Isaac Isaac Isaac! Isaac, I’m trying to work here Can I borrow one of your books? [Israel] There’s nothing here that would interest you. What’s this one Israel? [Israel] Poetry….I think. Have you got any books about Philosophy? Philosophy? Isaac, there’s a war going on and you’re thinking
about philosophy! You’re eleven years old! I don’t feel eleven I’ve got lots of questions and I need some answers. What kind of question? I want to know why people kill each other in the war Well, I wouldn’t look for your answers in philosophy You’ll end up being as misguided as father! Everything may sound convincing but it’s
just another opinion. Somebody must know the truth! Look Isaac, I haven’t got time for this now ok. For all I know i could be thrown into the war tomorrow So what am I supposed to do? Eat, drink, sleep….and get yourself a good woman. Thanks Look, when you’re older Isaac ok? Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up! Hello? Sir? The door, it was open. I see. Well, I suppose I can give you five minutes. Thank you sir Is something the matter? No. I just have this book to return. It’s a bit late. October 13th, 1914. Israel Joshua Singer He’s my brother. Whatever happened to him? He’s away. Don’t you hear from him? No [Sound of distant explosion] These are dangerous times I didn’t catch your name. Isaac, Sir. I suppose you go to the study house? Yes But I want to know more about the world. What do you want to know precisely? Everything, I want to know more about life. Don’t we all. I’d love to read a philosophy book sir. Are you sure that’s what you want? I’m sure In what language, Isaac? Yiddish I’m sure we have something along those lines It might be difficult to read I know. Here we are. See how you go. If your brain is hungry for these things… …then we must feed it. Can I borrow it? Just take care of it. Don’t keep it as long as your brother. I promise, thank you. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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