STUDIO VLOG 4 | Lots of drawing & making some orders!

This kinda works maybe. Okay here we go. Hello everyone welcome to my fourth
studio vlog. This is Marieke from the past from the past. From ‘THE’ past. MICHAEL: “I am Marieke from the past.” This is past Marieke. I’m currently filming my vlog three
footage. I’m going to record my voice over and I’m going to show you the
footage of that. So I hope you enjoy. Hello everyone, welcome to studio vlog 3. I don’t know what to say. This is my cat and she’s playing with a butterfly. What do I have to say about Yuuki? MICHAEL: “This is going well.” MICHAEL: “I’m here. I’m supporting you.” Dutch: Okay, what do I have to tell about Yuuki? Dutch: Or should I just not say anything about Yuuki? What can I tell? Dutch: I have to tell what the vlog is all about. MICHAEL: ‘Yes!’ I have to tell what the vlog is all about. Okay. Yes, okay. So, turn it back. MICHAEL: ‘Was I wearing the same t-shirt when we were
recording for..’ I don’t remember. You can you see it in vlog number 3. Hello everyone, and
welcome to Studio vlog three. yaaaaay! In this vlog we’re going to talk about my birthday and the holidays like Christmas and New Year. Yeah, I’m not
writing anything down. So maybe that’s going to be a bit more personally. I hope,
a bit more personal. I really really hope it and I already planned that in vlog 4 I’m going to talk to the camera to you guys and you’re going to
see my face.. There’s a very very naughty kitty here. Trying to play with us. Trying to play with us. Hello everyone! We’re finally here. I’m
finally talking to you guys in front of the camera.
Yay! Today it is February the 3rd and I’m going to try to pack all the orders
that I received for my shop. I have to make some coasters, bookmarks and there
also already have been sold some donation stickers for fight cancer. So, thank you
everyone who has supported world cancer day already. You’re amazing, thank you
very much!

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