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Tales of Vesperia PS3 – Mystic Arte / Hi-Ougi Exhibition

Tales of Vesperia PS3 - Mystic Arte / Hi-Ougi Exhibition

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Speaking from experience, getting Barbatos through Patty's MA while fighting in the arena is the ABSOLUTE WORST type of luck!!!

  2. About ready to play this game again. The first time in about a decade!!! This is gonna be good! Switch version for me.

  3. I love in the saga tales of that when you make a special attack comes the photo of the character in anime

  4. Patty's mystic arte should just be called Gambler's Fallacy.
    Also, for the new ones, I would really like to know what they translate to.

  5. Oh man! Everyone's second Mystic Arte has a moving picture! That's so cool! I don't think the new Tales games even do this. This game seriously needs to come in English.

  6. Haha, when Barbatos popped up and did World Destroyer, the video crashed for me XD Dammit Barbatos!

  7. Something I notice in this games mystic artes as opposed to other tales games I've played…they all look so vibrant and bright, it really adds to the splendour, makes them feel powerful.

  8. rgw vwat mystic artes is fly,ns blazin phoenix strike.. " sop ten haaaaa.. Hryuksoooo" epic absolutly epic!

  9. From the looks of these Mystic Artes and their attack style it's like i'm watching something from Project X Zone

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