Thomas Gaunt presents BIDEC 2019 Bahrain International Defence Exhibition & Conference

I'm Thomas gaunt I'm the managing director of Clarion events Middle East Vedek is the in Bahrain international defense exhibition and conference we're here at idec's in Abu Dhabi promoting the show it's the second edition will be in October this year and we're very excited about the progress we've been making the first edition was a great success there's a huge turnout from the military community in the Middle East over 10,000 visitors attended were expecting that to grow even more for the next edition on site at Vedek 2017 we sold over 50% of the floor space which is fantastic for a launch show and is a testament to how successful that first edition is we are now over 75 percent sold and so we're encouraging people here and idec's to where to book onto the show to avoid disappointment one of the great features from Baudette 2017 was the live demos so within one of the military bases we have a live shooting demo 100 meter range of 25 meter range and their live vehicle demo we also have a parachute demo so these are really exciting and unique features at the show we already have several companies signed up for the live firing demo new companies that weren't there in 2017 so we're very excited about the prospects there is some space left at the show of course we would encourage people to book as soon as possible Vedek is a fantastic show for getting face to face time with the regional GCC and wider Middle East military leadership the show in 2017 had 175 exhibitors so it's a small to medium show what that means is that we still have the same amount of high-level delegation so you get a lot of face time with them for the new edition of Baddeck we again expect the focus to be Middle East so we really invest a lot of our resources in making it a truly Middle Eastern show we have attendees from the UAE Armed Forces from Saudi Arabian Armed Forces of course Jordan Bahrain and Oman and I think that we just want to build on this and make sure that we deliver the defense industries prime customers to them we have a lot of media supporting the show we work very closely with the trade publications one of our lead media partners is Army recognition and we we look forward to working with them again with a fantastic relationship and we in particular we love the online interviews that they do for the show one of the great things that all of the defensive shows around the world is the the way that the organizers work with the media there's show dailies there is publications interviews there's lots of ways for the exhibitors to keep the audience up-to-date on new technologies new announcements and any any deals that are going on during the show bidding will be held from the 28th till the 30th of October 2019 in Manama at the Bahrain exhibition center and we look forward to welcoming the international and the regional defense community

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