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Good morning everybody. Today is January 5th, 2020, the five days after Happy new year day. What time is it?. Oh, it is 15 minutes to 6 AM. It is time to wake up and have breakfast with your family. Let me introduce myself. My name is “MINAMOTO SHIZUKA”. I am NOBITAS’s classmate and become his wife in the future. You can call me “SHIZUKA”. I want to become a “DOCTOR”. I want to help all people who sick. I will help you spell the “DOCTOR”. It’s A Piece Of Cake. Listen to me: D, O, C, T, O, R. Again: D, O, C, T, O, R. OK, together we read aloud it: “DOCTOR”. Again: “DOCTOR”. One more time: “DOCTOR”. OK, you hit the target. As you can see, I have a First Aid Kit in my hand. It has many tools inside. You can use it to help sick people quickly. Today, you will learn how to draw and color a SHIZUKA “DOCTOR” and First Aid Kit. There are 27 steps to draw a SHIZUKA “DOCTOR”. There are 31 steps to color a SHIZUKA “DOCTOR”. Let’s go.

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