The Clues: Elephant | Season 3 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] Here’s the story of
how I became the biggest animal in the kingdom. [elephant trumpets] I was a calf when I
found my calling– OK, [inaudible] drumming. So he’s in a band. [elephant trumpets] And, with hard work, turned
my passion into a one-man show. WOMAN (VOICEOVER): Stop. [music playing] I went from canvassing
park benches to leading the charge of a
massive movement, even parading
through white houses. White houses. Is he a politician? Yeah, maybe running
for something. And now, I’m ramping
up to a new calling. So to sum it up, go risk
it all for what you love and what everyone else
says is irrelevant. [elephant trumpets] [cheering]

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  1. Tony hawk rock on old friend I know you cyber elephant you and the white tiger you got same voices be toughest animals in town

  2. I appreciate that the clue package videos seem actually a bit harder now & less obvious. Though to detail-oriented people there are actually several telling hints in the clip : most obvious one is the MIB choreography (that makes one think of skateboarding or parkour or acrobatics/circus immediatelly!) – all the flips and "jumps" and all; revealing that he started young/as a kid & become successful/No 1 in his field & "one-man-show" reveals that his success came individually, not as a team-player (true to his chosen sports). So this tells us that he is most likely the champion/king of his individual sports.
    Then the little visual details in the background ("My bicycle" – his bicyle is the skateboard; "Ice Cream" stand – most likely a reference to video game named after him; the blue birds – not h**ks, so most likely a reference not to his name, but his company).
    The White House reference is of course about being visited there…not that hes a the panel "guessed". The drums & drumsticks are not a reference to him being a drummer…just "marching to the beat of his own drum" (though it could also reference to that Guitar Hero commercial he & 3 other famous athletes did…where he played the drums…).
    And the flowers & flower shop may be a reference to The Flower Shop in NYC… which he supposedly invested in. (this last bit I only connected AFTER the reveal).
    And then there was, of course, the one & only really revealing clue – using the word "ramp"

  3. I feel like the Hosts are too stupid for this lol they always take symbols literally and never think rationally or analytically. Maybe this show would be better with different hosts.

  4. I didnt know was really tony frank hawk was the elephant
    Man i knew by right way
    Wait skateboard and bicycle
    Chair = little clue his he athletic
    Bicycle = also athletic
    And sitting park chair
    I said nope his not tony
    Then elephant took out its face i opened my mouth i scram when i saw the clues and voice
    His singing voice was really amazing why they eliminated him
    I became a fan of tony frank hawk since i had his game for ps2

  5. I love that know one knew who this was until the mask was taken off. THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. Stop making them so easy. More like this.

  6. Probably the most misleading clues from the elephant before Tony Hawk was revealed. I thought for sure it was a musician when drumming, but then I've noticed the guys doing some skateboarding moves without a skateboard as a hint to some of Tony Hawk's signature moves.

  7. Is it just me or does anyone actually love the elephant noises? Like it’s satisfying to hear an elephant sound effect.

  8. I knew it was Tony Hawk.
    I can tell from the clues.
    "Canvassing park benches" means he skateboarded in San Diego.
    The White House reference means he skateboarded though The White House in 2010.
    The birds symbolizes his skateboard πŸ›Ή company.
    And the X in the drum πŸ₯ sticks symbolizes The X Games.

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