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  2. I love Supernanny but she really does not have a right to privacy in someone else's house (outside of the bathroom or maybe a bedroom if she was staying the night). It is kinda odd that the parents have cameras in the kids bedrooms but to each is own i guess. I really didnt see the problem considering the fact that the production team does to the parents what the parents did to supernanny.

  3. Jeez this was cringy…I have a blended family as well and there no way I thought spying would help my relationship with my stepson rather than just talking to him getting to know him.

  4. U don’t have camera’s in child’s bedroom for one. Two you’re the Step parents u don’t have a right to punish your non biological step kids!

  5. Having cameras in kids’ bedrooms is totally inappropriate. Especially considering that the step parents can potentially watch their step kids getting undressed. Thank goodness Jo put a stop to that one.

  6. Okay, I think camera are fine if they are used for security. I don't think cameras are necessary in the children's bedroom. If it was the living room, outside the house, or in a room containing valuables then I believe it should be fine. I wouldn't use it to spy on my children though.

  7. Cameras in the bedroom is a jailhouse. This is emotionally abusive to say the least. And if I were the therapist on this case they would be referred for parent education and counseling for them as parents.
    Unhealthy. And I'm not sure CPS would be ok with this.

    Very sad. But glad Jo got through.

  8. They don't trust their kids at all. Sad. They will never be confident to do what they need to do. My husband has some control issues with the kids, but not to this extent.

  9. Cameras in the bedrooms is complete inappropriate! They are step parents, he could be looking at her little girl getting undressed or same for the mother and the little boys! Absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable!

  10. what about when they get older???? are they seriously still gonna have the cameras in their rooms cause that’s like totally wrong

  11. They couldn't even give their kids time for a private conversation with Jo, they had to be listening in, that's extremely unhealthy

  12. I don't understand people who have cameras all over their house. I can't imagine living in a house with no real privacy. It's like living in a prison.

  13. If I knew my parents had cameras all over the house, I'd run away to a friends house and stay there until my parents gave me my privacy. That is disgusting!!

  14. What an invasion of privacy. How can you teach children about privacy and the concept that their body is sacred to them and they have a right to protecting their bodies when you have cameras in their rooms. Whatever the reason for them, it sends the wrong message to their children.

  15. All those cameras and they’re still having problems as a family unit 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I hope after this experience, the parents were able to make progress connecting with their kids

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