The Simon’s Cat Story (A Draw my Life)

Hello I’m Simon Tofield, and this, is the
Simon’s Cat story. I’ve always loved to draw, as far back as
I can remember I have always been drawing. As a boy growing up in Leighton Buzzard, I’d
love to draw wildlife, I was especially interested in drawing birds, and I’d draw on any paper
I could find. I got my first cat when I was nine years old,
her name was Shelly she was a very shy, very timid little farm cat. As I got older I kept on drawing and drawing,
still wildlife was my favourite subject. But I also started getting interested in doing
animation a round about that time too. I’d thought I would teach myself to animate
by, creating flip books that were basically big fat pads of paper, which I drew in from
the back and worked my way forward. When they were flicked, they created animation, and
I was hooked. Drawing was the only thing I could really
do so I became… An animator. Back then we used to sit at old wooden light
boxes drawing on animation paper. I worked like this as a commercial animator for about
13 years, mostly doing adverts for TV. I thought I’d better have a go at making digital
animation. I needed to teach myself this new way of animating. I was still drawing hundreds
of pictures, but drawing them onto the Wacom tablet, straight into the computer. So I made my short film about my own cat Hugh
trying to get my attention in the morning, to be fed. Although I didn’t know it at the time, someone
copied this little film off my showreel and uploaded it onto Youtube. And by the time I saw it and realised what
had happened the film had become very popular. So in 2008 we launched the official Simons
Cat Youtube channel and the website. The character of Simon’s cat still doesn’t
really have a proper name, but in real life I have four cats, there is little Jess, big
Maisy, greedy Hugh and fluffy Teddy. And so between all four of them, they give
my loads of ideas and stories for Simon’s Cat. People often ask me why don’t we release Simon’s
Cat films more often, the truth is, it takes about two to three months to make a Simon’s
Cat film. I first work on the story idea, and then it takes most of that time to get
the animation done. Ive got a small team of very talented animators
helping me now, I direct the episodes and we work together to create the films. Although we are working on computers Simon’s
Cat is all hand drawn animation. It is made frame by frame and it just takes a long time
to make each episode. I am still drawing all the time, filling up
sketch books with ideas for stories and gags. I feel really lucky to be doing what I love,
and it is fantastic to know that there is an audience out there waiting to see what
Simon’s Cat gets up to next.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I'm absolutely hooked!! I just recently found Simon's Cat and it has been so entertaining. I have always loved to draw and have had some time recently, to take it up again as I have been in a wheelchair for a year as of New Years Eve. I hope to see more videos soon!!

  2. Wonderful video.. i like the story. You are lucky to have this talent. And such a creative team.. thanks for the fun viewing your videos and animatkons.

  3. 👋 Argentina.. Me encanta tengo un gato que es igual.. Me encantan estas historias.. También soy dibujante haces un excelente trabajo!

  4. You are so appreciated, my beloved cat passed away in November 2017. When I watch your Simon it brings such joy in my time of loss and sorrow. Thank you for all the laughter, you truly nail it when it comes to cats.

  5. Great story! You and your team do wonderful work! I love Simon's Cat!! You capture the realities of living with cats so well!! Thank you for all your hard work and please keep it up!

  6. I absolutely love your story of how you got started. It's so wonderful to watch your shorts and just found out this week about your book so going to look for that. Keep creating we love Simon's Cat!!

  7. A cada filme que vejo fico admirada, parabéns.
    Como vc interpreta situações que os gatos fazem, mais uma vez parabéns 👏👏👏

  8. You need to give a health warning before each of your clips – "Do not let your cat watch this video". Mine must have seen every one of them by the time I got him at 3 months old. The only things he has never tried yet is hit me on the head with a bat and bang on the toilet door with a broom. ;-))

  9. wow!!that hard work is just overwhelming!! that is a lot of imagination and hard work creating such masterpieces!!!!! the creator of Simon's cat are really talented!!!!!! keep inspiring. waiting for more fun filled daily adventures of Simon's cat!!!!!!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story! I've always been impressed with your talent. The first strip I saw was The Fly, and I watched it over and over. Now I also enjoy your Cat Logic, they are so helpful!

