President Trump Delivers Remarks at a USMCA Celebration with American Workers

(music plays) The President: Okay. Let’s get back to work. Come on. I love that song, but
every once in a while, we have to get back to work. So, I am very honored to
be at Dana Incorporated, a tremendous company, a
plant in Warren, Michigan. We’re very proud
of Michigan. Dana has been around —
(applause) — I also like it because we
happen to win here. So, I was very happy,
very happy with that. But you’ve been around
116 years, a brilliant American craftsmanship,
and that’s what it is. I just took a tour with
some of your leadership, some of your great people,
some of the workers that do such an incredible job. And it’s unbelievable
to see what you do. I will say that we just ended
a nightmare known as NAFTA. They took our —
(applause) — they took our jobs for a long time. They took it for a long
time and we now have a brand-new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement. It’s a whole different
ball game and it’s going to be great
for this plant. It’s going to be
incredible for Michigan and for every place
else in our country. The USMCA is the fairest,
most balanced and beneficial trade agreement
we have ever signed into law. It’s the best agreement
we’ve ever made, and we have others coming. And by the way, the China
deal two weeks ago was just signed and that’s
going to bring $250 billion into our country. (applause) One after another, but
we’re bringing new jobs back to America. Jobs are coming back and
they’re coming back fast and they’re coming
right here to Michigan. They are coming rapidly. You see what’s going on. (applause) We’re very grateful to be
joined with some special people came today. Ambassador Robert
Lighthizer. Where’s Bob? What a job you’ve done. What a job. He did this deal. He did China. He did Japan. They all work together,
but fantastic job. He worked night and day to
complete this outstanding in agreement. And Bob, I just want to
tell you, on behalf of our country, we thank
you very much. Thank you very much. (applause) And with us also, we have
some of our people that have been just incredible. They’re warriors. I call them warriors. We want 196 to nothing on
a little vote a couple of weeks ago. You know, you do all
these great deals. Everybody says,
thank you, sir. This has never happened. Everybody said it’s
impossible to do. It’ll never, never take
place, trade deals like this. And then we’ve built our
military, we’ve cut taxes, we’ve taken care of
regulations, cut more than any other president in the
history of our country. And we did that in three
years instead of eight years or in one case for
— (applause) And we protect our Second
Amendment, we protect our second. So, we’ve done all these
things that remember the tax cut was the biggest
tax cut in the history of our country. And why do they do? They impeach you. Explain that. Audience: Boo! The President:
Explain that one. But we have great
Republicans out there and they don’t like it any
better than you do. Very partisan
situation, a disgrace. It’s frankly a disgrace to
our country, but there has been no administration has
done what we’ve done in the first three years
of an administration (applause) No
administration. And we’re very
proud of it. But I want to
thank Tim Walberg. Where are you guys? Are you’re all around
here someplace? Tim, fantastic job. Bill Isaaca (spelled
phonetically). John Moolenaar, John
Moolenaar are Jack Burkman. Jack, thank you. Jack and Paul Mitchell,
thank you very much. Paul. These are your
congressmen. They’ve been fantastic. You have a lot of your
other leaders here and leaders in Michigan. These are members of our
incredible representative house. And I want to say that,
you know, I use the term warrior very, very not
easily, but they are warriors. We’ve had a lot of
warriors, wouldn’t you say? I’d say we had
196 warriors. (applause) And we had a
zero, so 196 to nothing. And we actually had three
Democrats join them. That was pretty
good, wasn’t it? And one actually left
the party and joined the Republican Party,
Jeff Van Drew. (applause) But I said to them, I know
you have a wonderful Iraqi Christian community
in Michigan. Do you know about that? Yes. You know about that. I hear they’re wonderful. And the congressmen were
telling me on the plane how rough it’s
been for them. It’s been a very tough
time for a lot of Christians all over the
world, all over the world. It’s been very tough. The Chaldeans, you know,
the Chaldeans, right? We have some Chaldeans
that are working here. (applause) And we talked
about it long and hard on the flight in. And we’re going to make
sure that we do everything we can to keep people who
have been good to this country out of harm’s way. And when I get back, we’re
going to give those who needed an extension to
stay in our country. And so, we’re going
to be extending them. And a lot of people in
Michigan have been asking for that. (applause) So, we’ll work
with that when we get back to your great congressman. Thank you very
much fellas. Michigan is a steward of
one of our nation’s most treasured resources, the
incredible Great Lakes. Anybody here, the
Great Lakes, huh? (applause) So, I told the
members who are here with me that we are going to
work together to protect the Great Lakes
from Asian carp. Who would have thought
that was going to happen? And other
invasive species. And it really is it’s
become a big problem and we’re working on
it very strongly. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
already has a plan and we are going to get this
done and ready to go. It’s going to
be very quick. We’re going to
do it very quick. It’s not easy, but we have
