Preview: Who Are These People Behind The Mask? | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

[lightning cracks] NARRATOR: It was a dark
and stormy Fox Wednesday, 8:00 PM, to be precise. A show was underway, but
this was no ordinary singing competition. It was wonderfully weird
and totally bonkers. Who were these people– flamingo, leopard, egg? I couldn’t solve it. Neither could the
judges until suddenly everything became clear, and I
knew who was behind the mask. America’s favorite guessing game
is back, “The Masked Singer,” September 25th on Fox.

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  1. The Butterfly (if indeed the voice is hers, as I think they may have changed the audio from one participant to another in the call), has the voice of Chaka Khan, high pitched and with a powerful guttural vocal. But the body is not hers (it could be the young Fantasia)! That's why I believe they have changed. Even in one of the calls Robin says to some participant: "It's Chaka Khan!" – And from legends he understands, seen from the first episode of the first season hit the identity of the Bee, giving her as the Empress of Soul, Mrs. Gladys Knight.

  2. I'm so happy me and my mom went to the taping of the masked singer season 2 live it was fantastic hope to go see the taping of the masked singer season 3 live

  3. Here we go! Can’t wait to see the next season of this show. Everyone ready for another round of teamwork comment guessing? 🤣

  4. Ok im loving the fact that season 2 is coming! However where are the season 1 performances, they need to be here. 🤷‍♂️

  5. I actually would watch this if it didn’t have two of the most despicable humans in the world on it- Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke. 🤮

  6. I wonder if the Panda is going to represent an ethnic background. Either Chinese or the duality of being both black and white

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