You are a poem
hidden in my eyes. When Cauvery flows and clouds thunder.
lt’s you in my heart. When the clouds melt, you are the
rain drop reaching earth. You are the first woman to
strike a chord in my heart. My life is dedicated
to reach you. Mother! Have you started it so early? Be careful. Brother, one more please. lf we work little hard, we can
understand Arabic Language also. lf we work hard little more. We can understand a
woman’s heart also. But, l can never
understand this boy. When every one else studies,
he plays. When everyone else is playing,
look, he’s writing something. Why are you saying like this? l never said anything wrong. lf he reforms atleast after this
festival that’s enough for me. Okay, tell them to burst crackers
wearing new clothes.- Okay. Come in.- Coming mother. Sathyam, come & wear clothes. Not that, new clothes. lf we wear, it will become old.
Let them be new for some more time. You must become the light of my eye
and shine in my life everyday. What’s that? Give it me. Oh God! Devil. Rogue! You are a young boy. Started fooling around already. What happened madam? Your son has written a love letter
to my daughter. l must first take you to task. What a great way to bring up a son. Come in… Will you write a love letter, rascal? l didn’t write, father.
– l saw you writing. Will anyone with a pen & paper
write a love letter only? l didn’t write, father. Are you lying to me? – l am not, father.
– Repeating the same. You believe others,
but never believe me. Fathers generally beat
when sons lie. But you are beating me
for telling the truth. Yuck! Brother! Why did father beat you?
– For telling the truth. Take my Deepavali gift. He got just 3 marks in English. lf he gets marks like this,
he will not become an Engineer. He may end up as
a grease assistant. Shameless creature! Can’t he reform seeing his elder… Go…how much hard work he would’ve
put to get these 3 marks? He would be very hungry, poor boy. Go! Are you feeling sad son? Why? You failed in English.
– l know it. What? l had written it, hadn’t l? lf you improve your English…
– Why do you always stress on English? 90 in Telugu, 80 in Maths,
75 in Social studies. Can’t you appreciate that? l hate English. English is not knowledge,
it’s just another language. Just because every one in England
speak English, are they all scholars? That is alright son. But, you’ll pass annual exams & go to
10th class only if you pass in English. Then, l will never go to 10th
till she comes reaches. You don’t worry brother. l will not go to 10th class
till you go to 10th class. Come…sit down. Swathi! Who will remove the plate
after eating? Remove it. What am l to do living here? l am planning to sell this
house & go away. Vacating the house suddenly is…. You are right. Who will buy a house
when tenants are there? Do one thing, buy it yourself.
– Me? How can l buy
a Rs.10 lakh worth house? My savings & jewels may come
up to 6 or 7 lakhs only. What’s this sir? l am quoting Rs.10 lakhs to others. l am ready to sell it at
Rs.8 lakhs for you. Deal is over. l will arrange
the shortfall. Select an auspicious day
for registration. You are going that side, aren’t you?
Come, l will drop you. l’ll go. Father, l have got a
interview call letter. Where’s the interview? Pour…pour more water. How much ever you add,
it’s colour will not change.. Greetings brother. What do you want?- Rs.500 loan. You can’t, can you? Give me a tea. Tea is Rs.3 from today.- Why? lt’s Rs.4 there. That is quality tea.
What about your tea? Milk, Tea & sugar
prices have gone up. But cup size has never grown. You are maintaining the same size.
So, l’ll also pay the same old rate only. What? Rs.2.50? lt’s that 50 paise
which is profit to me. Take it. What is this?- Your profit. My goodness! You are thinking so deeply.
ls it about girls? No, about America. You don’t worry. Someday you will go to America
and l will become a writer. What about me then? Your neighbour house uncle will
come back from Dubai and you will be caught red-handed. No problem. They say something in English… Dog has made me remember. Our MLA needs a driver.
Can you drive? l can drive closing my eyes. lf you drive closing your eyes,
l will die. What happens next? My wife will become an MLA
in the by-election. Really? Then, offer him the
job immediately. Walk out from here. Go inside. You come. Why did you come so late? l came day before yesterday,
you weren’t here. Okay, join on a good auspicious day. Greetings sir.
– Give me the car keys sir. Good is not in the day,
it is in the heart. Didn’t get the job? No problem. l attended 25 interviews
before getting this job. Father…father.
– Leave it…don’t shout. What is the matter? l got a job.- Say it loud. l got a job. Who offered job to a
3 times failed 10th class guy? Why are you still taunting me
about failing 10th class? Graduates are roaming unemployed. Forget about that. You are a post graduate. Did you become
an officer? You are still a clerk. You said you’ve got a job.
Happy to hear that. Can’t you ask what’s the job? What is your job? l am the driver to our MLA. Great job! Why are you sad like
a deflated balloon? Didn’t you get the job? Why are you worried about him? Take this money and
deposit it in Bank. Try to understand me brother-in-law. They want me to pay
by today evening. Will you definitely send
by Wednesday? Okay, your wish. l am running short of money… What is it? Why are you dull? What to say?
My horoscope is really bad. Anything coming into my hand
never reaches my mouth. Say it in short. l have got an offer to
go to America. l must pay Rs.1 lakh by today evening. Couldn’t you ask your
brother-in-law? Doesn’t he know it?
He had arranged this. lt seems he will send on Wednesday.
After everything is over. Bad fate! Can’t you ask any of your friend? Why would a man lending
lakhs become my friend? That is also true. Will your brother-in-law surely pay
the money by Wednesday? You are asking as if
you will give me money. l will give. What are you waiting for,
inauspicious time is fast approaching. Sathyam has gone to get money.
Let him come. Let’s finish the formalities
in the mean time. No, we will follow rules. Registration will go on only after
l pay you the full money. Okay, you wait for him.
We will finish the formalities. Come in. Where is he? There is Mr.Gopal our neighbour
who helps his wife & you are useless. Excuse me.- What? People living in this house? That boy is not here,
he has gone to America. His parents have gone to
their native place. l don’t know any other thing. l am vexed answering people
inquiring about him. Whom are you talking to? l am coming. Any man other than you
is my brother. Don’t get tensed up.
He will come, you come in. No… Come. Sign here. You have bagged a good property. Vishwanandham, we had settled
for Rs.8 lakhs.- Yes. There are 7 lakhs only. 7 lakhs only?
– Where is another lakh? Fell short, father. What? A lakh fell short. What are you saying? That is… That is. Why has your face turned pale? Tell me, what happened? You settle the problem outside. l really gave him Rs.8 lakhs. But, he… Sir, give me a week’s time.
l will arrange it. You have arranged these funds
mortgaging everything. How can you arrange
it in one week? l am planning to take
voluntary retirement. He loves me more than you all. That’s why he is getting me retired
with still 8 years of service. What’s this father? You are saying
as if l had done it wantonly. Lakshmi, tell him to stop
talking to me from today. What’s this? As a father it’s my responsibility,
so l’ll take care of his food. No need. l’ll earn for my food. What is this? What’s wrong in this? l had helped my friend as his
friends are helping him. He is a good man, so he will
return the money. My friend was a cheat,
so he cheated me. Who is he?- You don’t know him. Tell him to be little patient. l will repay his money in a year. Sathyam, you were
very active earlier. Why are you dull like a
post-election poster? Nothing sir. Shall l stop the car? ls it an ambulance? lf he dies?
– l’ll lose just a vote. Why are you talking like this
though you are an MLA? That’s why l am going
to Assembly…move on. You are talking too much.
Why are you staring? Go. Hey, stop the car…stop. Will you throw me out of my own car and take a stranger in my car? You don’t know about me.
l will not spare you. l have also applied to the company. l haven’t got any intimation
from them till now. Are you Sathyam?
– Sathyam isn’t here. What? What? Who are you? What is all this? Why are you rising alarm?
– Brother! Where is your son?
– Who are you all? Tell me, what’s all this?- Tell me. Tell your son, we will kill him. Move. Move man. How dare to insult our
MLA on the road? We couldn’t get him. Who is he? Greetings brother.
– Give me a cigarette. Take…no, brother. Need any help from MLA? How long can l run in
this petty shop? lf you recommend to MLA and
help in getting a loan. l want to turn it into a big shop. Good idea, but it will not work out. l have lost my job. Have you lost your job?- Stop. l am out of mood.
Let’s go to a bar. Move…go away. What’s their problem? Father, don’t feel sad. Say something, father. Have you come son? Look at the condition the house. What sins have we done to
embarrass us in public? Everyone in this house is losing
peace because of you. Your father never faced
any bad word against him. Today, he was beaten up
by street rowdies. Where? Will you dare to beat my father? Bloody! Will you dare to beat my father? Stop l say.
Will you beat my father? You came searching my house. Beat me! l am Sathyam. Where are you running away? Stop. Bloody rogues.
l’ll kill if l get you. Stop. Will you beat my father? Beat me. l am Sathyam. Beat me. l am Sathyam. Beat me. Where are you running away? Stop. l will kill you.
Dogs of MLA. What a great son! Stop. Where are you coming in? lsn’t it enough to ruin
my honour in public? lf they go to police. Do you want to drag me to
police stations & courts? Your mother committed a mistake
by giving birth to you. l committed a mistake by failing
to bring you up properly and l am now getting
punished for it. We have had enough of you. Go…get out. What is this father?
