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  1. It’s a Jackson family member. Probably Latoya. One part shows a 80s vhs vibe which shows me she was someone from the era and definitely not a kardashian.

  2. So in the performance I get an Invader Zim vibe, and the perform dancers they kinda remind me of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac. Hmmm…..I wonder if Jhonen Vasquez was the inspiration for the theme 😏

  3. There was a snake in the desert scene. La Toya posed with a snake in her Playboy centerfold spread. Moreover, La Toya only had a Gold single; never a Platinum single. It's La Toya.

  4. Latoya! The galaxy video reminds me of the "can you feel it?" Video the Jackson's did. She sings "I feel It" which references 1986 over & over. 1986 was a huge year for Janet with Control. It's too bad Latoya doesn't have any of her own "clues" to share about herself.

  5. Control is the key clue. Janet had an album called Control after she left one label for another. Latoya finally got out of a very controlling relationship and Janet out of a controlling marriage!

  6. Masked singer

    Synchronized singing in a band
    JC Chasez

    Shows 5 as in Jackson 5
    Latoya Jackson

    Life threatening disease in public for decades. Michigan
    Tommy Chong

    Tragic loss. Talk show
    Ricki Lake

    Long career
    Older singer
    Empress singing in the 1950s
    Gladys Knight

    Here for your honor. Paralegal
    Margaret Cho

  7. The alien's moves just scream Janet or Latoya. The hand gestures alone when the alien pointed just reminded me too much of Michael, so I'm going with Janet or Latoya, but more towards Janet. I'm saying this cause Latoya was already like a teenager when she
    was singing with the family and when the Jackson's first bought Janet out on stage she was still young, and not to mention she grew up right in front of our eyes Good Times, Different Strokes, Fame. Then her break out song was Control and the Alien costume just fits after being alienated by some of her fans, CBS, and some music stations and channels because of the whole Superbowl incident with Justin Timberlake.

  8. So I’m thinking about the 5 alien clue, what if it’s not to stand for the sisters, what if 5 means something else, like it’s a significant number to that person for another reason. I low key kind of don’t want it to be a Kardashian or Jenner, but that’s another way of thinking about that clue.

  9. I was thinking Latoya Jackson at first…but maybe it's his daughter Paris Jackson. Just a thought, anybody else think that way?

  10. I’m thinking Paris Jackson. 5 aliens can be a reference to Jackson 5 and if you look at her Instagram, alien fits her overall vibe/style/lifestyle. The body type seems to fit Paris over LaToya. Although I know that doesn’t play into “many sisters” but I suppose that doesn’t have to mean blood sisters.

    My other thought is Kendall Jenner. 5 aliens=5 sisters. I dug a bit on this, but she shared a photo of her and Kylie that says “alien sister” and she has a photo on a flamingo pool floaty. The pool also has a very kardashian vibe…grew up in the spotlight, and her modeling controls her life. But, body type doesn’t seem quite right in the waist area. Thoughts?

  11. It's either Latoya or Janet. Both are related to the Jackson Family, which since the Jackson 5, they rose with them to the public eye. Control is either Latoya referring to Janet's "Control" song. But Could be Janet with herself since the actual artists in the show seem to make references to themselves. Whilst Latoya is WAY under than Janet, Janet has more experience on stage and really the only two times people recall her was for something she didn't do herself. Scream with her brother, Michael. And the Superbowl Incident with Justin Timberlake.

  12. It’s definitely Latoya Jackson. Famous Family, The 5 aliens( The Jackson 5), doesn’t want to be controlled etc.

  13. I love her reason for being on this show. Same for a lot of them. Proving themselves without us being able to pre-judge them. A concept I wish we would do more often.

    The family isn't anonymous.
    The snake comes from the whole taylor swift feud.
    5 aliens =5 sisters.
    On kendall's instagram Highlight Story she LITERALLY has an alien emoji. & been wearing a lot of green neon color.
    Also, she used the song that David Dobrik uses in MANY of his youtube videos & she JUST came out on his channel.
    Its kendall jenner 😌

  15. Paris Jackson. The clues "that's hot and simple life" point to her first name, while "the five silhouettes and control" point to her famous last name.

  16. This is sooo confusing !! lol Family of girls, first time the world will hear her voice all lead me to believe it's not Latoya..Hurry up and take it off lol

  17. I think it is poppy the weird girl on the internet not the troll because nick cannon said she was small and it said in this vid she was controlled and her fam is aliens 😬

    this link is my reason
    It's a movie about Elvis and her marriage called ALIEN

  19. Yeah this totally gave it away. I always felt for La Toya. I always felt she had a bad rap comin up. I actually also think she is a good person even now after all she did in the 80s and 90s to her family. She just had severe insecurities that were taken advantage of by Jack Gordon. Doesn't excuse her I guess, but maybe it should help people understand her a little better. She I think could've made something better of herself careerwise if she just let Joseph manage her instead of Jack. She has stronger vocals than Janet and can work a stage just as well (She doesn't need all that crazy dancing Janet does either) and she clearly showed it on the show. Even if she's over 60 now, I think she can still make good moves up in entertainment. Hopefully this show can help now.

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