  11. I am one of the many who look forward to the next @SimonsCat episode. They all make my day, and just cannot thank you enough for sharing your real life talent with us.. love from Miss Paisley. Jet, and .. me in E TN, USA.🐾🤗💞

  12. Dear Simon, you're doing a great job with each and every episode. I too am a cat lover and wish to write a book on the cats I've had.
    I have to put in long hours of studies and Simon's cat is my dose of relaxation anytime!
    Thank you so much!

  13. I love that you love doing what you do and you do it so well. Keep up the great work. Your talent is appreciated by many. ❤

  14. I love Simon’s cat it is so much my own cat too. You’ve asked for moments from our own cat’s lives. Mine gets insulted at time if she wanted attention and didn’t get it foe example and then she goes and makes a point of sitting in front of me … her back towards me…

  15. Love it!!!! KEEP DRAWING!!!!!! PLEEEEASE! My Mother was an artist, in every medium but animation. Bet she would have done well if she had tried it 🙂

  16. Not to be a jerk simon but that wasn't really that much of a draw my life, you might want to go farther into detail or just add more life eventes, please make another video or just add more to this one
    Please except my apology for being picky.

  17. Also BTW I love your work keep on going simon, I also want to try to voice a simon's cat film I've had 3 cats 2 died but I have another and can mimic them, my sister once thought I was a cat when I meowed she didn't see me he he he

  18. Gracias por subtítulos en español. Adoro a Simon y sus historias!!! Tendo 2 gatos (❤❤) y con Simón, 3 (❤❤❤) GENIALES!!!

  19. I have loved your work for years. I have always been a major fan of this art style; old fashion brought to life in technology. The sketch videos are amazing. I'll be a forever fan. My cats liked watching them too.

    Thanks for all you do 😋

  20. Simon's Cat How can this employ and financially support you and all of your people working with you?? That's a lot of overhead expenses, I would think beyond what YT ads and little books can accomplish. How do you do it?

  21. whats not to like about Simon's cat? being a writer for a children's program and drawing the scenes myself i can relate to this, but trying to be true to what you do is very important. Authenticity is the only way to keep clean from all the shit around you ..pleas keep up the works and do what you do, i love it!

  22. Tiene el espíritu de los dibujos clásicos, y han captado muy bien el comportamiento de los gatos. Gran trabajo. Greetings from Perú.

  23. I watch and rewatch and rewatch all of your videos and love them so much! They are so perfectly accurate! Make people around me (force)watch all the time😅 Also like to use gifs in instagram stories, hope you’ll have more of them💜 and if they heve a little “simon’s cat” written at the buttom, it can lead more people to you i believe ☺️ Loves from Turkey👋🏻 (a cat and a dog lady)

  24. Thank you for bringing us Simon into our lives. He cheers and brightens the day. Cats are so much fun always ready to welcome or create an adventure. 😺🐾is🌞

  25. Heybro, a little late, but I've just translated it into Hungarian, if there's someone out there who could check it so YT can enable it, would be awesome!

    Srácok lefordítottam magyarra, légyszi ellenőrizze le valaki hogy a YT engedélyezze.
    Ja és bojler eladó!

  26. I absolutely love Simon cats videos. I'm a widow now and I have no children and your videos make me smile and laugh. Thank you so much

  27. Simon ur work is awesome! Because what u r showing is a serious note to understand the language and communication of creatures which communicates us very precisely! We should understand that these amazing creatures are not ordinary!

  28. Thank you for sharing your history with us is so inspiring seeing people doing what they love Anne where their happiness,happy people make the world a better place

  29. Me encantan sus historias cuando llegaron a mi me facinaron y siempre los veo yo vivo en chile y tengo 9 gatos no soy buena para el dibujo pero lo bendigo por su talento y ojala cresca mucho más sus historias y ya quiero mucho al gato Simón

  30. Yo te sigo desde México,e encantan tus historias y agradezco que hayas compartido éste, recibe muchos saludos en este día que festejamos a la Virgen de Guadalupe

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