He beat them for you only. They beat me for him. Mother! l am not in his heart ever since
he stopped talking to me. Staying in this house or not
is of no consequence to me. l am going. Come. Ask brother not to go away. Shut up & come inside. Brother! An interview with Nandi award
winning Lyrist Chakradhari. Greetings. Your reaction to the award.- Shock. You believe in.- Hard work. What you don’t believe?- Luck.. Your hobbies.- Reading books. Your secret of health.
– Morning walk. Your favourite game.
– Shuttle cock. Your favourite director.
– Alfred Hitchcock. Your favourite drink. You don’t disturb…- Sir! Okay bye. What you want to give
to the Telugu songs? New look. Always `upma’ only for breakfast. Can’t you prepare any
other breakfast? More over it’s very salty. You are over doing things. l married you because your
father fell at my feet. Or else l wouldn’t
have married you… Father, comb my hair. Help me to wear shorts. Father, l am hungry. Father, my tie. Don’t make noise.
l will lose my respect. Till now they were thinking
me as Manager Lingam. They will now think.
l am henpecked husband Lingam. Father, comb my hair.
– Why to comb hair? Father, my shorts. Father, l am hungry. Father, my tie.
– Wait, do one thing. You comb her hair. You help him in wearing shorts. You help with her tie. l will take coffee to your mother.
– Keep it there. Manga, l am going to office. lf you give Rs.100 for expenses… When you have so money
bureaus in the house. Did you find only that
place to keep money? Your wife’s name is Athili Papa. Oh you are right. Age 30 years.- Yes. Your father’s name is… ….Narasimha Naidu. Right sir. Mother is lndiramma.
– You are right again. Your sister is Vyjayanthi
and brother is Badri. Your house No:13, Madhuranagaram,
Shanthi Nivasam, Hyderabad-33. Yes sir. Money? You have Rs.500 in your pocket.
Give it to me. How did you get that also right? Face reading. Wait till this August. After that? September & October will follow. Come & meet me then. l will go now sir. How could you predict it perfectly
like Nostradamus? Do you really know
to read horoscopes? l told that fool to bring horoscope
but he brought ration card. l will not continue
in this profession. An astrologer has predicted that
l will become C.M. in near future. He might be someone
a fraud like you. Are you here brother? Do you know the news? Song written by Sathyam has
won a Nandi award. ls it?- Open your mouth please. Brother…brother. He is here.- What? Have a sweet, brother.- Why? Your song has won
Nandi award, that’s why. l didn’t win, Mr.Chakradhari has won it. Though it’s credited to his name,
you had written it, hadn’t you? Though l had written it, he had
given me the opportunity. What opportunity? He is using you & your talent. lf you hadn’t written
the song for him. Someone else would’ve written it. l am just a taxi driver. He gave me a job
recognizing my talent. He introduced me to few
people in cinema field. He’s paying me. He is not using me for free. Once upon a time he was
also doing like me. How can anyone become a
writer overnight? Don’t paint him
as a great villain. Whatever you may say. a great writer like you
isn’t born till now. Do you know all the writers
born earlier to me? They only writer l know is you. Do you atleast know how many
like me come in future? That is…
Shut up useless. He doesn’t know the past.
How can he say about future? Why’re you over doing things? All you want is a party, isn’t it? My god! You have got it right. l will.- When?- Where? l will ask a thing,
will you tell me truth? What? Does aunt beat you or vice-versa? Why are you asking
such questions now? Whenever she is angry,
she will beat me. l will take it. When l am really angry. l will take it and
she will beat me. My boss is sad of losing his
lover to another man. Why are you making noise?
All we need is peace. No, brandy. Are you happy if strangers scold you? Don’t get enraged, uncle.
– What are you writing? A new tune. l must write, mustn’t l? No need, you sing.
We will join you. What about mood? You want mood.
That is all isn’t it? Watch now. i Dream Drink country liquor raw. Sky must get shaken up and
Sun must peep down. Tell the truth after
drinking, beer, whisky & rum. Open the fist sized heart
and share love. God! World has changed. i Dream City girls wearing sleeveless
and mini skirts. They drink in pubs and
claim it as culture. say it is English culture. They will hug a man seen in a party. After the party is over,
they dump him…dump him. i Dream A posh Benz car will
go along the road. People who lay those roads
live by it’s side…live in hut. Little huts have large hearts. What do large palaces have
other than money? Love is scarce there. i Dream Shadow is worth till
the hot sun is there. Man is worth till he is alive. Why are you fighting among
yourself facing death? Be friend people. Enjoy life, buddy. i Dream Punch like this and that. Land into future with a girl.
Like this and that… They accept love only
when your purse is full and claim you are their life,
you are their heart beat. They will knock you down. They will paint future
with food, bed & kids. Vanish into thin air as soon as
your purse is empty. Ask you to leave them. Oh god! Look at this world. They refuse to go out on a bike and readily agree if it is
an A/C car. They invite you. lf your purse is empty,
they will call you as brother. Thrusting a wedding card
into your hands. They will invite you
to their marriage. They will say, come brother. Excuse me, didn’t anyone
of you call me? Sorry sir, we got drunk & called you. We didn’t think you’ll hear it. l am tired. l am hungry. What hungry?
purse is empty. Do we’ve to go to bed
empty stomach? l came without even
cooking at home. Whose marriage it is? Do you know them?-l don’t know. lf we are caught.
– We will say sorry, uncle. ls your father doing fine?
He told me recently about you. He died about 2 years ago. l feel like l have
met him recently. You don’t take it seriously.
He’ll always blabber like this only. Come. Sit here. No, it’s not good to enjoy feast
in unknown people’s marriage. All lndians are brothers & sisters. We will enjoy the feast and
bless the couple wholeheartedly. Then, let’s go & attack food. Wait. All are sitting.
Let atleast one of them get up. l feel like we are doing wrong. Whatever you may say
this is impossible. This marriage must be stopped. Don’t stop marriage at this
juncture. lt’s unavoidable. Are we at fault?
– The fault is not yours. Why is he holding his hand & begging? He should catch by his neck
and throw him out. What will you do if it was
your sister’s marriage. l would beat them with slipper
and throw them out. lt is easier to say. What about the
girl’s life? -What life! This is better than committing suicide
or taking divorce in future. You can go. Uncle, ask them to leave. What will happen to her life if
marriage is stopped now? Nothing will happen, uncle. This is better than committing suicide
or taking divorce in future. ls she your friend?
– Do you know her? But she’s repeating your dialogue. My daughter loves him. Come son.- Come Shirisha! People have come from far away
places to my daughter’s marriage. Let’s take it as an occasion
for a get together. Be happy. Food is confirmed. Why are you staring at us?
Are we look like thieves? We are bride’s father’s
guests…serve me. He is my friend.
– Serve some more. How much?- Rs.5.
Give me one. Do you have any sense? No madam, will you lend me some? How can l have it?
l am your sister, am l not? Then, it’s not our mistake,
it is our father’s. What are you doing here?
-l must ask you that. Let anyone ask it.
lt is the same thing. lt’s the same thing, but l am seeing
you often all over city. Have you fallen in love? We don’t have that much
leisure time, do we? Will you fall in love
if you have time? l will think over it. Men must think twice before
falling in love with you. Hey you… What are you doing here? Elder brother is having an
interview here. l came with him. What happened to the
job he was doing? lt was a private bank,
they have folded up. What happened to your
second proposal? That guy! Actually that guy… No need to say,
l have understood. How are you? Just the same. Finding any
difference in me. You will never change. Come. l will go brother. You will not change.
Why is he so serious? Uncle Lingam’s office. Children, don’t go anywhere.
l will meet your father & come. When a dust speck fell
in my wife’s eye, l took her to a hospital.
lt cost Rs.500 to me. No problem. lf she had seen
a silk sari with the same eye… lt would have cost you Rs.5000. Who are you? l am very close to Manager
uncle Lingam.- Uncle Lingam? Don’t you believe me? Please sit down sir. Please allow air to
blow between you both. Don’t they pay you in
your office?- We are paid. She can wear full dress, can’t she? That is…our family issues… Your family? Oh no…- Sit down. Gossiping without working in office? lsn’t it wrong?- lt’s wrong. Don’t you offer tea or
coffee to visitors? Bring 2 coffees.
– One is enough. Don’t you want to have coffee sir?
– lt is for me only. You carry on with your work. Uncle. Aren’t you the Manager here? Come. – What? Come l say.
– Coffee is for you only. What is it? Did you take bribes they have
depromoted you to a peon? l got this job after paying bribe.
Why did you come here? Why then Manager Lingam name is
eliciting so much respect? l & Manager both are Lingams. But he is Bodilingam
and l am Kotilingam. Why did you come here?
– Does Aunt know this? Marriage to a face like mine
is very difficult. lf they come to know
l am peon, it’s never. So, l claimed myself as
the Manager Lingam. She will divorce you
if she comes to know. l am managing to keep
this a secret from her. Have you become a manager like that? Tell me, why did you come here? One Mr. Ashok attended
an interview now. He’s my brother. Your brother! Has he been selected? No.- Why? Rs 20,000 bribe must be paid. Did he promise to pay?
He said sorry. l will pay that money.
Can you assure him a job? You are a penniless man.
Do you want to buy a job? No jokes! l have my own ways,
give me a week’s time. One week! lmpossible. Jobs & working girls are in demand
like tickets to cricket matches. lmpossible. ls it final?- Yes. l will go.- Okay go. Your peon uniform is very good. lf aunt sees you in this uniform. She will kill me if
she comes to know. My boy listen to me. lf she comes to know she will
tell everyone in my office. l can hold it for a week. Don’t tell aunt about this. Brother! Tell us why did you stop?