all of the top technology, and we’re going to take
care of it, just like I made the promise and that
promise where so much has already been done. I also made a promise to
you not so long ago right here in Michigan. And it had to do with
Soo Locks, Soo Locks. So, I came here. I heard about the problem. They had been working on
the problem since 1980, 1980. Nothing was done. It was getting —
it was rotting away. The locks were
rotting away. It was all talk
and no action. And I was being told it’s
never going to happen, sir. Too much money, it’s just
not going to happen. And they all said leave it
to the next president to do. But I said, but I am
the next president. And that’s — (applause)
— it’s a big deal. And now is your
congressman can tell you, and they worked so hard on
it, all of the funding has been fully,
fully approved. Right? Fully, done. I signed. (applause) You think it’s
easy getting $922 million out of Congress? Not easy. But this had to be done. You know, we’re talking
about 11 million jobs indirectly all over. Those locks serve
11 million jobs. Some people think as
many as 18 million jobs. So, Soo Locks, we’re going
to be starting that in a matter of a couple of
months and we’re going to have it all set. We’ve got our maximum
funding and we have the maximum design. And it’s going to be good
for another 100 years, they say. So, we’re going
to get it done. Okay. (applause) Also, I know
everybody here in Michigan supports our great armed
forces as much as any place, Michigan. And that’s why
we’re giving strong consideration to deploying
some of our mighty F-35s to Selfridge Air
National Guard Base. (applause) And you know
what that means, right? You know what that means? That’s a big deal. So, Selfridge, you’re
going to see a lot of very fast planes — actually,
they’re totally stealth. So, maybe you won’t
see them coming. (laughter) Okay. You won’t see them coming,
but they’re coming in. These members and your
congressmen — I mean, your congressmen as
members have worked so hard for this state. They support all of the
great jobs here at Dana. Dana Incorporated employs
more than 1,500 people and it’s having one of the
best years they’ve ever had. And the hardworking men
and women right here in Warren make the Axios
drive shafts and assemblies of some of the
world’s toughest vehicles. And proudly, they bear
that glorious phrase — and I like that when they
put it on, you know, a few years ago, they weren’t
using that phrase very much anymore. It’s called
Made in the USA. Made in the USA. (applause) So, to the
workers of Dana, who helped invent
the iconic U.S. Army Jeep, still doing
incredibly well — actually having a record
year, Jeep is having a record year. And you have so
much to do with it. That’s pretty good. You helped invent it. I like that. I hope you’re being
properly compensated for that because that
sucker is doing well. (laughter) But I just
want to congratulate you. 1941, it came about, 1941. That something
really special. For many years, Washington
betrayed workers like you with trade deals that were
rigged to benefit foreign countries and
the lobbyists. Since NAFTA was signed,
the United States lost one in four
manufacturing jobs. The state of Michigan
alone lost nearly 200,000. Think of that. Manufacturing jobs in
nearly half of its vehicle manufacturing jobs. They left. They went to Mexico, they
went to Canada, they went to many other places. In the last 16 years
before my election, 60,000 plants and factories
closed throughout the United States. Can you imagine that? 60,000, it’s not
even possible. And I know it’s true,
because all of the fake news back there, see
all those cameras? Audience: Boo! The President: If I say
something that’s even slightly off,
it’s a headline. So, I’ve been saying
it for two years. Sixty thousand plants
and factories closed. NAFTA was the worst trade
deal probably ever made by any country. Couldn’t it get it
gotten any worse? You saw it in Michigan as
much as anyplace you lost your car companies. In fact, I was honored —
believe it or not, about 10 years ago, I
came to Michigan. I was honored by a
wonderful group. I was the man of the year. And I made a speech
and it was a little bit controversial. And I didn’t know too much
about the car industry, but I did know that you
were losing all your jobs. They were leaving, they
were going to other countries. And I said, how the hell
do you let that happen. But we stopped it. And this deal
really stops it. And now they’re all coming
back because they want to be where the action is
and the action is in our country and in this state. So, for decades,
politicians campaigned across Michigan promising
to do something about NAFTA, you heard it. You folks heard it
all the time, right? Well, we’re going to
do something about it. They never did
anything about it. I did. Probably the biggest
reason that I ran for office. How did I do, by the way? (applause) Okay. Because I never did it
before, I never did it. But I do as
well as you do. Look, I’m your spokesman. I’m your — I’m somebody
that represents you. And we had a turnout in
2016, the likes of which nobody’s ever seen before. This has never happened. You know, some politicians
became really famous because they came in first
or second to a third in one state like they did
well in New Hampshire, or they did well in Iowa,
or they did well here. But we did well
in 32 states. We did actually well in
almost all of the states. But we had a tremendous
landslide, Electoral College victory like
people haven’t seen in a long time. And it’s a great honor. And when this state came
out and, you know, they said, don’t bother with
Michigan, you’re never going to win as a
