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I am so ugly it's crazy you're not ugly but you just make a weirdest faces give him the snap in the gun what's up guys welcome back to another video I'm gonna be honest with you daily vlogging is freaking tough I'm already stressed out and it's only day five Stacey can vouch for me so the goal for today is stasia and I are gonna try to get a cool photo I've had this idea for a while but I haven't like really gotten into the portrait side of things yet I really want to shoot portraits so there's this photo that I found that I want to sort of replicate it but obviously in a different way like our own way so here is the shot we want to simulate something like this but instead Stacia loves candy Claire bite they're my favorite or Ryan wants to do skittles so we'll probably Bibles I'll eat a lot of them and see which looks at that I'm kind of nervous because like I don't like the camera too close to my face like usually you guys see our Instagram it's kind of like far away full body shot so this would be the first time that Ryan's like all up in my grill it's tough because I've wanted to do portrait photography for a while and like stage' said you know we do like the far-off shots or the medium shots but we never get close-up and I just want to take my photography to the next level and my editing to next level so I need to kind of step out of the box and try some new stuff and get creative and just like do stuff that I've never done before so today is the first day we're gonna go out and try something different so this is what we're bringing I'm going light today no backpack I'm bringing just a sling bag we're gonna do the a 7-3 with the new 35 mil on here I can't wait to show you guys this this this lens is just dope bring in the a7s2 with the 55 1.8 the aperture light just to cut in just in case we get into a dark scenario or like somewhere where there's a lot of like bad light then I'll just use this to get a little bit extra light and just a couple extra batteries oh and the ND filter just in case so obviously she's gotta get your model already I don't know I can't be like well I don't know I don't want you to be like that don't be like that please ha Instagram girls are like sexy and I'm just over here like you're you're sexy but you just get in your head so why is this camera so blue do the white balance is shot right now come on come on camera there we go that's a little better so I'm just like station I don't like having my photo taken I feel like I look like a fool like every single time somebody takes a photo of me I just look stupid but a good way to practice that so like if you have the same issue that we have and you just feel like you look like an idiot practice specific poses like in a mirror and see what looks good and what you prefer and obviously the more you take photos the more you'll be like oh I like that pose with my leg off or my arm behind my back or whatever it is like I had Stacia practicing like facial poses and like tilting her head and winking or smiling or like smirks or little ways to like change your facial expression in the mirror and then find like three or four different poses that you that you like of yourself and then those are like your go-to so when you're walking around and you're trying to get photos you're quick and your model just pops up and then mix you know make some weird pose and then you get to shop another big problem now that ryan wants to start doing like portrait shots basically is like I have no good clothes to wear I'm just super basic and all my stuff is white I'm a basic bitch all my stuff is black or white or winter but I think the white would probably look good there's so much Canyon here we're in five below right now there's so much candy I think we came to the right place so I think these are really like the perfect size and they're all colorful too so that helps let's try yeah.well skittles same type of thing where are they right here okay guys I'm drooling right now this is crazy we got the skittles we got the dots so I'm thinking the gummi bears only because the gummi bears are like a little bit translucent and the Sun just came out so they might have some like sunlight that hits them and they make I don't know they may glow a little bit or something we're good we're good we got two bags of gummy bears three bag of Skittles and the thing of Dodge I think the dots are gonna work the best this store is insane for like props if you need to go out and like a photo shoot or something you need some fun props this is the place this place is huge there's two levels and they have so much stuff okay so we got all the candy and I want some really bad now we need to find a place to shoot this photo so we're gonna just like walk around for a little bit and see if we can find a spot look guys there's the famous Philadelphia love sign look everybody wants to get a photo of that so we had an idea to go to this brick wall there's like this red shiny brick wall over in Chinatown and we thought that would be like a really cool backdrop but then we found this and with stay shoes white shirt and the gray background which has like really nice contrast I think this might be a good spot and the colorful candy should look good against the grey wall it should stand out with the white I think we're gonna do a test run with the dots they're bigger able to see them more on camera that's what I think I think I picked the right one stasia can't just be throwing candy like we have to show maybe the the box of dots to kind of give like a little bit of background of like what's actually happening so maybe we'll just have Stacia like kind of get down set on the ground we'll take a more like low shot and she can hold the box of dots in her hand and then throw the rest of dots out of her other hand but I need this this life this sudden needs to go away the Sun just came out but I don't know there's a big cloud that may cover it but the Sun is just like killing the shop okay so he just did the first test run and the dots work out great they're perfect size the color shows we have a good backdrop I don't think I have the right angle that I'm shooting at so we're just gonna practice couple angles just picking up all the candy the damn Sun is back again wit and I think we figured out the perfect place throw in the perfect angle and we just need Stasia to stop making weirdo faces what's wrong I am so ugly it's crazy you're not ugly but you just make a weirdest faces give him the snap in the gun okay the clouds came back the Sun is gone we need to hurry okay that one worked I think we may have got a couple good shots but she's throwing them like straight up instead of at the lens so we're gonna try another time and never throw hat but click directly at the lens such a good mouth eyes I'm for hire $600 an hour and one photos gonna take about six hours probably more three that was a good throw was it good yes dude perfect oh my god omen and you're gonna like your face so that was like an actual success I am so surprised that that worked as good as it did and it literally took like an hour yeah to do that whole process Oh terrible so yeah that worked out really good aim station space was good I don't know we'll see I know it looked like a heroin addict stolen by heroin addicts she's honestly sometimes she's a little bit too weird for me boom we did it we got that babe so I tried to be good and not eat the candy and now we came to Target and I'm just killing my diet tonight ice cream and chips okay so we're back showered changed relaxing and I just finished the Edit on that photo well I'm so happy with the way it turned out are you like honestly yeah I suspect one I showed you the photo and she was like I don't like my face fix my feet I'm like fix your face it's too late to fix your face but I gotta get better yeah you did good I think I think it came out really good so here's the shot from the original to this shot was just like amazing I think the colors pop I think the candy and the bokeh and like you had a like a cute little smile on your face and the tones of the background and that that you know that backdrop of the garage and the graffiti against your white shirt and your jeans like everything yeah that's the photo I hope you guys liked it it's posted right now on our Instagram account go over there and give it a like for us share it whatever you got to do it's my first like straight legit portrait shot and I'm pretty self-conscious about it so I would like some like just gaming the system now so yes I go over there hit the like button and that's about it it was this was a successful video and yeah we're gonna definitely do some more of these I definitely need to up my game a little bit and practice makes perfect so hope you guys enjoyed it if you did hit the thumbs up button on your way up and we'll see you guys tomorrow see ya [Applause]