– Wait! Are you waiting for the bus? lt will rain before bus comes. lf you sit on my bike
l will drop you in college. Don’t worry about who’s
first and who’s last. l’ll drop one by one at college. ls this your bike? Did your father buy it for you? Your father pays for it’s
petrol also, isn’t it? lf you give lift to girls on
your father’s brought bike. Your life will come an end. Then, you can’t even afford to
buy a cycle also to your son. Go & mind your work. Good show! Taught him a
good lesson. Brother!- What? What?- What is it exactly? Shut up. What did you say sir
everyone is clapping hands. l said l will not take lesson
till they stop clapping. So they are… What’s the matter? Stop! l have a message for you. Not the lesson, but message
in the circular. That is rectangle. Participants can register
their names. No sir.- She’s there sir. Trying to be over smart.
– No…that is… You are participating. Everyone is doing fine. You were excellent, you will get
the first prize this year also. Only if l participate. Not participating? Why? Do l’ve to tell you
the reason? l gave your name
as a participant. Let it be! l will not participate. Why did you practice then? This is too much. Hey! Boy! This year Ankita is also
participating with you. We came here to know
the rehearsal time. Any time! Next week? Did you see him? l’ll check new audio cassette
releases & come. Music director feels it will good
if you write in recording theatre. l may have to feel
if l come there. ls it a cheque to sign at any place? lt’s a song. l must chisel it. Writing song is not an easy task.
You must get good mood. You must get good thoughts.
You must get good words. …Sathyam must come. Other writers are writing, aren’t they? A good song or writing before you.
Which is important to you? You wish sir. l will call you later. Keep it here only.
l will take it as advance. lt’s a lakh sir.
– Words must come out mustn’t they? Become a writer quickly
l will become your driver. l am a driver myself there’s
mud on the bumper, clean it. Greetings sir. Why is he angry? Can’t you write & then
drink it, daddy? l have promised daddy. Why are you troubling
father early morning? Look brother, he’s refusing to write
a poem for school competition. Write for her sir. l don’t have time.
– He will write. When do you need it?
– Tomorrow. lt seems tomorrow! Promise her.
– Okay, l will do. Answer it may be Raghavendra Rao.
– You come with me. Do they’ve come all at a time? Don’t get tensed up,
you will win first prize. Coming sir… This is Dutt’s new tune, how is it?
– Looks familiar. Surefire hit. lt must have good mass
appealing words. When do you need it? As early as possible. By the way, Mani Sharma liked
your songs very much. He promised to give two songs
credited to your name. l said no. You won’t get frame for
just 2 songs. Wait for an year l will get
your name in single card. He will build another house in
the mean time using your songs. Let him do it! What bothers you? l need Rs 20,000 for
my brother’s job… l can give but our producers
give big bat like cheques, lt will get returned faster
than Pakistan bowlers. l will give Dutt’s song tomorrow. You say it’s for
your brother’s job. Give him the Rs 10,000 allocated
for house hold expenses. ls it? Arrange balance else where
let’s settle it later. Go. Give it to Deepa.
l will take leave sir. Though smiles have vanished
from this world, l love my mother
who wipes my tears. Though l get spanked a lot, l love to hold my father’s
hand & walk. l love my sister who smiles
like flower. Though god has denied me to
enjoy them. l love god. l love poetry that filters sorrows sea
into pure water. No, it will not come to us. lt will go to near & dear ones
and those who pay bribes. Do you know the questions
asked in the interview? Do you know? How many lice are there
in my son’s hair? How many bangles my
daughter’s is wearing? How many steps are in my office? Do you call it as questions?
l am vexed! l will never attend any
interview again in my life. l don’t want this job.
l will go away to States. Kerala or Tamil Nadu state?
– United States of America. My brain will be much valued there. Yes, it will have high value. Because till now it was never used. You wasted so many sticks
to light a cigarette. Can’t you find another job? Get in. Where? Chakradhari wanted me to check
his new audio sales. Listen me? l’ve already
heard this song. Don’t you’ve collections of
Athreya & Veturi hits?- No. You’ve hit collections of heroes
and music directors? Don’t you’ve collections of lyricists? We don’t have madam. How’s Sahithi film audio sales?
– Fantastic sales sir. There’s only one left. Do you want? Come, let’s go. Look at this CD.
– l have already taken it. You are getting into
a mood, aren’t you? Me too. lf l had been a cricket commentator. They are shameless. You are brainless. lf you don’t keep quiet, someday
they’ll break your fine legs. No problem. l will go to a hospital
with beautiful nurses. Pick up 2 people at Ashok Hotel
and drop them at Medchal road. You must meet Swathi. lt’s just a drop, no problem. Wait for few minutes.
We will go back. You said a drop.
– Now, l say it’s up & down. Won’t you agree? Wait man. They haven’t come back yet.
Swathi would be waiting there. Didn’t l warn you earlier?
Shall we go away? lt won’t be good. Come, let’s tell them & go away. Recently l gave just Rs.100
to your elder sister. That’s my elder sister.
– Okay, come. Good! lt’s national permit
lorries outside. lnside it’s international
permit lorries. Shall l inquire if they
are of any use to us? Hey…no… lf we know the rates,
it may be useful in future. lf you want to get afflicted
with AlDS…then go ahead. Great! Will Puliraju get AlDS? You will never reform. Why are you touching my money? Stake your money here. Didn’t l tell you to wait? How much you will pay if l win? – Why do
you want to know?- Tell me, sir. Rs.5000. Would you like to compete?- Yes. Have you gone mad?
We don’t need all this crap. Not for us. l need it badly.
– Punches? No, money. Can l also bet money? My friend will lose…Rs.200. That means, l have lost my money. Don’t rush. Stop…stop man.
– Why are you stopping me? You will get Rs.500 if you win. But if you lose when we signal
you will get Rs.10,000. Can l beat him till you
make the signal? Beat him. What happened to you man? You were going great guns,
beat him man…beat him. Sathyam, what happened? This is the last bus. Buddy, look at that chic. Bird is beautiful.
She is from Calcutta. Tastes like Tamarind. She’s creating a
sensation in me. lf it’s cold, can’t you
close the window? We must start earlier tomorrow. Or else we can’t
distribute the invitations. You go to DSP uncle’s house
alone. l will not come. He has become very proud of late.
He trying to show off. Smoking is prohibited in bus. What happened again sir? l think you were
singing some song. No sir. No problem…sing.- No sir.
– Sing. What’s your name dear? Why hasn’t Swathi
come home till now? She would’ve come. Wait man. Lights are still on.
She wouldn’t have come. lt’s your mistake. You brought me here directly
without going to the bus stop. Come, let’s go now. Brother! Why didn’t you come at right time? How did you get hurt?
– A small accident. Accident? Yes, accident. Swathi…he is… My name is Shankar.
Your sister’s friend. Few boys were teasing me in bus,
he saved me. Thank you sir. No thanks or sorry in friendship. How can we be friends? When his sister is my friend,
he is also my friend, isn’t he? Have you become a friend like that? Any way l have become one. By the way, what is your name?
– `Petla'(Didn’t). You are grown up tall like
a pole not yet named? My name is Sathish Petla. Have you come like that? You’re still unemployed, aren’t you?
– Has could you guess it so correctly sir? By your tongue. lt’s already late Swathi…
– l will drop her. Anyway you can’t go. Are you shocked? Swathi has told me everything. Someday your father will
understand you. l have that hope. l don’t have it sir. Okay brother, l am late already. Get treated for those hurts. lf you had shouted like this
for the first punch. You wouldn’t have got
beaten up, would you? lf you had punched him,
he would’ve got sense. and your brother
would have got job. lf l had done it. Brother would’ve been at home and
l would’ve been in jail. Okay, give me that juice. Why have you started so early? lt is night in America. lf l become CM in future, l would’ve to sit & drink
with George Bush. Stop it man. lt seems you got hurt seriously
what happened? lt seems he has fight last night. Who did l ask?- Sathyam. Why did you answer me? Then, okay. l am not able to
understand you Sathyam. You write beautiful romantic songs
and get down to fights. How can these two go together? Sit down. l will explain. Who wrote Ramanayam?- Valmiki. Before writing it?- Thief. Who is Ravana?
– A fiery villain in Ramayanam. Does he have music taste?
– Why not? He is a great musician. Why do you link courage & talent? No nephew, l mean… You are Manager of Durga lndustries. But still don’t you cook
at home or not? Are you or not? l have got it.- Then! Why is he upside down
like a bat? All are scolding him that his
brain is in the knees. So, to make it fall
into its place. Shut your mouth or else it will
sleep out of the mouth. Rs.20,000. My brother’s job?- lt’s his. lf your father comes to know
you’d helped to get this job. He would misunderstand. He wouldn’t believe,
l had done it for love. He would take it as l had done
it to impress him. Anyway doing good is
a good thing. But, publicizing is… Why’re you helping your father & mother,
who consider you as a bad character? Just now you said
your father & your brother. For that reason only. You will never change brother. Your brain has come to your head.
Get up. Thanks father. Take it Ashok. ls he a clerk like me?
He is an officer. Look son! Few know to cook very well.
But they will never cook. But, some don’t know to cook. yet they do it for years
like your mother. You don’t need to go
through this difficulty. Enjoy good tasty food in hotel.
Now go to office. l will go father & mother.
