The Clues: Monster | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. I Need The Mask Singer To Hurry up and unmask the monster the 🦄 And peacock I don't have time for this

  2. The so called caddy is a Ford Falcon. Can we say Atlanta Falcons ball (football) player? I'm looking at the players now.

  3. I now believe after hearing Esera Tuaolo sing, he is my top choice. He played for Atlanta Falcons, and the cave is like a closet as coming out of, and more.

  4. Drive from the south (Tallahassee) in his catty, top hat, shades, gold grill, the auto tune last word in both rounds of clues and I've listened to all his music since the first album. 100% Nappy Boy T-Pain.

  5. Let's not forget that T Pain had quite the obsession with strippers and spending money in the clubs hence the cash money gun.

  6. Anyone think it is Kid Cudi, he did say setting my mind right, the main focus of almost all his albums is dreams and nightmares and personal Demons. Also the two guys in suits celebrating could be a reference to Pursuit of Happiness music video.

  7. T-Pain you idiot judges!! “FIND ME IN THE GREY CADILLAC” is from Buy U a Drank. Two, the shelling of money is from the music video of the same song. Lord, these judges are killing me. T-Pain only has that voice.

  8. I think it might be tiger woods. I’ve never heard him sing so idk what he sound like. He makes multiple golf references like caddy and swing. And he talks about getting to the top and then having some kind of controversy and remember their was the tiger woods cheating scandal that made him kind of disappear for a little bit. It seems far fetched cause idk if tiger woods can sing like that but maybe

  9. Long shot idea but everyone is saying T Pain and the clues and voice fit, I won't argue that but it just seems to easy for even Fox. Any chance the monster is T.I. or Timberland ? I feel like the whole everyone considers him a monster is more then the Autotune issue. Remember T.I. had drug issues and charged with possession of illegal weapons right before the BET awards he was at the top the dropped out of sight and was hated on for backing up Chris Brown and Gucci Mane. As for Timbaland he was at the top of his game then came the plagiarism accusations and boom he feel off the charts and bring a DJ and producer since 1996 the mix tape reference fits. Both would be consider bigger monsters then T Pain using auto tune, just saying.

  10. Also. Tpain is from Florida and produces country music. That’s why he sang a country song because he has country music roots

  11. It's T-Pain. He's from Florida and loves strip clubs…that's why he has the money gun in the clue video. Even with the disguised voice it still sounds like him

  12. Could it be Michael Vick ?? he played for the Atlanta Falcons which is in the south went to jail for dogfighting people called him a monster for it then when he got out of jail he played for the New York Jets.

  13. I love the Monster! He's absolutely adorable and never disappoints with his vocals. I see you, T-Pain. I see you. #fire

  14. "I thought how much this opportunity means to me"
    This is for sure T-Pain because the world needs to see he could sing without auto tune.

  15. T-Pain Drives a caddy, and is from Tallahassee Fl, and his security guards are wearing top hats, and gold grills like he use to back in the day

  16. Rap monster beacuse when he said it’s going to be fire and who sung that song bts and witch bts member can speak american

  17. I was thinking the monster was Keenan Thompson! Nick did say he had a feeling he may know him. Just saying. I'm probably wrong tho! 😊

  18. ????.? How the FREAK was he at the bottom 3?? No, u didn't watch this show.. but I heard all his performances and this makes no sense!

  19. With or without auto tune. You can tell it was T-Pain. Go to a live performance of his and he shows his natural talent off so damn hard.

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