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  1. 1 hour for one good shot? No wonder you are stressing out Ryan. Lol. Thank God you have a Goddess for a subject! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it definitely was a successful video. The best part, you guys were having fun doing it. Keep it up guys!

  2. Great video, and I always pick up some great tips to help me make better photos. How are you guys finding it being back home ? I know you needed a break from travelling , but I always miss it soon after I get back home again. I think I need to go again soon haha.

  3. It seemed like you both had fun with that portrait challenge and it was a superbly entertaining vlog to watch. ๐ŸคŸStacia why do all hot girls say they are ugly? ๐Ÿค”

  4. Wow great set up for the shot! I think Stacia did well! Maybe just practice looks, expressions by taking selfies. You'll probably find a smile and serious/sexy look that you feel comfortable with and can call up on demand. It's the nervousness that makes people go goofy face lol #skittlesabuse #eatthecandy

  5. Damn…you guys killed it AGAIN!๐Ÿ”ฅ Mad props for being able to keep coming up with creative content in such a short amount of time. I honestly canโ€™t fathom how youโ€™re doing it after watching older videos and seeing how busy both of you were when you were just doing one or two vlogs a week๐Ÿ˜‚ Keep it up and donโ€™t let your foot off the gas because you guys are rolling right now with awesome content. ๐Ÿ—ฃLETS GOOOOO

  6. Dope as usual. Keep trying new things, we are all learning together but you guys are naturals. The music is fire too!

  7. Nice work guys. Goal, plan, prep, execute, edit, post. Perfect. And props to your model (Stacia is it?) for putting up with you Ryan. lol

    You should have her in more of your daily vlogs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Ah I remember this scene with Stacia holding the Dots from your insta story!
    That 35 1.4 is a killer lens man, I envy haha that photo came out stunning. This is a great idea which may also inspire other folks on social media.

  9. That was very creative and looked like a lot of fun. Ryan youโ€™re funny โ€œThat dam sun.โ€ Lol. Perfect background, great model and of course for your very first one it was great photography. Drops gonna have to start paying you.

  10. Its a cracking picture, superb edit, and if you dont mind me saying so you are very lucky with your model, top notch! (and i have just hit the like button on Instagram as well)

  11. let me say this, stacia can never show herself as ugly, may be she needs heavy prosthetic makeup to make herself look ugly. all the poses she does is beautiful and elegant lady, Ryan dude never ever leave her.

  12. I'm with Stacia on the look of the photo. Awesome to see you guys trying something new. Now have a craving for some candy.

  13. such cool shot, top result! apologies, iโ€™ve left instagram so i wonโ€™t be able to give you thumb up there but plenty here!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ

  14. i think the photo you took was far different from the one you showed initially, so the dots were not in focus at all, but if you like it then who can argue with that

  15. I don't have Instagram but from what i can see on here it looked good and watch Stacia holding your camera ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰

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