– Alright. Swathi, get me a glass
of water please. Did you see how his face has
brightened on getting the job? How can he not get it? lf he doesn’t get it, who else will?
He is my son. Next is Swathi’s marriage. Any news from that
Rajamundry proposal. lt seems they have talked to
the priest about all this. Elder son is about to get a job..
– Elder son? What’s this elder son? We have only one son. What’s that?
What’s that carelessness? l broke just a glass. What are you doing Ankita?
There’s no feel. Feel! you must dance with feel.
Let’s try again. Can’t you understand if l tell once?
Do l’ve to tell you 10 times? You will not win a cup like this.
You’ll get only a tea cup. Go…and sit there. Don’t think about anything else.
Go & sit there. What’s this Prakash? You too. What’s that difference in voice? You chided her loudly
when she made mistake. When l did it, you say
it with respect. ls it because l am the
Vice Chancellor’s son? lf you shout on her to
get the feel in public. She’ll feel bad but
never get that feel. First learn to teach. Go. Ankita, you are good. Your dance really good. lmagine me as your lover. What are you writing so seriously?
– Letter to my father. But you don’t know to write, do you? No problem. My father too
doesn’t know to read. My stomach is upset. l will take
you to task after coming out. Boy…one Mr.Sathyam here… Who are you sir? ls it you sir?
Please come in. Are you fine? Sit down sir. l will come back
in a minute.- Okay. When will the palanquin
bearer travel in it? l have work.
What about you? That means l must go away
without wasting much time. No to advises & help. Did you write all this?- Yes. l thought you are maintaining
only a good physique. Your room maintenance
is also good. Did you meet my father? l met him. l think it’s better for you
to stay here only. You father is really great. Talk to him about
anything on earth. He ends up with you and
some disgusting remark. Another world is calling you… Are you a fan of Sri Sri?- Yes. Have a glass of water. What has brought you here? l forgot. lt seems your sister forgot
to give you this on that day. l came to give you this. Why did you take pain
to give me this? l didn’t come here just for this. My manager stays nearby only. l came to talk to him
about my loan. My friend has good taste. She takes pocket money
from my father and buys presents for me. lf there’s any person to give me. lt’s Swathi. Whether it is
love or presents. Will anything stop for a red cap? Why are you beating
an innocent boy? lnnocent? Him? lf there’s a buyer, he will
sell lndia for Rs.20. He’s Kumar. Our home department. Vll class, all subjects failed.
– Except Maths. Oh! Did you pass that subject? No, l was absent. Even if you had present it wouldn’t
have changed the result much. l will take leave. What do you do sir? l am a supervisor in a
Coke bottling company Uncle Lingam, you’ve come
at the right time. He is the owner of house.
– …Owner’s husband. Uncle, he is Mr.Shankar
l told you earlier. Greetings sir.- Greetings sir. He told me everything about you. By the way, l am Manager
of Durga lndustries. l don’t know how strict
he is in office. He is very strict in house. lf his voice is heard in the street. His wife starts shivering. ls it?- Yes. She has her own fears. Father, mother has gone to a
movie with the lady next door. She asked you to make
egg plant gravy. She told you to wash
clothes after cooking. What have you done father? Zip up your shorts. How can l if you don’t
stitch it properly? Children!- Yes children. Classmates are teasing me
as calling bell and post office. l will talk to them.
– Why are you beating me? l will complain to mother. ls this your world?- Yes. Come to my office tomorrow. Why?- Come, l will tell you there. l will go.- Okay sir. l’ve understood why our
country is under developed. You don’t know about yourself.
What do you know about country? Look there brother. There’s nothing. Do you need 2 vans to take a rope? Country is backward not for that. But for intellectuals like you. That’s why l am going
away to Dubai. Did you see my passport photo? This is your photo.
You say some passport’s photo. Bloody! Excuse me. Will you lift your leg?
l will take photo. l am asking you to lift. l will kill you, bloody rogue. What happened?- Nothing. Why are you saying nothing? You keep quiet,
you don’t know anything. He said he will take photo if
the girl lifts her leg. No. This rogue has become
a pain in the wrong place. Are you happy now? Go away. Why are you here?
– My bad time. ls your passport work over? Just now stamping work
is also over. You went to Shankar’s office.
What happened? Get into the car.
l will tell you. Bye sister. Get in mad boy. Brother, is it for me? Look, you have got this job
with Shankar’s recommendation. lt is first day. So l came. From tomorrow you have to
manage it yourself. Look, how brilliantly
they are performing. Where is our college’s dance troupe? Take care. l will come back
in a minute. l will die. l know a dancer who’ll create
wonders on the stage. He will tear open. Did he tear this also? ls he such a good dancer? Good dancer? He’s famous in my
area to dance for funerals. l’ll kill you, how can he dance on a stage
one who dances for the dead? You don’t want him.
…Come, let’s go. ls he that good? Shut up. ls he that good dancer?
– He will rip you apart. There’s no dancer like him
in Andhra Pradesh. ls it? Where is he? Greetings to elders. For the young… i Dream lf you want to achieve something… World is ours, damn it. No words, do it
once & show man. Take the short cut to success. lf you take bold steps
victory is yours. The sweat you shed will leave a
trail of happiness later. i Dream lf you go deep down
the sea till the end. You can harvest pearls
and shine like it. Succeed against all odds. Leave behind a jealousy crowd. A ball touching ground will raise
twice high to touch the sky. i Dream Every man is an elementary. A new entry in the game of life. Give up yourself for
the ray of light of future. Love…Mosquito..Vasco-da-gama…Sister
brother-in-law, girl next door. Spend the life.
Live all your life. Old men will laugh
looking at the past, …will march ahead
with eye on future. …Saying there’s no one to stop us. i Dream Why didn’t you come?
Do you know how tensed l was? l thought if l don’t come, Ankita’s solo
dance will win accolades. But…- Okay, come. Take it. Didn’t l say we will win?
We got the cup, didn’t we? Enough…enough.
– Your dance was great. Thank you. Won’t you dance?
– No, l am a singer. So, audience will have an ear problem
only no eye problem. Why are you so angry?
He was right. i Dream You are a poem
hidden in my eyes. When Cauvery flows and clouds thunder. lt’s you in my heart. When clouds melt. You are the rain drop
reaching the earth. You are the first woman to
strike a chord in my heart. My life is dedicated
to reach you. Why did you call me here? To give you small party.- Why? Asking why? He got a job because of you. Small party for that?
lt needs a big party. Then, pay the bill now.
l will throw a big party later. Eternal Lovers. Are they lovers? Look at their age. Their age isn’t as many days l had
taken leave in my office. lt has become a fashion now. They will join 10th class,
search for a partner. They will pass to intermediate. They will go searching for a bed. When they enter graduation. What is there left?
They will part ways. lt’s not their fault.
lt’s their parent’s fault. lt’s all in the way
you are brought up. Hi brother! How are you?- Fine. By the way… Oh! This’s your meeting
place, isn’t it?- Yes. Get 5 ice creams and
a coffee please. Why 5 ice creams? You are never satisfied with one. He loves me very much. What’s the news? Ashok got a job. How he got the job… How did he get it? He would’ve answered their
questions, so he got it. lce creams have come. What is mother doing? She always tries to bring up
your topic with father. And father will try to
cut it, isn’t it? Do you take anything so slightly? Yes sir. Coffee too. Yesterday, l had the
3rd official sighting. Office sighting? Bride seeing ceremony. Bridegroom ogles at the girl
before the entire family. What’s the result this time? l am okay but dowry is not okay. ls it kept in abeyance? Does your entire family
speak like this? Only we too. Okay brother, l will go.
– So soon? Can’t you stay for some more time? You feel like staying
with us, don’t you? Sentiments.- Got it. l’ll also go. -Bye brother. Eat happily. lt’s 3 PM
– Shouldn’t it ring 3 PM? What about the bill?
– l don’t want. Will you ply the Taxi? l will. Where? Ravindra Bharathi.- Come. ls it so important to attend
Chakradhari’s felicitation function? When people are felicitating
a man’s talent. What’s wrong in
attending that function? Do you like Chakradhari so much? l love songs written by him. Did you listened Sahithi songs?
l listened. l was listening to the `l am in love’
song, my tape got damaged. Are you also a fan
of Chakradhari?- Yes. Yes? Finished. Hiding a million dreams deep down
in the heart, O my friend. When they are reaching you
As waves my heart is shining. Oh beauty! You are my
River Godavari in moon light. l must became a drop of water. Smiling maiden.
