The Clues: Turtle | Season 3 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. Oh this is def Jesse mccartney. So many clues. Like surfboard in the other clue he was in a show called summerland. He was in a boyband called dreamstreet. Greek letters he was in the show Greek. His voice he ain't hiding it. This is def Jesse McCartney. Final answer lol

  2. They have the Greek letters on the chalkboard because Jesse McCartney had a brief episode arc in the show Greek! Definitely him

  3. I already know it's Jesse McCartney. I'm waiting for the clue that hints to Roxas or Kingdom Hearts!!! That's all I'm begging for! Or maybe he can sing Don't Think Twice or Sanctuary?!

  4. I was 99% sure it was Jesse before and now I’m 100% sure. Seoul = Beautiful Soul or even his song, Body Language. Alpha & Omega letters = Greek, the tv show that he guest starred in. I googled Jesse and Nicole and they were on the Today show in the morning together one time. Plus, this is the most he’s sounded like himself when singing.

  5. I could be wrong, and there could be some Korean connection there, but… I think that the panel is, again, looking at the wrong parts of the clues.
    I don't think (S.) Korea is the clue there in the map. I think it's the (city) SEOUL. In other words… its most likely a reference to his biggest/best know hit "Beautiful SOUL".

    As for the Turtle's clue packages in general – last weeks (ep 2) clue video was pretty much a summary of his career: "boybands & disney career, and breaking the rules and breaking free and making on his own" just set in school setting…

  6. I think it’s Joey McIntyre. In 1992 New Kids on the block toured Korea and something very tragic happened in Seoul. A stampede happened at one of their concert’s there and it tragically killed a teenage girl. That’s the reason why I think it’s Joey because it sounds like him and that tie to Seoul.

  7. When you cant see A singer's face and all you can hear is A voice and you get excited everytime that singer performs you have earned my respect thank you for the wonderful performances

  8. I will let it be known, that Jesse did go to high school. He attended Freshman year at Ardsley High School in NY. So yeah, there's that.

  9. I've been in love with this guy for well over half of my life. It is Jess. 100%. I knew it the first word that came out of his mouth and his clues are VERY obvious.

  10. Billie Joe Armstrong, clues, surf up, last guy finish last, time of your life. know Billie Joe love to sing country n love song instead punk rock. Just look at her body, how he walking. Plus the turtle wear punk .

  11. My bets on Billy Joe Armstrong. If McCartney was in a boy band he got to sing love songs. The hints for billy are he has to act like a punk no love songs. Hope you had the time of your life. Surf board billy is born in raised in cali. And soel with a plane near it. Green day is starting their new tour starting in soel 2020

  12. Ok I know I’m going to get a lot of hate but Nick cannon said that group A has been to 9 Super Bowls no one that has been unmasked has been In a super bowl that white tiger and turtle has to be football players rigth

  13. As someone stupid enough to love his friend who’s in a relationship, I listen to Just So You Know and The Other Guy on the daily to cope. There’s absolutely no doubt about who this is… ♥️

  14. It’s Jesse!! The Seoul represents beautiful soul!! And the Greek symbols represent the time he was in the show Greek in ABC family. Also the dream st reference in the last video ☺️

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