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Same as almost everybody, I’m a big fan
of Sonic the hedgehog – I like the new games, but I don’t mind playing the classic ones
either. It all started a summer afternoon, I was playing
in my room when I heard the mailman leave something in the mailbox. I stopped the game and went for the mail. There was only a CD box and a note. It was from my best friend Kyle, I hadn’t
heard from him for 2 weeks. The note looked like it was written in a hurry
and it said: Here, I cant take it anymore, I have to get
rid of it. I trust you can do this for me. I can’t, he’s after me, if you don’t
destroy this CD he’ll come after you as well, it’s too late for me… Destroy the CD, do it quick. Don’t even think about playing, that’s
what he wants you to do. Just get rid of it. Please… Kyle. After reading the note, I didnt understand
anything. Was Kyle playing with me? I looked at the box and the CD inside it,
there was nothing weird, it just had written on it with a black marker the words SONIC.EXE. How could this hurt me? Truth is, I really felt like playing, I’ve
told you already, I’m a big fan of Sonic. I went up to my room and installed the game. When the title appeared, I realized it was
one of the first Sonic games. It all seemed normal until, for a fraction
of a second, I saw something weird in the start up screen. The sky was getting darker, the title looked
rusty and destroyed, the SEGA’s 1991 was replaced by a 666, and the water had turned
red. The most horrifying thing was Sonic’s eyes,
black and bleeding, with two red shiny dots looking at me. His smile was also scary. When the screen to choose a character appeared,
there were Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik! Now I knew for sure something was going on. I mean…. How can you play with Robótnik in a classic
Sonic game? At that point, I realised I was playing a
hacked game. I kept on with it. I chose Tails and the game froze for 5 seconds. I heard a chilling laugh. I started to play and I made Tails run as
I would have done with any of the classic Sonic games, a flat land and some trees. Not long after, I saw one of the small animals
laying dead on the ground, bleeding. Tails had a sad look on his eyes, and the
music started to slow down. I kept on with Tails, but he seemed affected,
going up a hill Sonic appeared leaning on a tree. His eyes were black and he had an evil smile
on his face. Tails seemed really scared. The screen turned black for about 7 seconds
and a white text appeared, that said: Hello, do you wanna play with me? What is going on?? Tails was on the screen again, he was very
scared, he looked at me, terrified. He wanted me to get him out of there, we started
running. Suddenly, I heard the chilling laugh again
and Sonic appeared, with black and red eyes. I kept running with Tails but Sonic wouldnt
stop chasing him, flying, until he got him. He jumped on Tails right before the screen
turned black – I heard a cry. And a new text appeared again: You are too
slow. Wanna try again? Even tho I didnt wanna keep playing, this
time I chose Knuckles. I heard the laugh again and a message showed
up: You cant run. In this level, the sky was red and the ground
was metalic. Knuckles looked at me, afraid, same as Tails
did. I started playing but that distressing laugh
sounded again. Sonic appeared right in front of Knuckles
with those evil eyes in a pixelated black smoke cloud. Knuckles looked desperate, he tried to defend
himself but Sonic got him. The screen turned black and I heard the cry
again. Whats going on? I got scared for real and decided to stop
playing. The game had worn me out, so I fell asleep,
but right after, a disturbing nightmare ruined my rest. I could hear Knuckles and Tails crying for
help. Had I abandon them? I gathered all my courage and started to play
again – when I started it, I only had Robótnik left to play with. This time, the screen was a kind of hallway
with purple walls – there were candles emítting red light, and blood drops in the screen. I started running with Robotkik, he didnt
seem nervous as the other two did. As he was moving forward, the walls seemed
darker and darker. The candles started to emit a mysterious blue
light. And the terrible laugh appeared again. He was here. Sonic showed up right in front of Robotnik. He seemed more real this time. His smile was the most horrible thing I had
ever seen, and his big eyes were crying blood. I was paralyzed with fear. Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik and probably Kyle
had disappeared because of this macabre hedgehod. I was gonna be the next one, I saw the super
realistic Sonic jumping out of the screen. He was coming for me. The screen turned black. At that moment I nearly passed out, and a
last text, in black, appeared in the screen: Ready for round 2, Tom? The evil laugh sounded as if Sonic was right
behind me. The start up screen appeared, with Tails,
Knuckles and Robótnik, wiped out. I cried for them, they were trapped forever
in that cursed game. I tried to get the game out of my computer,
but I couldnt. I heard a voice, a whisper: “Try and keep
this interesting for me, Tom”. I turned around and saw where that voice was
coming from, and what I saw, made me scream… Sitting in my bed, there was a Sonic stuffed
animal, smiling, with blood stains on his eyes.

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  5. Me. Wow I wanna play this game random guy. Hey u stupid don’t play that. Mom. What the Raina stop playing that. Dad. Slaps face u stupid

  6. I was scared of Sonic.exe too, but until i kept playing it, i faced my fears

    Even though i cry for Tails

  7. someone made a version of the game just like this, except with a boss fight between sonic and sonic.exe that fixes everything if you win it. Good idea, whoever made it. Have any of you heard of it?

  8. It's sonic exe not that youmcant kill him I know the story some body killed sonic I don't know who and this demon came into sonic and killed every thing be case sonic guard said you must kill everything to get to his mind sonic exe is scared of sonic gourd. He keeps saying I AM GOD!

  9. My daddy's neme rayan Alexais lezardo and my neme is sophia and I'm 6
    Yere's old and I love scary videos and I'm a girl 🙂 👌

  10. That's like the trillionth time saw one of your videos and clicked on, your jumpscare at the end actually got me this time.

  11. Well uhhh tails smiles and walks slowly up to him and you can't choose all you have to wait for one to die and go to the next one you don't get chased either the message is ready for round 2 whatever name is yeah sonic is just a video game character L.I.A.R also tails or knuckles don't look at you worried

  12. Can you talk about Yandere-chan please I still subscribe your channel and drop a like.
    I hope you notice this😀😀😀

  13. me: get sonic.exe i go outside open the disc and shat on it

    sonic: reeeeeeeeelllploo poo falls in his mouth

    its discusting i know


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