Don’t slip away from me. l want to reach you. lt’s happy to reach you like a gentle
rain reaching tender leaf. Leaving the white sari,
worn in the morning. The sky maiden is getting ready
to wear black sari of evening, is my bodhi tree (tree of salvation) lt’s revealing a truth
every day to me. We are felicitating a great poet
Chakradhari who wrote poems like this. Film writer, Bhaskara Bhatla. His experience is
more than my age. l am qualified to
speak about him. He’s like a Guru
to many like me. Singer Ravi Varma. Greetings to everyone. l’ve sung many songs
written by Chakradhari. l consider it as my luck to
sing his songs. Now, music director Chakri. Greetings to everyone. To tell about Mr.Chakradhari… Truly, he’s a lyrist for whom
Telugu cinema can feel proud of. He’s a boon. Though he is an elderly man. There is a feel of youth
in his songs. To tell you more about him… Now Chakradhari
will address you. Greetings to all. Though songs come out of pen. lt’s really born in dreams. Can we start the
free discussion now? Which is your first song? l drew a sketch in my heart. That’s all. Your favourite song? Favourite song, l have many.
lt is difficult to select one. lt will be very good to
sell other’s songs. l’ve become a statute. Couldn’t he sing any better song? He did sing, that is enough. Sing a song from the film
releasing next week. l am not a singer. But, you sang just a while ago. Next week the audio
will be released. A great poet who doesn’t know his
songs till audio is released. l will sing…sing. Pleasant…pleasant…pleasant. Dreams are pleasant to eyes. For the flowing river… What happened to him suddenly? That’s the matter. He will no more get words. Waves of a flowing river… Why is he struggling
to sing a song? You become the blue clouds. lf your smile rains like honey
for me, it’ll be pleasant. lt will be pleasant
if it drenches me. i Dream Pleasant…pleasant. Dreams are pleasant to eyes. Waves are pleasant
to flowing rivers. You are the clouds in the blue sky. lf your smiles fall as rain of honey
for me, it’ll be pleasant. lt’ll be pleasant
if it drenches me. i Dream Any haiku l write for you
is pleasant. Even a little word you speak
for me is pleasant. Your speechless silent expression
of eyes is also pleasant. Roar of sea that is charming
my heart is also pleasant. Honey in pleasant
Your smile is pleasant. lf you are there, even the
void will be pleasant. i Dream Fragrance in my lover’s
breathe is also pleasant. The sand on which my lover
walks is also pleasant. The red streak in sun rise
is also pleasant. The cool moonlight dousing the
night is also pleasant. Pink cheeks and black kohl
of my lover is also pleasant. Even the tears dropping down
her eyes is also pleasant. Sexy…sexy…people call me sexy. Hi sexy..hello sexy. Why do they all me like that? Sathyam, hasn’t bought any new clothes.
All of them are old. Let me wear one of these. l understand, love is mad. Will anyone greet
a flower with a flower? My love is a tree growing. This world is hanging
holding its roots. l want to see your beauty,
at least in my dreams. l’ll hold your soft hand and
travel around the universe. Uncle Lingam. Her name is…- Ankita. Sit down. She is doing M.B.B.S. Then she must be knowing about heart. lt’s not about the heart
she must know. She must know about Sathyam’s
love for her in his heart. He must express his love
for her to know. He should have expressed
his love by now. He wouldn’t have got an
opportunity to tell her. Let’s create that opportunity.
– Shut up. Stupid ideas. Let’s create that opportunity. She must agree for us to create it. One of us must talk and
make her agree. Who will talk to her?- You. You…- You…- You? l’m the house owner. How can l?
– You…- You. Okay, we must talk to her. We must make her sit infront
of him and surprise him. Are you trying to be emotional?
– No, it’s a decision. Go. You pig, it’s Nandhi (Bull).
Go and talk to her. You people can go.- Go. You reduced me to a small boy. Shit. l missed her. Hey you…- Come.
– Did you tell her? Yes, l told her.
– What did you tell her? Whatever you said…
l couldn’t tell her. l’ll kill you. We can go to a movie,
if our prayers get over soon. Pray to god first. Here.- Yes. O goddess. Please protect us,
– lt’s Lord Hanuman & not a goddess. Okay.- What okay?
Does your mother has a tail? What uncle?…
– Did you tell her? Actually, l’m the eldest and
a manager in my office. lt won’t be nice to talk about
such things to her in a temple. So, you got this idea
only now not at home. What’s it? The matter is… Tell me. Wear your slippers first.
– He is also right. Now, tell me. Our friend is trying to tell
this for the past 6 months. lt’s wrong. lt’s wrong to love a beautiful
and an educated girl like you. lt’s wrong to fall in love with her. We tried to advise him.
But he never listened to us. He is sunk in love.
He won’t listen to us. We don’t want him to waste his time
and life in the name of love. Then, go and explain all this to him.
Why’re you telling me all this? So that, you’ll tell him. Why should l? He’ll listen to no one except you. He is after you for the past 6 months. Can’t you spare 5 minutes for him? Hello, l’ve no problem with him. Yes, you don’t.
My friend is very good man. At least you tell her. Okay, it’s just a matter of 5 minutes.
– You shut up. You aren’t listening to your friend.
How will he listen to us? Look doctor, some patients
go to the doctor. Some doctors go to the patient. Treat our friend as
a patient and come. You must meet our friend and
cure his love disease. Don’t irritate me. Wow! Tell this to our friend. lmpossible.- At least tell this. Shit.- Who’re they? This is not okay. What shall we do now?
– Nothing, change location. Excuse me, pass that money to me. Four tickets to the place you
are getting down. 5 minutes…please. Please talk to my brother. Did you get scared? Won’t l get scared if l see
a devil all of a sudden? Funny, did l get scared of you? She might have felt bad. Where is your friend?
– What for? Leaving a beautiful girl like you, he is in love with some other girl.
l want to teach him a lesson. She’s over there. She will fall into my trap. How many times l have to tell you?
Won’t you understand? Stop following me. Tell him this.
We won’t disturb you there after. lt’s about his life. Just 5 minutes. Will she come?- She promised. lf she doesn’t come. Shut up, useless.
Very inauspicious. Will she say `l love you’?
– Our boy will. What about that girl?
– She will say the same to you? lf she doesn’t? l’ll kill you. We must think both sides. Think…you think from that side. Think from there,
no need to come here. l’ll order later.
Let my friends come. Get me a coffee. He is the boy we
were talking about. You have come so far.
Why do you hesitate? Go & tell him. Where are you going?
– To accompany my friend. They’ll be discussing about
their personal matters. Can l sit here?- Sure. You also sit. l want to talk to you?
– Go ahead. l had seen you before. You travelled in my taxi once. Yes, you are Chakradhari’s fan. You said you wanted
to say something. lt’s been very long. They would’ve
expressed their love. We must start printing
wedding invitations. Look, life is sentiment,
ambition, career, affection & love. Life isn’t just love,
am l right? Love means.- Why’re you telling
all this to me? Because you are in love. With whom? Your friends told me. Then, go and ask them. What you’re saying is…- The truth. Then? That’s all.- Okay, bye. What happened? He doesn’t have any such intention.
You wasted my time. First try to understand your friend.
You people need treatment first. Let’s go. Playing fool with me, rascals. What’s this? We’re feeling bad for you and
you are scribbling something. l have work, you? Since we have no other work. We were after her like dogs, and
struggled hard to bring her here. You love Ankita very much, then, why didn’t you talk to
her when she came to you. lf l knew she was coming there,
l wouldn’t have gone there. Why did you call her there
without my knowledge? We are mad. Do you know how much we
struggled to bring her there? That’s your mistake.
Did l ask you the trouble? Yes, it was our mistake. lt’s our mistake because we wanted
to see you both together. We won’t talk anything to Ankita
hereafter. ls it enough? Uncle Lingam.- Don’t touch me. Won’t you talk to me? lf you’re showing so much interest
in me & on my love. How much interested should l be? Do you know what had happened before
the meeting you had arranged? Do you know that? Only now you had the time
to come my house. Come. You never used to talk
to me like this earlier. Sorrows. There is no other choice. This is the
only choice to forget our sorrows. Do people in sorrows
drink liquor like you? l don’t bother about
other’s sorrows. But l need to know your sorrows.
Tell me your sorrows. l need Rs.2 lakhs urgently
– What for? To pay my daughter’s college fees. You told that you have a daughter. But you never told me that you
have a grown up daughter. l’ve told you now, my daughter is everything to me. l don’t know whether l had filled
the place of a mother in her life, But to me, she is a mother. She has only one wish,
to become a doctor. She scored 960/0 in lntermediate exams.
But she didn’t get a seat on merit. l approached many people. They promised, but no one
promised a seat to her. But l never lost hope. ln these 4 years, not only in my office, l begged
and borrowed money from everyone. l had paid Rs.13 lakhs for her. But, l’ve to pay the final
fees of Rs.2 lakhs lf l don’t pay that money, her studies will get stopped,
my little girl will feel bad. lf she smiles, l can keep looking
at her smile forever. But l can’t see her crying. So, unable to bear the pain.
– You drink. Shouldn’t l? lf you’ll get Rs.2 lakhs by boozing,
l’ll also join you. You’ll get Rs.4 lakhs. lf you drink, instead of
arranging the money, you’ll become a patient before
your daughter becomes a doctor. lt’s alright.
My daughter will treat me. l’ll bring water. Your wife is very beautiful. That’s why, l married her.
Tell me, am l not handsome? You crack jokes when you are drunk. My daughter. She is very beautiful,
isn’t she? She is like her mother.
Look here. This photograph was taken
when she was angry on me. Look at the affection in her
face even when she is angry. How long will you keep
looking at her? This is the first time. You’ve come to my house. Come & take
a look around my house. Come… l’ve only 2 desires. One, to make my daughter, a doctor. Two, to get her married to
a rich and famous groom. What do you say? Your daughter must get a husband
who is rich and famous. After l came to know that
Ankita is Shankar’s daughter. l decided not to reveal my love. Will you not tell her about
your love forever? l will tell. As he wished, l’ll tell her after
becoming rich and famous. Till now, l wanted to be
a writer someday. Now, l’ll become
a writer immediately. lmmediately, means. You come with a file early morning.
Go…go… l don’t know what l might do
if l get angry.- What’ll you do? l said l don’t know.
