1. Half of his face has 4th and 5th degree burns but that hair. It's just so interesting because we never got to see all the damage the gauntlet actually did in Endgame. So cool.

  2. It looks like Tony got a hair cut 😂, but still rest in piece Iron Man 😭 p.s. also love your art. Keep doing what u do and don’t let anyone judge u. #amazing.

  3. Me: OK time to watch some YouTube, lets see what’s there
    Youtube: take a look at this video
    Me: https://youtu.be/O3DoDgeELUk

  4. I like the detail he put in the sculpture like a true artist I like that afternoon shading make sure you like if u agree

  5. Goodbye Tony it’s been nice hope you find your paradise Tony’s going away!

    Only Office fans can like but nice job dude

  6. Bro if you could make like articulated figures you'd give hot toys a run for their money. The fact that you don't work for them already is unbelievable. I have never been more amazed at someone's talent.

  7. TE QUIERO 3000
    LIKE si vistes miles de beses end game y no puedes dejar de llorar en la parte de iron Man cuando chasquea los dedos