Three German students surprise a homeless guy

Noi camminiamo.
Siamo di fretta. Isolati.
Focalizzati su noi stessi. Ci dimentichiamo delle persone intorno a noi Oggi cambieremo tutto ciò. Scusa, posso distrurbarti un secondo? Ti dispiacerebbe se prendessi in prestito il tuo secchio? Il mio secchio dici? Sì, giusto per suonare un po’. Vuoi suonare il mio secchio? Sicuramente, facendo un po’ di musica. Mitico! Grazie uomo. – Non male.
– Grande….fammi provare qualcosa di diverso. Bene, grazie per il secchio. Buona giornata!

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  1. Let's eliminate all hate from you're heart and just love other peoples not by their color ,creed or religion .Always remember we all are humans we all bleed when we get injury ,we have emotions ,we have feelings please don't hurt someone and be kind and humble lots and lots of love from PAKISTAN :))

  2. What am I doing these holidays? I am going down the the ward with food and blankets and helping this homeless under the bridge

  3. This video gives a lesson. That every person should have feelings for homeless people… Remeber that….!!! We are equal… But sometime god is just testing us

  4. I didn't know Germany has homeless on the streets. It is common here in the UK, but we are a second world country. Alles sehr gut….danke!!

  5. I've always wanted to help people like the homeless and animals I would always see homeless people always make me sad and so I help them

  6. OMG.. My tears go down because of this. God bless you all. I believe that God has a beautiful plan for human beings.

  7. im prinzip eine nette geste, aber eigentlich nur dienlich um sich selbst darzustellen. der mann hat kein wort verstanden von dem was ihr gesungen habt, er wurde keines blickes durch euch gewürdigt (zumindest was man video sehen konnte). ich hätte mir zumindest mal seine geschichte angehört und ihn in ganz fest gedrückt… das ist mehr wert als ein paar münzen. trotzdem mein respekt vor der aktion

  8. Einfach machen… Soviel Empathie wünsche ich mir auf dieser Welt – danke euch 3 unbekannten- ihr seid unsere Zukunft mit Herz… 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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