– Keep quiet. Allow me to meet Chakri once…
– Didn’t you get me? Go away. Why’re you pushing me? How can you push him
as if he’s a labourer. Do you know, who he is? A great poet.
Moreover, l know him. Go. Snake has value as long as it
is around Lord Shiva’s neck. Then, it can crack jokes
on the eagle too. lf it leaves Lord Shiva’s neck & comes
down, even a crow will peck on it. You’re a poet. l don’t have
to explain you more. So you’re trying.
You’ll come up in life. May l come in?
– You? Why are you late? l had a dream, last night. ln my dream, l was returning from a jolly trip to
Japan, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia. The landing got delayed in
Hyderabad airport today morning. lf you keep dreaming like this, you won’t be able to travel
even by a city bus. Go. What about you?- l went to the
airport to receive him. But men suffer more from heart diseases
than women now, know why? Prakash, tell me why? l’ve lost my heart.
How would l know? My heart isn’t with me. l’ll pay the bill,
order something. Your father had paid
Rs.13 lakhs in 4 years. Can’t he arrange Rs.2 lakhs? l know how hard he had
struggled to pay the fees. That’s why, l’m worried. Ankita, leave your worries and
concentrate on your studies. The worries are for studies only. Ankita, l feel this paper
will be useful to you. Wow! Look at this Ad. This is an Ad from a hospital. For students who have
scored more than 950/0 They’re ready to pay the fees,
and after the completion of studies, they’re offering a job in
their hospital, take a look. This is an old paper. Paper might be old,
but the ad is new. lnterview closes at 5 P.M.
today evening. Come let’s go. Boy, go fast.- We are very
near to the hospital. Be patient for some more time. Look. He is driving rashly.
– Are you hurt? Hey stop! The interview is over. We have already selected 10 people.
– Actually… 100’s of people would’ve
attended the interview. Even if we had come in time, how can
you say that we would’ve got the job? Shit! lt’s all because of
that stupid taxi driver. This was a very good chance. He’ll never come up in life. Since l’ve brought her in time,
mother & the child are safe, aren’t they? How did you know that?
– From your face. Bye. May you and your family
live happily. Why’re you standing?
Please sit.- lt’s alright. Since your son has got
only an increment. We are accepting this humble party. He’s so talented that
he’ll soon get promotion. Then, you must give us a big party. What do you say?- Definitely. l’ll arrange a party at your choice. Father, the wedding invitation
has come. Check the proof. ls it Ashok’s marriage?
– No, it’s for my daughter, Swathi. The groom is working in America.
– America? Then, the dowry must be handsome.
– They said they don’t want anything. Then, you’re very lucky. Why did you add Sathyam’s
name in this? l wanted to add Sathyam’s name in it. ls Sathyam your younger son? l feel proud to be his father. l feel shame to be
Sathyam’s father. lf a child is congenital handicap.
We’ll feel pity on him. But what can we do if
he is a bad character? We think that it’s our fate. ls it so important? Why aren’t you afraid
of your father? l must have respect for him
and not be afraid of him. What is Sathyam doing?
– l have forgotten that l had such a son. Ashok is my only son.
He is gold. lf he is gold, you are a diamond.
Kohinoor diamond. For the first time in my life,
l felt bad for being a peon. l couldn’t tell the truth. Or else, l would have given
a run for their money. Uncle, you are talking too much
and it is about my father. l know. You respect your father
very much, but he is…. Peon Lingam. Oh my uncle…
Uncle Lingam, so you are here. Go. Aunt is waiting to
have lunch with you. For me? But why?
– Because you must go & look. Come. Don’t feel shy. All are my friends.
All of them are here. Each one is a different character.
– Who is he? Photographer. l thought he is a stenographer.
Why is he here? He wanted male models. l have brought him here
to select from you. lf we get money, we can booze.
Take a good look. You can also select him. He is okay sir.- One minute.
l will be back soon. lnfact, the other day l was invited
to model for fair & lovely. lf the listener is an idiot. He’ll tell that an elephant
had piloted an airplane. People who don’t use fair & lovely
will become like this. l didn’t like the caption. So, l refused.
Because you are forcing me to do it. lf there is a film shoot,
inform me earlier. A big shot has booked me
for Coke ad. All girls are from foreign.
Will you come? l must meet Keeravani tomorrow. You are missing a golden chance.
We must’ve been born as a foreigner. We can go anywhere.
We can flirt with anyone. We can do anything
with anyone we like. Then, take birth as a dog. When will you tell Shankar
about your love? Let me get a chance as a writer. Before you get a chance, he’ll get
his daughter married to someone. A good idea!
What if we produce a film? Anyway l’ll become a model, so l’ll be
the hero. You’re the solo writer. You’ll get Ankita. l’ll settle with
Aishwarya Rai or Amisha Patel. They must be lucky. Don’t you think you are
talking little too much. Don’t feel bad.
You are the production manager. Who is the producer? We are going to make the film
by selling his wife’s house. Shut up. Stop your stupid talk. From cigarettes to pasting wall poster,
you want my house for everything. Which is your house? Thinking that you are a manager,
aunt brought this house as dowry. He must become writer soon, only then
he can tell about his love to Shankar. Shankar will inform Ankita. After that…- Our marriage. This is her. This is me…
and…our marriage. You don’t have to trouble yourself. lt’s enough if you attend my marriage. Buddy, are you lost in dreams? Look, he is feeling shy. You don’t worry. You’ll get
married with Ankita only. Where ever you may go,
she’ll follow you. You wouldn’t have got money on time, or for some other reason,
you wouldn’t have paid the fees. The last date is also over. l don’t want good students like you
to waste an year for this reason. However l’ll give you
a week’s time. Only after you pay the fees,
you’ll get your certificates. You can go now. Come… Why are you looking so dull?
– Nothing like that. l can read faces, especially yours.
– That’s personal. Even l want to tell you something
personal. You know what it is. But it is my duty to tell you. l… You want to say you love me.
That’s all, isn’t it? No. l want to marry you. You don’t have to come out
with me falling in love. Let’s marry after our
ambitions are fulfilled. When my parents approach your father
and if he inquires about me. Tell him what you know about me. lt won’t look nice if your father
says `no’ to my parents. Look, l am not forcing you.
l want my wife to be like you. lf you feel the same way, okay. Let your decision be anything.
But there is only a week’s time. Don’t think it’s only one week. Ankita, what have you decided? There is still time.
Let me think. What’s there to think about? He’s handsome, good & intelligent.
He is rich & wealthy. You must think to reject
and not to accept him. He wanted your permission
to marry you. Listen to me. ln lndia, 800/0 of the women
marry first, love next. To me, you both are Wills… l mean `Made for each other’. Okay. Stop this topic now. Okay. Will you come for combine studies?
– No, l can’t. Hey, please…please…l’ll drop
you at home, if its late. Won’t you help this poor student? lt has been very long
since we saw her. Why didn’t you come to my marriage? We have organized a reception here.
lt’s enough if you come to it. So, she has told you
everything about us. She talks about you only. From your college matters to her
marriage getting stopped. She has told everything. Let’s have coffee. Why here? We’ll have it
in your house. Anyway, we’ll come to know your
house to invite you. lt’s time. She’ll turn over a shop
to buy a kerchief. Bye… Your friends are beautiful than you. Sirisha is very happy after
marriage, isn’t she? lf she had married
the one she loved, She wouldn’t have been
so happy today. You mean to say that
it’s wrong to fall in love. We must know him fully
before we fall in love. Since l know everything.
l didn’t attend the college function. Since you didn’t come,
you missed the cup. l don’t mind missing the cup.
But the college got it. Only because l missed the cup,
she fell into my trap. Are you really going to marry her? My father will kill me. We must behave in a certain way
with certain people. She is one of a kind. Love and flowers will not
work out with her. So, l said l’ll marry her. Will she agree if you say like that? Definitely. That’s why you acted like a
gentleman & toiled so hard. Did l just act?
Am l not a gentleman? Am l not a good man?
– Who said so? You buy us drinks everyday.
You give us money when we need. You are a gentleman. Sorry sir, l was late. Why are you so dull? Don’t talk to me?
You are in no way related to me. How did l treat you?
Like a friend. But you… Please listen to me.
– What will you tell me? After everyone had told me. Actually, l thought of
telling you that. You thought! Very good. Go ahead. Did you ever tell me that
you write songs? Oh! Were you talking about this? This? Do you’ve something else too? Yes, there is.
– Tell me what it is? l’ll tell you later.
– When? After some Lingam tells me. l’ll tell you myself & to
you personally. Come. l will come only if
you tell me first. Which round?- 3rd.
– No, sixth. That’s the thing, you come. Wait, l will pay. Don’t cut my way fool,
l’m feeling giddy. Another peg would’ve been good. You can have it next week. Why are you talking to me as
if l am a drunkard? l drink once in a week, That too with my daughter’s permission. You’ve already told me. You said you will tell
me something. Who is that? Are you driving drunk?
Look how my car is damaged, get down. Pay for the damage. Look, how the car is damaged,
don’t you have eyes to see? Hey old man! Why are you
talking too much? lt’s better if you talk less. Pay for the damages & go. lf we refuse. You will stay here only. Are you such a great man? You must raise hands
for elders like this. Well said! What’s this?
– Can we raise like that on you? You can do it tomorrow
go to sleep now. No need of tomorrow. Stop…Stop…
Elderly man is drunk. You can go quickly, can’t you? He will take care of them.
