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Today is Scary Tuesday, tiktakers! And this
time we are going back to Japan to bring you a story based on one of the most terrifying
movies from the land of the rising sun! In Japan, people say that when someone dies
in a state of extreme sadness or anger, that feeling leaves a stain in the place, impregnating it, and harming any living being that dares visit such place. Rika, a social worker, arrived on time at
miss Sachie’s house. Remembering how they described Sachie as a grumpy and problematic
woman, Rika sighed and rang the bell. Just like she learned from previous experiences,
nobody would open the door. She sighed again, turned the doorknob, and entered the house. The first thing she noticed was how the temperature
suddenly dropped. She felt cold… too cold for a summer day. Then she saw the mess: filth
was accumulating in every corner of the house, and the smell from the trash bags was making
it difficult for her to breathe. She covered her nose and advanced through
the hallway. When she got to the living room, she saw the back of a small figure. Rika got
closer and introduced herself… but the old woman didn’t say a word. Instead, she kept
looking at nothingness. Rika decided to start with the kitchen, organizing
the shelves and throwing away everything that was in bad condition. Once done she went back
to the living room to clean the dust and vacuum the floor. As she cleaned, Rika didn’t see
the old woman make any move. Once she finished vacuuming she went upstairs… and the temperature
was colder there. A strange atmosphere Rika didn’t know how to describe, was surrounding
the place. She advanced slowly, as if she was feeling
threatened, until she arrived at the main bedroom. Just like on the bottom floor, everything
was a mess there. However, among all of the mess, the closet
caught her attention… because it was sealed with tape. Rika started to rip it out, when
a meow startled her. She got very nervous without realizing it. She kept ripping out the tape until she was
able to open the closet door. She slid the door, opening it slowly… and found a black
cat, laying there. The cat looked at Rika, stood up, and went away. When the young lady
closed the closet door and turned around… a small child appeared in front of her eyes.
She was so surprised that she fell on the floor, and scurried out of the bedroom to
the living room. She rushed to miss Sachie, asking her, “Who
is that child?!” And for the first time, the old lady looked at her in the eyes, and changed
her empty expression. Sachie took Rika by the arm, and started to tell her a story… A young married couple had lived in that house:
Takeo and Kayako, along their small son Toshio. Takeo had a good job, and Kayako was a great
housewife. They seemed very happy, but there was something Takeo didn’t know about his
wife: In college, she had fallen so strongly in love for another young man that the love
turned into an obsession. Kayako accepted that she would never be loved
back, so she decided to vent by writing on journals. She hid them well, and her husband
didn’t suspect anything… but deep inside, Kayako was sure that she would never be able
to forget that other man. One day Kayako went out shopping, and when
she got home she saw that Takeo was already there. “You are home early!”, she said when
she entered the house… but got no answer. After she stored what she bought she went
up to the bedroom. Takeo was standing close to the closet, and the floor had all of Kayako’s
secret journals scattered around. Takeo had read all of them. Terror filled Kayako’s entire being when she
saw her husband’s facial expression. Pure wrath filled Takeo’s face, and without leaving
Kayako time to react, he pushed her against the wall. Toshio was in his bedroom, and hid
in his closet after hearing that strong thud. Kayako ran away as fast as she could, but
Takeo managed to reach her and push her again. Kayako fell to the edge of the stairs, hitting
her head and twisting her ankle. Hurt, and not being able to stand, she started to drag
herself downstairs, leaving a trail of blood on her path. She managed to reach the house’s
entrance… but realized that HE was following her slowly, seeing her suffer in pain. When she was about to reach the door, Takeo
grabbed her by the hair and pulled upwards, producing a strong thud. Still grabbing her
by the hair, he dragged Kayako to the bedroom, and then put her inside of a garbage bag.
Kayako was still alive when Takeo carried her to the attic, locking her up. Then he
went down to his son’s bedroom… and drowned him, and his beloved cat, to death. After
killing his family, Takeo went to his bedroom and hanged himself, taking his own life. When Sachie finished her tale, Rika felt how
a tremendous fear took over her body. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and
couldn’t process such a terrifying story. She quickly ran to the hallway… and there
was the child again, fixedly staring at her from the stairs. Rika asked him his name.
He said, “Toshio”. A shiver traveled down her entire body. All
of a sudden, the atmosphere got even colder and darker, and a thud coming from the top
floor surprised her. Rika ran to the main entrance to escape from that place as quickly
as possible. She grabbed the doorknob… but for some unexplainable reason, she couldn’t
leave. Behind her, the dry and intermittent thuds were getting stronger. She turned around…
and she saw her. Her face looked pale and emaciated. She was
going down the stairs, dragging herself and leaving a trail of blood on her path. Rika
fell on the floor, incapable of moving, and saw how that horrifying woman was slowly advancing
towards her, while Rika wasn’t able to do anything. The look of that woman emanated
a wrath Rika had never felt before. That woman would not let Rika leave. No. That was her

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