Thingamajig Performs “Caught Up” By Usher | Season 2 Ep. 9 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. Come on!!! Butterfly sang way, way better than thingamajig.. very disappointed with the judges.. Fixed I'd say 😡😠🤯

  2. Sorry but Michelle got robbed. I don’t think she’s all that great but she definitely did her thing tonight and they sent the wrong person home.

  3. Thingamajig also did good too. I know that Nicole would be sad of he would be un masked. I would be sad if he was un masked too 😥

  4. Honestly butterfly should have won BUT tree shouldn’t have been thingamajig so imo tree should have got unmasked

  5. I know why the flower was revealed it was because leApord sung a pussycat dolls song and thingamajig won against the butterfly because the thingamajig is nicole's boyfriend

  6. Why that happy face tree robbing my favorite constant to win!!? She toked down Ninja! Now him!? This why she's not my favorite

  7. He's good for an amateur singer, but there's no way he has the chops to keep beating trained vocalists. Honestly, he sang significantly worse than Butterfly here.

  8. The most bad votes on the show! I thought Butterfly and Thingamajig both awesome.. and i was like what?? They both don’t deserve to be in this position! They both should stay longer in the comp! One of them have to be unmasked this soon? Bad moves!

  9. I can't believe the Tree had the guts to put Thingamajig in that position. The Tree is not as good as Thingamajig. I'm dead serious about keeping my favorite masked singer's masks on. Anyway…about that karate kick at 0:03 or 0:04.

  10. Its Steve Francis. #2 Pick in the NBA Draft. Born in Maryland, went to school at Maryland. Just battled addiction with alcohol and drugs(his setback). Hustles every night as an NBA player. You're welcome.

  11. I can't believe anyone thinks Thingamajig is Jamie Foxx! Pulease! That is sooo not Jamie Foxx's voice! Listen to him sing Fly Love a couple hundred times or more and you will know his voice in your soul! This is Wayne Brady! 🙂🌹

  12. It’s definitely Victor Oladipo he has that limp and the clues make since and I know his singing voice because he has songs

  13. He didn't win that battle with butterfly. Butterfly sounded great thingamajig sounded flat.i don't like the smack down round. Hope they don't bring it back no next season

  14. I believe he butterfly had the better vocals and she was the one that gave me chills when she was singing believer and sorry no sorry both of those songs she song gave me chills she should have stayed.

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