You come with us. Wait boys! Why are you surrounding me? No need of fight, come let’s have
few pegs happily. You’ve hair but no brain. Why are you holding from behind? Two pods of maize are there?
Would you like to eat? Would you like to taste the
power & speed of our punch? Man of great courage is here. Showing you your place is
the next thing. i Dream For the punches of brother Sathyam
at 10 in the night. Switch on & switch off lights. i Dream Rip them. Punch them. Plough them.
– Reduce them to dust. Play with them. Tear them. Beat them. Close them. Shred them, break them,
run over them. i Dream Punch one. Punch two. Punch three. Punch one, two…gulp down
a half & a full bottle. Brother, want to down a peg.
– No thanks brother. Why are you beating him? Will you dare to beat Shankar? Why there’s a traffic jam here? lsn’t he that city cab driver? He’s beating some poor man. Did you see him? Come. Kick the rogues! Sit down…Sit down. What’s the trouble?
– Nothing sir. Take this bottle. Talk something. Father…- What son? Why are you repeating the same line?
Stop it. l am hungry, come let’s go. Have we reached home?
– Yes sir. Be careful sir. You promised to say something.
You forgot. That is… Why are you cooking now?
When will you finish it? ls it wrong to drink occasionally? You scold or beat me but
don’t stop talking to me. l can’t bear it. Who is there for us?
Just two of us for each other. Dear…what’s this? This man is responsible
for everything. What did he do now?
He’s a great writer. ls he a writer?
My friend is writer. My friend writes and he’s
getting credited for it. Did your friend say that? Why would l believe if
anyone else tells? l know! My friend is
the writer, Sathyam. True! l believe you. You are not believing me. Oh god! What’s all these injuries?
– Nothing. Get up first! You never listen if l say
not to drink. Why are you looking at me
like that?- Nothing dear. The young writer is my friend.
He’s a gentleman. My principal is also a gentleman,
he gave a week extension. Tea please. What’s the news?
Any rape case news? This man!- Let’s go. Take tea. l don’t want in plastic cup,
give me in a glass. l will supply in this cup only. Take it or leave it. You’ve mistaken me for someone
else and speaking like that. Stop!…Sit there. Take! Did you see the today’s newspaper? No…why? They have found the identity
of that man. To cinema? You’ve spoiled your life to
save a rupee condom. Condom? Save? Me? Yes. What are you saying sir?
– Look over there. What’s this?
You’ve become like this. Don’t feel sad son! Death is inevitable.
– l am innocent sir. Every life must die someday. But you will die a little
earlier, that’s all. You go man. Bloody rogue!
Are you the Puliraju? People were tense & eager
to know the identity? You need this. From a woman to a street dog,
everyone is despising me. l will tear it. He’s Puliraja.
Puliraja will get AlDS. Uncle Simhadri. Give me a good break quickly.
l must settle in life. Look! lsn’t it good? Your name?- Ankita. Ankita?- Why are you surprised? His name is Ankita, his father’s
name is Lalitha. His brother’s name is Pidatha.
Won’t you agree? Then, okay. l’m at loss of words,
when you’re before me. lt’s rain of honey in heart,
when you gently touch me. l must unite with you and
have a glimpse of heaven. l must become a part of you. l must get drenched in your love. Someday let my love get
dedicated to you. How are you? What’s wrong with me?
l’m fine. But you fell in the
bus stop that day.. What happened on that day was.. A pregnant lady was in my taxi. l understood you were going urgently. Take the offerings.
– No thanks. Open your mouth. What’s that? Don’t you think you’re
over doing things? Do we’ve to offer prayers, get the
offerings & mouth feed you. Are you a child? Take it. No…no, it’s impossible to
come to combined studies. Dreaming? That girl is here only.
Can’t you express your love to her? After l become a writer
and Shankar agrees. For other’s, marriage is
the end of love. For me, marriage is the
starting point of love. What’s this sir? lf l go home, they say
to Prakash studio. lf l go to Prakash studio,
they say he’s here. When l came here,
you say he has gone to home. l’m saying because he has
really gone home. Go. Don’t say like that.
He’s here only. lsn’t that his car? Why’re you talking too much?
– Try to understand. This is my life. What’s the problem, Mahesh? l want to meet you once.
He’s not allowing me in. Come in…send him in.. – Go. My name is Sathyam.
These are my songs. Okay, give it to him. lt’ll be good to hear.
Suggest a tune & test me. Tune? Are you going to
tunes so fast? Don’t say like that sir? You give chance to new comers. That’s alright. l don’t have time.
Give it to my assistant. l will see later. Sir, it’s break time now. You’re a pain… Come. How much time it will take?
– 30 minutes. You sit down. Come, sit here. This is the tune. i Dream Oh maiden… Oh maiden… i Dream l tried hard to earn your
friendship, oh maiden… l wrote a poem on you
becoming legendary Kalidas. Going without food
and sleepless, …l searched you day in
and night out to attract you. l grew a beard like
forlorn lover Devadas. i Dream l swear XXX rum
doesn’t have the kick, …which your one look has. From morning sunlight to
vanishing moonlight. Your thoughts have
besieged my heart. Oh maiden! ls it your trap? My heart has got hurt
in your trap. l’m restless! You’ll not believe.
l’m distressed. i Dream Though l can get a million of
beauties in a snap of finger. When l insist on getting you only. Why are you getting angry on me? They fall in love if
you’re crazy. Closer you come to them with
true love, farther they go. Oh maiden! ls it justified? ls love a curse on my heart? My heart has become a burden. Without a response from you,
it has become barren. i Dream Very good. Shall we hear that song once? Definitely! Sathyam, wait outside,
l’ll come. Sorry sir, your song was excellent. Chakri has told about you. You’re writing 3 songs
in this movie. 3 songs!… Really sir? Yes. Your song is also good
like your Guru’s. You’ve a bright future. Our movie is opening next week.
Come with your family. Come & collect the tunes tomorrow.
– Okay sir. Then, let’s have a go at it. l’m handing over the
food dept. to you. You select an auspicious time. No, let’s get it done
by a good astrologer. Uncle Lingam, marriage hall, band
& financial matters are yours. Let’s create a sensation. Let’s have a howdah on the elephant. No please, l’m scared of elephants. Why to fear?
l’ll stay next to you. What if the elephant
gets scared then? Where are you Sathyam? We all are here only. Along with it tell your
love matter also. Okay? Why’re you guys bubbling with joy? Sathyam has become
a writer on his own. Our boy has earned fame & status. l’ll tell him, Uncle.
You come in sir. Come. You promised to tell
later something in the bar. What did you promise to say?
– That same thing. Then, go ahead… How to tell him? Why’re you whispering
among yourselves? Nothing sir… our boy…
– What’s it? That’s it… – What is that? l will tell! – Tell me. l will tell sir.
– Come on tell me. Nothing, our man has
fallen in love. Love? – Yes. Why didn’t you tell me till now? He hasn’t expressed it
to the girl also. What? – Yes. Why? lt’s better to talk to
her parents than to her. True! lf you tell her first,
she will accept. Later they will go
and tell their parents. Their parents say no
and you will be dejected. lt’s better this way that’s it!
Did you tell? l’m confused how to tell.
– What’s there? l love your daughter.
l want to marry your daughter. l will take care of her with love.. …Please agree sir,
say like that. l love your daughter.
l want to marry her. l will take care of her with love. Please agree. Super! Very good.
Repeat just like this. l will look after your daughter
better than you sir. Please agree. Oh! He’s a poet!
Good improvisation. Please agree. They will not agree immediately. You can request once again like this. Agree sir. Don’t repeat… Never again come to my house. Do come as my son-in-law. Son-in-law! l will tell this happy news
to my daughter.- No. She will finish her studies
in another 2 or 3 months. My songs will also be
released by then. lt will be good to tell her then. No need to disturb her
studies unnecessarily. You got an idea which
l didn’t get as a father. You will marry only
after her studies. Brother. Brother. Don’t cry. Look. l’ll go away.
– Brother, don’t go away. Where are you going away?
Stay here. No problem brother. Go carefully dear. Bye mother. – Bye dear. Bye father. Brother. please…no.. ls it nice? l will introduce my husband to you. Come. l’ve got an offer to
go to America. l must pay a lakh
by today evening. Why would a man lending
a lakh became my friend? Are you fine?
– What? Do you know my brother? Your brother is responsible
for my America trip. Leave it man. Really sorry man. l heard about your problems in the
family for giving money to me. l couldn’t think of
any way to help you. That’s why, l agreed
to marry Swathi. Of course, l love Swathi. You married her for love, haven’t you? Then, look after her well. Come, let’s go & tell
your father the truth. Do you want to earn a
bad name for you too? She’s angry for hiding
it from her also. No Sathyam. – Stop it. That’s… – l’ve forgiven you. Okay? Go & console her. Look after my sister well.
Don’t cry. You move man. That man! Your father & you had problems
because of him only. Why are you beating me?
– Respect. Brother-in-law!
– Okay buddy. Why did you beat me again?
– Writer! Writer Sathyam. Dream of seeing my name as
writer on screen is coming true. lf you respect me now. When you need money for
a peg or medicine. l will permit you to ask
my doctor wife. Where are you going now? You will not believe,
to Ankita’s friend’s reception. Ankita is also coming,
will you also come? Really?…Come. Move! Hubby! My younger sister-in-law. Ankita, your friends have come. Ask them to sit.
l’ll come in a second. Come…come.- This is not for you,
it is for the guests. Hello buddy!
