Singing & Dancing with ORPHAN SCAMMERS in India

I never thought I’d find Indians using
and abusing their flag to scam people out of money. But that’s exactly what’s
happening here at India Gate. These two sweet auntys, they come up to you, they
greet, then they pin an Indian flag on your chest. And you think like, “This is so
sweet they welcoming me to India like this.” But, oh no, there’s a hidden trick here just watch and find out. Hello, how are you? Aunty: Fine.
Karl: Are you enjoying Independence Day? Aunty: Yeah. Karl: Nice, isn’t it? Aunty: Do you want Indian Flag, I’m teacher… Karl: Oh, what are you doing? What? Hold the umbrella? Aunty: Yeah. Karl: Wow, you’re so nice pinning this flag on to me. Aunty: Yeah. Indian flag. I’m teacher. Karl: Really? It’s so nice, it’s so nice of you. Aunty: School fund, orphan school, donation. Karl: What? Baby’s school. I’m a teacher. A donation. School fund. Aunty 2: Which country are you from? Karl: New Zealand. Aunty 2: Very nice. Here is a donation for an independent school fund. Karl: Oh, a donation for a school fund. Which school? Aunty: Orphanage. Karl: Which? Aunty: The school is not from this area. Karl: This is it. Delhi Council for Child
Welfare donations. But you are this one So you are this one? This is you, Kausar Parveen? Aunty: Yeah, this is my name. I thought you were putting this on just to be nice to me. That’s what. I thought you’re doing it for Independence Day. Joking. Joking, Aunty. You keep it. Bye. Aunty: Thank you, Bye. I can’t believe how they making
money out of the flag and out of patriotism like that. And did you see the thick wad of money that lady had in her hand. She’s making some
serious coin from this. They’re just sitting there waiting for foreigners to come. That’s it. They’re just sitting there and waiting. See how easy that was? I just walked in and they were waiting for me there by the gate. And I know this because I’ve seen them . Every single time I come to India gate, these two aunties are standing there with their umbrellas waiting for you. And
they asked me for a donation and that donation is definitely not going to the
person who she said she was on that ID card. Let’s give that person a call and
find out exactly who that ID card belongs to. I guarantee it’s stolen. And when they ask you for a donation, they didn’t give me a price, I should’ve asked… But the person they said 100 rupees. They asked him for 100 rupees. Hey, excuse me guys, that lady stopped you… and she asked you for money before, right? She pinned this on you, didn’t she? How much did she want from you? Man: 100. Karl: She wanted 100 from you guys. Man 2: I even asked her what does she do? She said it’s for charity. Karl: She’s lying because she’s here every day. Man 2: Yeah, I know she’s lying. Then another person, a foreigner, they asked for 500 rupees from her. Just for pinning that flag on her. And I can’t believe how they’re using patriotism and the Indian flag to scam
people. It doesn’t get any worse than that right? That is just absolutely shocking. Now if you guys want to support the content that I create and my videos
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  1. You make amazing videos about India Mr Karl.

    I have an ancestor that is buried in Allahabad, India

    If you seen the Film "Zulu" Michael Caine played my ancestor

  2. I really daubt that poor lady is lying, instead i am almost sure about the caretaker lied to u over the call, they intentially put these people on different places to get money to ngo.. i dont know weather they use it for ngo or for their own benifits.. there is always an other side, if you try to sting on poor lady, you endup going into the same ngo.. otherwise howcome someone can use the ngo name in the middle of the capital…

  3. This thing has happened to me also not only to foreigners when I was coming back to home from college they showed the id card I gave donation. I was scammed.i have stopped donating money in public asking for money.

  4. Same things happens in New Delhi Station Every Railway Station Jabardasti Chor Saale 👎 Good To see karl exposing them 👌

  5. In Kolkata they internationally make children handicapped so they can beg more money. Please karl make a scam video in west bengal kolkata as well.

  6. Such a coincidence you expose these scams today. It's only been a week I arrived in Delhi, so am still exploring the state. I went to New Delhi yesterday, after I came out from the metro station, a lady greeted me, pinned the Indian flag and asked me for ₹200. Since am not good in Hindi, I could not understand what she said but I remember her mentioning "orphan". I offered to give ₹10 but she insist on ₹200. Then, an old guy came to us, scolded the woman and told me not to believe whatever this kinds of people are saying.

