The Clues: Lion | Season 1 Ep. 8 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] Every time I put on
this mask, I transform in a way I never expected. For the first time, I’m
judged only as a singer. You are a true star. Amazing voice. I’m just the Lion
who wants to be heard, not the child of my parents,
not the empire I was born into. So she’s from
Hollywood royalty. I was always expecting
to act the part. But I’m multi-dimensional. So she acts and sings. And like a true lioness,
fiercely independent. Independent and loyal. It’s Kelly Rowland, man. Us girls, we run the world. And tonight, you better hold on. Hold on? Like a Wilson Phillips songs? And keep guessing,
because this lion mask ain’t coming off any time soon. [music playing] [roars]

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  1. It's obviously Rumer Willis. In the last episode it showed a piece of paper that said Blue Moon on it. Her dad Bruce Willis stared in that movie. She keeps saying Empire and she is on that show. Her parents are famous and she wants to be known for having her own name. All the clues + her voice = Rumer Willis

  2. If you paid attention the news paper the guard is carrying, the headline says “Gold found in Hailey”. Rumor’s hometown was Hailey, Idaho. Plus she also said “Not the child of my parents”. So obviously it’s a nod to one of the things she’s most known for.

  3. Beyoncé because she’s gonna be Nala in the live action lion king movie and that’s why she’s dressed as a lion and her song is girls run the world


    Lion got sent home! This was not her greatest performance but still…

    Lion is

    Rumer Willis

    EDIT. Rabbit was unmasked too. Joey FatOne

  5. Rumer Willis went to USC for a semester and dropped out it’s 100% her, the Hollywood family references plus empire