Sorry writer Mr.Sathyam. Are you imagining your
reception with the Doctor? No, writer’s sister’s reception. Next to her, Doctor Sister-in-law. Dreaming again? When all my dreams are coming true. lt’s very pleasant to dream. You… Why did you come so late? l want to talk to you Ankita,
please come with me. What is the matter Prakash? Can l talk to your parents
about our marriage? You can. You can… This is enough Ankita. As soon as l finish my studies,
l will come with my parents. l am telling you now. This marriage will happen
only if my father agrees. lf he refuses… You come to my marriage,
l will come to your marriage. No parent will refuse if any one
approaches them like you. We have planned a tour to
Ooty after our examinations. You must come.
– You must ask, will you come? Will you come? No, l will not come.
You carry on. Will you come atleast to
give us a send off? Let me try. Let me try. Buddy, where are you going? l have some work. l must go. Why are you going away
without having food? Do you’ve sense? Why are you here? You…in that bar. Why did you come here?
What work do you have here? That day in bar… What’s the problem?
What happened? He was passing comments on
my sister. Ask him. Who are you man? This has become a routine now. They come under the garb of catering
and misbehave with women. Throw them out first. Nasty people. Aren’t you ashamed to misbehave
in a reception? Please listen to me sir.
– Don’t watch. Call the police. No need of police. lf we take them to the backyard
and break their bones. Leave him…leave him. You don’t know Ankita.
He is misbehaving with women here. Actually what had happened was… You don’t talk. l know very well
about you.- Please listen to me. Come Prakash. Don’t pick up fights with
third rate people like him. Come, let’s go. Which loan you want me
to sanction? l have sanctioned every
available loan. What else can l do?
– Leave me sir. Keep quiet sir.
Don’t stop me. Don’t help me, don’t sanction
any loan to me, That’s why l am going to
put my hand into it. lf l lose my hand,
l will get insurance. That’s why, l placing my hand into it.
– Have you gone mad Shankar? What’s this sir?
– You don’t know anything Sathyam. What are you doing?
– Please, don’t stop me. l need Rs.2 lakhs urgently. Put your head into it, you’ll get
Rs.10 lakhs. Will it be enough? l don’t have any other way. l must pay Rs.2 lakhs fees
for my daughter. l will give you the money. How can you?
– You don’t worry about it. Am l not saying
l will give you. You are going to be
my son-in-law. l shouldn’t take money from you. That’s when l became
your son-in-law, isn’t it? Not that, listen to me. You don’t talk any further. l will give you the money
by today evening. Okay? Mr.Chakri is there?- He has gone to
foreign. He’ll come after a week. What about the producers? l will call you later sir. They have also gone
along with him. Any contact number?
– No. Any problem Sathyam? After all the doors are closed on you.
You remembered me. Why should l give you money?
– Sir, don’t say like that. lf you take all the songs,
l’ve written till now and pay me. l will get what you’ve written. What about the songs you will
write in future? lndependently you are writing
songs for Chakri… How many songs?- 3 songs.
– You are writing 3 songs. When those songs are released, you will grow. Do l’ve to watch you growing? lt’s difficult to get a name
in this industry. lt’s much more difficult
to keep it up. l am in that process now. l beg you sir. You want me to think. There is only one reply
how many times l may think? You must never write again. lf you ever write,
it must be for me only. lf you want money
agree to my condition. lf you don’t want money and
have plans to try your luck. Think and tell me. Where are you going man? Ankita’s fee must be paid. What are you talking man? Spoiling your bright future… She must become a doctor. Why are you worried if your
lover is doctor or a nurse? But l love her. lf you act too smart,
he may go away. Come, let’s go and pay the fees. Hasn’t your father come yet? l am waiting here for him only. You carry on, l will come.- Okay. What are you doing here?
Get going. Buddy, your chic is waiting downstairs.
Why don’t you go & tease her? lf l go & tease her now,
it’ll backfire on me. She’s waiting to pay
Rs.2 lakhs college fees. ls it necessary now? Can’t you pay it? Your father is a millionaire. My father paid to all women he had
affairs & become a millionaire. He was once a billionaire. Ankita will not get the certificate
if she fails to pay the fees. Why are you worried for her? Why would l be worried? She may not come to
send off us to Ooty. Not only just send off
she’ll come to Ooty also. How is it possible?
What are you saying? Truth! Wait & see. Didn’t get you buddy? …Study man. l will pay the fees & come. Looks like you had
tough time to pay. Tough time! l thought l may
not be able to pay. My future son-in-law is god. He understood my difficulty
and gave me money. ln short any word of praise
will fall short before him. Madam, l want to talk to you. Please, leave me alone.
l am already tensed. My friend is a…
– ls he a Buddha? What happened at
the reception was… Did he come there to get `rakhis’
tied by beautiful girls? lf you cut me short for everything…
– Don’t say another word about him. Rogue, rowdy, wastrel, you take him
whatever you feel like. But today for you… l don’t care even if
he threatens to die. He will not die. lf he wasn’t here
today you would’ve…. What’s this? Stop it. Sorry, he blabbered in ignorance. No play acts please. lf you’ve any shame left in you,
never show up your face again. Are you waiting here? l have paid the fees. My daughter is now Dr.Ankita. My desire & your ambition
are fulfilled. You are coming, aren’t you Ankita? We are leaving from
college today evening. My friends are going to Ooty.
Can l go to send them off? Go dear! l’ve some work in
the office. Go…- Okay. What a lousy life is yours! God didn’t write bad fate for you. Your his wrong creation. That’s why your father threw you
out at very young age. The people who you want to prosper
hate to see your face. You pounce on us
at the drop of hat. You became speechless
before them. Why? Everyone has enemies outside. But you are an enemy
to yourself. Watch. You didn’t see your sister’s marriage
which you wanted to see. You will see Ankita’s marriage,
which you don’t want to. lt will happen before your eyes,
read my lips. l can’t bear to see it. That’s why,
l am leaving this place for good. What’s this? Get down.- Listen to me. Get down. i Dream Love will not respond to
your distress calls. Love will not fall for desires. Love is an unachievable boon. Heart’s first sorrow. Love is pleasant.
Love is safety. Nothing is instant. Everything is love. i Dream lsn’t it my mistake to consider
love as a rain drop? Can’t avoid this pain after
knowing love in a typhoon? How long do l’ve to swim
against the tide? How long do l’ve to bear
this pain in heart? Love is not a game.
There are no wins & loses. Don’t calculate profit & loss,
it is not love. lf there is any mistake
it is not love’s. lt’s mine who loved you,
my love…my love. Love…love…love. Stop it father. He didn’t marry me because
l am Aishwarya Rai or Miss lndia. He married me because
l am Sathyam’s sister. You don’t take it wrong sir. Your son didn’t get the job
on his own merit. Sathyam paid bribe getting
beaten up for that. i Dream Have the black nights chasing
my heart become my love? An unknown pain till now,
will it become a furnace? Somehow l must stop it.
Will you tell me, my love? l wanted to become
your shadow, my dear. Today only truth
has dawned on me. Earth & sky will never meet.
Shadow will never touch the body of man. Let’s go to Ooty.
l’ll take you to task. l’ve seen many
challenging like you. Okay Prakash. l’ll take
leave now.- So soon? There’s lot of time for
the train to leave. No, my father will be
waiting for me. l will go. Ajay! What’s this? What’s this fun? Prakash ask him
to open the door. l must go. No going, you are coming.
You must come to Ooty with us. lnform your father on phone. You called me to send off, and why did you book my ticket
without my knowledge? Why should l ask you? Why did you take the
flower l presented? l take flowers from a
flower seller everyday. Funny? What is so funny about this? You tell me.
What is funny in it? l was after you like a dog for
4 years. ls that funny to you? l acted like a good guy to
impress you. ls that funny to you? l took great pains to appear
like a gentleman to you. ls that funny to you? What l think must happen.
What l desire must become mine. You are coming. That’s all. Leave her Prakash.
Aren’t we here for you? He got bored with you,
that’s why he selected her. Bloody rogue. What would you like to have?
Shall l give a biscuit? Sathyam is there. Sathyam…stop. l must go. Allow me to go please. Ankita stop. Ankita, come here. Why are you calling her
in public? This is wrong. This is a problem between us.
You keep… Don’t talk disrespectfully.
– Do you know us? Whoever it may be
a wrong is a wrong. You are always seen wherever she is. What’s your relationship with her? You come. Don’t touch her.- Stop. Stop. Who are you? Come. Come. Didn’t l tell you not to touch her? Stop Sathyam.
Where are you going away? Listen to me.
– Sir, you listen to me. Take care of your daughter. Take care. Sathyam…stop. Do you know him father? How can l not know him?
He’s Sathyam. My Sathyam. Don’t l always say about a
good writer & a good man? He is that man. Though you don’t love him
which he knows. He still loves you
more than his life. He sold his future to pay your fees. ln this modern time where young boys
chase girls like mad dogs. He’s a responsible youth who asked the
girl’s father’s permission to love. Ankita, we have blood
relationship between us. But though he is in
no way related to me. When l see him going away… He is more to me than you.
Stop him dear. You are the only one
who can stop him. Love can’t be stopped. Love can’t be hidden. Love will unite 2 hearts. Love will create wonders. Love is sky. Love is patience. lsn’t love a new dawn?
Every heart must love. Till now he was my ghost-writer. Sathyam is the man who wrote
songs under my name.

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