    You're doing a great work, bro. Always been a fan of your work! Karl Rock rocks 😉

  7. Patriotism is being used by politicians to fool people of India, so these small timers doing that is not a surprise.

  8. This same thing happened in front of New Delhi Railways Station Gate. You’ll often see this types of lady seek donations from the tourist. This must be stop and government must take against those who involved in this work 🛑

  9. Ye har jagah hai india koi naya nahi hai इंडोनेशिया thailand texas. Isliye ye dikha ke ye mat jatao ki har galat cheez india me hi hai..

  10. Everything in India has a price tag, Karl ! The scammers do it this way to collect money using patriotism and sympathy and the politicians do it in a big way.

    As long as a vast majority of Indians lack critical thinking and have mob mentality, they will exploit all your emotions.

  11. This happened with my brother as well! I told him not to give these women a single penny, but he gave Rs 50 or so. Such a waste. These tuppence fraudsters pick on the unassuming. It's a huge network. The ones we came across were at the Delhi bus station. Lol @ how you asked them for donations. A lot of people would fall prey to such fraudulent "aunties" scamming in the orphan's name. So happy you're bringing this to light. Great work!! 🙂

  12. I would have fallen for this one as she had a ID card and said it was for charity I wouldn't have thought twice. . . . Also it helps giving people a little flag to feel obliged to donate.

  13. 5:44 “I can’t believe they’re scamming people! Join my channel for $5 a month” lolol Karl, you’re an Indian scammer too.

  14. In my country, its even sadder. They are using orphan ( mostly 12-17 years old) to go as for donation. They even come to restaurant and ask for money.

  15. India is the scam central of the world , just ask jim browning, kitboga, and scammer revolt 😂😂🤣🤣😂

  16. Aunties : orphan charity keliye paise chaheye
    Karl : we're foreigners give us some money
    Aunty : sare jahase a66a mujhe hi bhari par geya xD

  17. It's not their fault. Those people are not even allowed to read their own scriptures. Islam forbids stealing, raping, scamming, killing your own child just because they are girls.😥 Allah says in Quran the girls buried alive will be asked for what crime were they killed? Allah says in Quran don't kill infants Allah will provide for you.

  18. Karl plz visit rajsthan , you will find something great here in every state, I am so excited to see you exploring rajsthan. Many palaces are here to visit , some very good street foods and amazing sweets. Cultural programs etc 👍👍

  19. Don’t blame or expose these poor people, blame or expose their fucking governments for putting them in the situation they are in, this country India is totally corrupt and filled with these people because of what the government does.

  20. Bro there is a heavy police force on the India Gate, You must report these things straight to them. plz. we need people like you who can raise their voice. Please report to police these things from next time specially on such places.

  21. Same thing happened to me last year in New Delhi Connaught Place where they pinned the flag. They targetted me and my brother and asked us to pay up. We, being a students and visiting our sister, were out with our brother-in-law's brother and he came to our rescue as he is really good in dealing with scammers. They were asking money for School for Disabled Children. Maybe they took me for a foreigner because I have dark brown hair and fair skin.

  22. Nice video ! This type of scam is common in many countries. The scammer gives you something of negligible value then asks for a donation for some bogus cause. It relies somewhat on the classic influence trick of reciprocity (widely discussed in books on social psychology and influence).

  23. Salute to u Karl …..
    Brofist to Indian PewDiePie. 😅
    By the way I mailed u some thing about a serious issue going on and didn't have a response on that I send that through ur official website.

  24. Sad 😔 Instead of scaming foreigners they should strive to earn money through work… if delhi government makes an arrangement for such people to earn a living like them guiding tourist to various monuments in Delhi (instead of scamming them) or working at a store or local handloom or a factory or promoting government initiatives would be a good solution

  25. That red colored dress auntiee attached an indian flag to me when i was traveling to qutub minar and asked 150 INR . But i just walked away with no words .

    Also I am indian .

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