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  1. I initially thought one of the guys from LMFAO, but after the blue collar thing, maybe Bill Engvall or Larry the Cable Guy? I don't really think Jeff Foxworthy.

  2. Without a doubt Bret Michaels! If not for the dance moves alone and I've seen him enough to know those dance moves and that voice! Cowboy hat that he always wears! Blue Collar for his Pet Rocks Collection! No question that it is him!

  3. Im gonna say Lil Nas X because the pufferfish he did joined the Hootie and the Blowfish and the blue collar well I can't explain it but it has to do with his hit song Old Town Road.

  4. It's Bret Michael's. Went he slipped and fell in the beginning….that's exactly what happened to him at the Tony Awards that one year

  5. I believe it's Bret Michaels because he's known for wearing his cowboy hat, and there's also the fact that the female veggie mannequins might be part of a reference to his reality show called "Rock of love"

  6. I’m thinking Darius Rucker from Hootie and the blowfish
    Because of the blow fish on the ground he said he likes to have a hoot of a time and he went country there was a cowboy hat🤔

  7. No way this is kurt russell only he can sound that good to be elvis presley who played him in the very first biopic of elvis than the cowboy hat is when kurt played wyette earp in tombstone but he starred in disney movies first remember he was a track star which he did comedy than dramas and to add love movies but mainly tough guys after awhile

  8. Would be hilarious if it was Larry the Cable guy since people don’t realize Larry the cable guys voice is actually a character he created.

  9. Hands down Bret Michaels!! His clues on slipping….he fell on stage at the Tony Awards, he went into rehab for alcohol and drugs because his words….he refused to kill himself with so much drinking. He had so many bad incidents by blacking out. The hat in his clues was a big clue, blue color….The color for Diabetes Awareness he's a Diabetic and come on….his dancing moves gave it away.

  10. This has got to be the funniest clue package yet. Even without the clues, I'm still laughing my butt off at this because of how entertaining it is.

  11. It's 1000% Bret Michaels, he's a huge Elvis fan, the way he struts around the stage and his body language while he's talking…and just like Lil Wayne his voice is unmistakable.

  12. I immediately texted my huge Bret Michaels' fan friend and told her he was on last night. I thought the blowfish was a distraction to show "Poison" because I don't know that Darius Rucker moves the same way Bret does. I hope the banana lasts until the finale regardless!

  13. Okay, so it's definately not Weird Al.
    Al is a homebody who doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, or use profanities. He's a nice, humble guy, who's devoted to his family.

  14. It's Dr. DisRespect at 6'8" tall, the Fortnite party bus and fortnite text, along with the fact that he just posted a video of the new Fortnite Banana character, along with a brief clip of Chaka Khan singing the National anthem :)….Bret Michaels is 5'10" , so are both Jeff Foxworthy and Darius Rucker and that is a realllllly tall Banana.

  15. NO DOUBT it is Bret Michaels. The voice when he sang the Elvis tune should have given it away without the clues. Blue collar? He's from Mechanicsburg, PA, near that blue-collar town of Pittsburgh. Football field? Huge Steelers fan. Partying? Duh. The pufferfish? It's POISONous… Rodeo? "Rock of Love" contestant. When he walked onstage, "Party Rock Anthem" played. Who does party rock? Poison. And at one point, you could see a second or two of a strut he did as he approached Nick Cannon, not unlike the strut you can catch glimpses of in the "Unskinny Bop" video. But, most of all, just listen to the singing voice. Come on…

  16. I kept thinking it was Darius Rucker or one of the Blowfish because of the reference of a hoot at parties and the blowfish,but now I think it is Bret Michaels because of the hat and that he is a hoot at parties,right ladies.Makes me think of "Rock Of Love ".Know he has a pet line at Pet Smart,i.e.,the blue collar.Lot of partying references.The one thing that bothers me is the last line,"I just want to see you smile"🤔

  17. Maybe I just want to see you smile is in reference to Poison's ,5th album,Crack A Smile.I thought I saw a rose in the Bananas hand.I don't remember Bret Michaels handing out roses on Rock Of Love,but it was a dating and elimination show.Noticed the hat and cowboy boots on the girl laying next to the Banana.Then there was another woman laying next to a long haired dude.Poison was a big hair band.Lots of hair in the Clue package.I keep forgetting that the rose could be a reference to my favorite song of his,"Every Rose Has It's Thorn".I think he's a vegetarian that's why there are so many vegetables strewn around.

  18. The Banana is Marshall Bruce Mathers lll. Drugs, pills, drinking, a daughter. He wear's a 🍌 to remind his friend of her low potassium. Oh yell he references himself as Elvis of hip hop. In 8 Mile he worked a blue collar job and comes from a blue collar city.

  19. The Banana I think is Bret Michaels of Poison. I've been a huge fan since the 80's and went to more of his concerts than I can count lol 😂. So I think its Bret Michaels of Poison 😎🤟🤟😎🎶🎶🎶🎶

  20. This is most definitely Bret Michael that his iconic hat and he probably decided to do this season because they kept guessing him last season. And the fact that he down played his Voice when he sings he’s doing everything he can not to be spotted. It wouldn’t surprise me if he does everything he can to avoid the rock ‘n’ roll genre when picking his songs.

  21. It’s Bret Michaels because base on the clues: 1# The cowboy hat 2# The blue collar he’s collect them 3# The Hangover 4#When he said I just want to make you smile it was a song Title of his 5# The Office scene He was on the Celebrity Aprentice

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