Riley Stearns Love For Metal Music & Jiu-Jitsu

I think that the metal scene in general takes itself – a little too seriously I think that martial arts and MMA and all sports in general tend to kind of have a seriousness about them or or kind of put themselves on a pedestal maybe above art or whatever it is and so even though I enjoy these things I also have a sense of humor about myself and I do like to think that you can make fun of things that you like it's okay and so I but also I really just wanted to put metal in a movie I wanted to put martial arts in a movie like I was having trouble writing a script before this that didn't really go anywhere and I started to ask myself why don't I just do something in the world that I love and jiu-jitsu at the time was a new hobby for me but it was a passion of mine and I I thought it'd be really cool if I could do jiu-jitsu in between takes and like get to use the mats that we're using and and so it really will just came out of a selfish want a desire to make something about stuff that I loved you

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