sinai
Medical Centre Psychiatric Ward. The star began threatening suicide and couldn’t
handle all the criticism she was facing from the media. She took time to work on herself and also
her career. After the OC, she went on the book some acting
work but nothing that you would probably know of. Her IMDB shows a long list of acting bookings,
but they are all for small projects, short videos, or movies that never came out. Rumour has it we might see her face pop up
in the MTV reality series The Hills: New Beginnings, but she wasn’t hired as an actor, she just
so happens to hang around some of the other celebrity cast members. I’m actually kinda sad about this one I
really liked her on the OC; I think we could’ve been seeing her in big movies still. Maybe she’ll make a comeback? 5) Half way through our list at number 5 is
Debby Ryan. She first stole our hearts when she joined
the Disney cast on The Suite Life on Deck and became the newest Disney Darling. She starred alongside the Sprouse twins until
that series ended and she landed the lead role in her own Disney Channel series called
Jessie. For years she was holding that innocent and
clean image that Disney had, but that went out the window when she got arrested. Back in 2016, TMZ reported that the 22 year
old actress was driving in LA around 11pm when she made a left turn and slammed into
a Mercedes. The driver in the other car claims they got
hurt which caused cops to arrest Ryan for a felony DUI. Not just a DUI, a FELONY DUI. This broke the news which completely shattered
her Disney Star reputation that everyone knew her for. Once the police found out the injury was minor,
her charge was brought down to a misdemeanor. Her report also confirmed that her blood-alcohol
level was .11 which was over the legal limit; proving that she was infact driving under
the influence when she hit another car. She was charged with 2 criminal offences and
tried to save her career by taking it to Twitter, apologizing for her actions and saying she
hopes she can make things better. She booked a few short films in 2017, and
was given another chance in 2018 when she worked on the Netflix series Insatiable. Turns out it didn’t do so well and another
season was not picked up. It received a whopping 12% on rotten tomatoes. 4) Sliding into the number 4 spot is David
Henrie, best known for his role on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place, where he acted
alongside Selena Gomez, playing her older brother. He has always presented himself in a mature
and responsible manner, but I guess he is an actor. Fans were shocked when the news broke that
Henrie ended up in jail. It first started in 2010 when David and his
younger brother Lorenzo were arrested and held at the jail for starting a domestic fight. Turns out what happened was that security
guards had pinned his brother to the ground because he was acting out of control. David began yelling and acting aggressive
towards the security guards, who ended up throwing punches back and forth with him. The two brothers were eventually released
and the Disney star faced a lot of heat from the industry and fans. His career never took off after that and if
he was going to make a comeback he ruined it last year in 2018 when he was arrested
once again for possession of a loaded gun. In September of 2017 he was arrested at 9:05am
at Terminal 2 in the LAX airport. TSA officers went through his bag and found
the firearm; where he was then sent to the LAPD Pacific Division Jail. He was eventually released with his court
date where he will face charges for the loaded firearm. He took it to Twitter saying he “unintentionally”
brought his gun which he legally owns and is registered to his name. Now is NOT the time to be arrested for having
a gun. Not a good look man. 3) Alright guys, at number 3 we have Brian
Bonsall, who you might recognize as the boy from Disney Channel’s iconic movie Blank
Check. It was the hilarious movie where his character
was mistakenly given $1 million dollars and goes on an epic kid shopping spree; we all
envied him as kids let’s not pretend. His career took off and he ended up taking
lead roles in the TV series Family Ties, and also Star Trek: The Next Generation. Most would say that he was on top of the world. Apparently that was ending sooner than we
all thought as he began turning to punk rock, partying, and drugs, by moving home to Colorado
and attending school like a regular kid. On March 28th 2007, he was first arrested
on charges of assaulting his girlfriend; he was found guilty and sentenced to 2 years
of probation on August 31st. Only 2 years later he was arrested again. On December 7th 2009, Bonsall was arrested
for 3rd degree assault and failure to appear in connection with the 2007 assault on his
other girlfriend. Just when you think that’s the lowest he
can go, In February 2010, he was arrested on charges for using marijuana in violation
of the terms of his release; he was sentenced to another 2 years of probation in April. SO I think it’s safe to say he won’t be
making a comeback with a record history like that. 2) In at number 2 we have Lalaine who you
might know as Hilary Duff’s BFF in the Disney series Lizzie McGuire. The show skyrocketed the whole cast into fame
and it appeared like the world was at their fingertips. However, not long after the show stopped airing,
Lalaine completely vanished from the public eye. She didn’t even appear in the big screen
release of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She did an interview with Huffington Post
where she refers to the years after Disney Channel as dark. She claims she went nuts and made bad decisions,
one of them which had her get arrested for the felony possession of crystal meth in 2008. Things got even worse for the young starlet
as she was a no-show for her court date appearance. That’s when the judge issued a $50,000 bench
warrant for her arrest. Last we heard about the case was that she
enrolled in the Asian American Drug Abuse Program. Her IMDB shows that she is now working on
some smaller projects, but her record remains with a serious felony charge that she can’t
undo. 1) Taking the number 1 spot on our list is
Stoney Westmoreland in the Disney show Andi Mack. I think we often forget that not all Disney
stars are kids. The young characters we all love have to have
parents, teachers, and older influences in their lives, right? Well, that’s where Westmoreland comes in
as he plays the grandfather on the hit show. On December 15th, 2018 he was arrested for
allegedly trying to have sex with a person he believed was just 13 years old, keep in
mind he’s 49 years old. While chatting with the teen online, Utah
Police say he sent pornographic photos to the minor and asked the young teen to engage
in sexual acts with him and send nude photos. On his way over to meet the teen he was in
a ride-sharing service where investigators say he planned to bring her to his hotel room,
which is when the Salt Lake City Police Department and FBI Child Exploitation Task Force arrested
him. He was charged with 4 counts, that are all
considered 3rd degree felonies. Following his arrest Disney Channel confirmed
that his role on the show has been terminated. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in Hollywood
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