Steampianist – The Singing Tumor – feat. Vocaloid Oliver

A fever pulse in rhythm with my heart, A headache daze a perfect way to start. but wait, On my shoulder are brand new body parts, A mass of flesh, a nightmare of a morning. But then its mouth Just opened up and made a sound. Oh, what a melody is found. Who knew Tumors Could sing? Alright, I guess it’s time to dance. Its voice is not that bad. It’s probably the best I’ve heard in fact. Maybe it’s destiny, This tumor grew on me, ‘Cause I don’t think I feel sad anymore. But what will they say? When they see this thing at work, Need I bid farewell to life out in the world? (~It’s just as well~) My worries melt away, (~Melt away~) And my body starts to sway. (~Starts to sway~) Even if they think I’m strange, I don’t care. ‘Cause my new friend, He will never leave my side, until the day I die And after that, We’ll sing again. Alright, I guess it’s time to dance. Its voice is not that bad. It’s probably the best I’ve heard in fact. Maybe it’s destiny, This tumor grew on me, ‘Cause I don’t think I feel sad anymore. They came in waves, In hazmat suits. They came to take, My small friend. They took me away, To a clandestine facility, Then put me to sleep, So they could operate in peace. Oh, please don’t amputate! I don’t need a tumorectomy! Like bullets in a plate, They will take away my friend from me. Forever. NO!!! Another day, Another moment spent in grey, Until the silence breaks again. I can still hear the faint melody. It’s like the voice of my old friend, Is right outside. Alright, I guess it’s time to dance. It does not sound too bad. And everyone’s got small friends now in fact. Maybe it’s destiny, This tumor grew on me. Now I don’t so sad, And no one’s feeling bad, And all we do is dance, Our bodies melt away, Into the song

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Is there any explanation for this?
    Edit: Idc it's a great song it's disturbing nature is what makes it great.

  2. I stopped listening to Vocaloid 3 years ago and THIS is the song that's gonna pull me back in huh? As messed up as it is, the instrumentals are a big bop. Also Parasyte: The Maxim, anyone?

  3. really that all, ALL the songs that you raise of Oliver fascinate me and fall in love. It's the perfection described graphically ♥

  4. I hope it wasn’t a malignant tumor…

    Great job Steampianist! I’m always astonished by your work! I’m still a little upset that you don’t post downloads for all of your songs on Newgrounds but other than that I love what you’ve come up with!

  5. What a coincidence that I get recommended this song… I too have a tumor on my shoulder but unfortunately it doesn't sing, haha

  6. Some people are saying that this song has a happy ending but it feels really eerie to me like the “tumours” are actually some kind of aliens or an experiment gone wrong and it kind of acts like a parasite, once they get a host it brainwashes that person with music and maybe pumps their host with a constant stream of endorphins to keep them happy so they won’t try to remove the tumour like things. I find this ending kinda sad because now I’m imagining a whole world of people brainwashed and unable to feel emotions for themselves almost like a world of happy, non flesh eating zombies, I also feel like the hosts might become so obsessed with the songs that they might neglect basic human needs like eating or sleeping and the parasites might just be slowly draining the life out of their current human and move onto the next one once they die. Unless the mouth the tumour has is just a delusion along with the singing and it’s just a really deadly virus taking over the world, everyone just constantly dancing till they drop dead

  7. Steampianist is back at it again with these outstanding Oliver songs! I love it so much!!

  8. I keep comeback here every hour just to listen this song. I guess this song will cause a singing tumor grow on me too.

  9. Timmy the talking tumor, he had a wonderful sound
    Timmy the talking tumor, its always fun when he around

  10. this kinda reminds me of little shop of horrors bc of the happy-yet-ominous, comedy/horror kinda feel and the way the "tumors" are able to win over their hosts through psychological manipulation and charm, and it seems in the end they end up conquering the human race, like the original musical / (cut) movie ending. oliver even kinda looks like seymour.

    this is 100% a compliment, bc little shop of horrors is one of my fav movies of all time. i've listened to this like 5 times today, i absolutely love it!!!

  11. this sounds so happy and deppressing at the same time once you gave it a deep thought. it's eerie….

  12. The song is amazing as always, but I think one of my favourite things about this is just seeing Morb's art improve with every video released. Y'all put in a lot of work into these uploads, and it shows!

  13. Where does steampianist get these song ideas from? Half of their songs are dark and creepy and the other half seem like they wrote a song while on an acid trip and then uploaded it to YouTube. But, in both cases, I listen to the song 72 times in a row and use alt accounts to like it multiple times because their songs are amazing either way.

  14. 12 year olds then: playing minecraft, hanging out with friends, laughing at wholesome memes.

    12 year olds now: this

  15. Normal music producers : Let's make a song about love!Everyone loves songs about love!
    Steampianist : Let's make a song about singing tumors!Everyone loves tumors,am I right?

    Edit : Anyway,this song is awesome!I have no words!❤

  16. U want to hear the fun thing?
    I have had a surgery months ago to take out a tumour,a theratoma,and this tumour Is known also as "the Monster tumour" and now i find this song
    Man,i have shivers

  17. Finally, a happy song sung by non-psycho Oliver!
    Don’t get me wrong, Ollie; I love your other songs too, but contrast is good 😁

  18. Oliver gets another punch in the face from life

    Edit: hm…..where have I heard this talk about friends and never leaving their side before?

  19. Freak, your melodies make me feel weird but in the good way, I'm such a depressive and your songs help me everyday to feel better ! Love you forever <3

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