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birds chirping birds chirping birds chirping music hey, what are you watching? bro see, such a bomb chick forget about her, you won’t be able to impress her dog!!! lets go from here music what are you doing this? bro i’m drawing a sketch of that girl leave that paper and come with me dumb guy!!! you’ll draw sketch and impress girls!? wow!!! this is my painting!!!! where did this Majnu go? kids, tell me, why did you’ll join the drawing classes sir with the medium of art i want to spread my thoughts in the entire world great!!! and what about you Prash? sir, life is of 4 days and in that also we get fooled around that Majnu who blows cond*ms instead of balloons! seeing his d*** face, even Facebook has banned him he scored a chick then whats less in me? do i have big nipples? face is like a bear? do i catch fishes in the jungle? no, what the problem with girls? first i thought buying a bike will impress girls! my dad got me a bike on EMI then i sold one of my kidney and got an iPhone in ancient times, by selling one kidney, you’d have enough cash to by an iphone now you need to sell both of your kidneys to get an iPhone i know how i live without both my kidneys i drink water from my mouth, the next second it comes out from my nunnu because now there’s no filter left inside after doing all of this, forget about girls, even my cat doesn’t look at me and Majnu impressed a girl with a painting. sir, if you see that painting, i swear you’ll suicide in flying sparrows shit i think in girls, god has fixed the logic screw in leg joints instead of head nowadays you can’t impress a girl by bashing people in a fight. you need to get beaten up by others then you’ll get the girls attention. you can’t impress girls by lifting weights in the gym wearing lipstick, putting spices in your eyes and recording videos by fake crying on tik tok, you can impress girls every evening on the benches of my college, i play guitar and sing songs girls don’t even look, people give some coins as a charity instead showing that shit painting he impressed college’s best looking girl, sir!!!!!!! my balls hit my head and ran outside , sir. what? my balls ran away, sir! and all you are concern is about the meaning? first you teach me to make a painting tomorrow i’ll go to the college and draw a sketch of my history teacher Geeta. Nagu, you tell me, why did you join drawing classes? Nagu’s shayari (in hindi) Nagu’s shayari (in hindi) Nagu’s shayari (in hindi) so hey guys, if you liked the video then hit the like button if you are new to the channel then hit subscribe! and you also join a drawing classes i’ll meet you in the new video with a new topic, till then Bye! (outro)

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  3. Prash i am your very very very very very very very big fan love you…..chahe jo ho jae mein hamesha aapki 12ya14 videos to dekhti hu…

  4. bhao bachche bhi pasand karte h tumhare videos plz gali thori kam karo. isse bache samajhte h gali dena cool h. plz think about it

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