Republican, you’re not going to win. I said, why wouldn’t I win
when they’re losing all their jobs, when all their
companies are moving out, why wouldn’t I win? And then I came — my last
speech was in Grand Rapids — (applause) and I
made — anybody there? Yeah, right. Remember that? And the reason it wasn’t
scheduled — remember? Wasn’t scheduled. They said, “Sir.” I came
from New Hampshire, and I thought I was finished. They say, “Sir, your
opponent is heading to Michigan.” And that wasn’t
scheduled either, but what did that mean to me? That meant that she had
problems and she was heading there with Bill
Clinton, with Barack Hussein Obama and with a
couple of other people, all of her staff. And for some reason, they
were going to Michigan. And I said that means they
must be in trouble in Michigan. They said, sir, would you
go and make one final speech in Grand Rapids? And so, on no notice, we
had 32,000 people show up. (applause) Right? He remembers. We had 32,000 people
show up and — Audience: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! The President:
Now, we had. So, we gave no notice, so
we just showed up with 32,000 people and Hillary
— crooked Hillary’s as I call her — she had a
small gathering of about 400 people. I said so — in a location
that was an easier location. So, I said, “Explain to me
why are we going to lose?” And we didn’t. We won and we’re
going to win it. And they should be better. This time should be
easier, because we’ve really produced and I hear
we’re doing very well in the polls or whatever,
but we should do better because we produce far
greater than I said we were going to produce. I mean, you all see the
car companies coming in. So, it’s been
really incredible. But for decades,
politicians, they campaigned all across
Michigan promising to do something about NAFTA. And I call it the NAFTA
disaster, only to get elected and do
absolutely nothing. To take your vote,
and then they go to Washington. And whether it was two
years or four years, they’d go to Washington
and they’d look at the beautiful columns and
they’d become intimidated by the marble and the
beauty and the power. And they wouldn’t even
want to come back. And I came back because we
have a lot to do, we’re going to get a lot more
car companies moving in. We have a lot more
companies moving in. We’re producing jobs like
you have never seen before in this country. We’re producing jobs
like you have never seen before. So, I just want to say
that I’ve kept my promise and not only my promise
in loving the people of Michigan and all over the
country, but my promise of taking care of it so that
other countries aren’t ripping us off. They were ripping us off. You wouldn’t believe
what was happening. I guess you would. (applause) And I think that a lot
of our leaders and our politicians from past
should be ashamed of themselves for what
they allowed to happen. If you look, Mexico took
32 percent of our car business. Think of it, in a fairly
short period of time. Thirty two percent
of our car business. But now we have a
deal with Mexico. We have a deal with Canada that’s a whole different ballgame. So, it’s good. The USMCA will
substantially boost exports for American
dairy farmers. Also, very, very big. (applause) Got a dairy
farmer in this plant. All of the ranchers, the
manufacturers, textile makers, energy workers for
those in small business or with farms and small
farms, no estate tax. So, now you can leave your
business, your farms, you can leave them to your
heirs if you like them. If you don’t like them,
you don’t have to bother. Then there’s not a big
saving, but they won’t have to go and mortgage ir
to the hilt, so they can pay the taxes because mom
and dad loved me and mom and dad left me that farm
or mom and dad left me that small business. (applause) So, if you love your
children, it’s great. If you don’t love your
children, then we did a lot of other things
for you, too, right? (laughter) Right, Matt? The USMCA is an especially big
win for American autoworkers. And we will create up to
80,000 — minimum 80,000, probably about
120,000 new jobs. And that’s something
that you haven’t seen. But over the last couple
of years, you’ve been seeing what’s happening. It’s coming back. It’s all coming back under
NAFTA, foreign companies manufactured many parts
overseas, sent them to Mexico and Canada for
assembly, and then shipped them. And, you know, they were
foreign made cars, and all across our borders
they were tax free. So, they’d make the parts
and they’d send them across our
borders tax free. And they’d make them with
their labor, not your labor. I want them made
with your labor. And that’s been the
biggest part of our agreement. (applause) So not anymore. That’s not
happening anymore. The USMCA closes these
terrible, unfair loopholes by requiring at least 75
percent of every car under the deal, which is all to
be made in North America, has to be made
in North America. And most importantly, we
have strong new provisions to ensure American workers
are being hired to do the job. We want to hire American
workers to do the job. (applause) Over the next
five years, the USMCA is projected to increase
purchases of American auto parts by $23 billion
a year and automotive investment by at
least $34 billion. And it’s a very first
trade agreement in decades endorsed by
American labor. We even had the unions
endorsed this the labor endorsed it. We had tremendous support
all down the line, farmers, manufacturers,
labor unions. This is a great deal and
a brilliantly drawn out deal. And Jerry, thank you very
much and Peter Navarro, thank you. (applause) And Joe and
everybody, thank you all. Thank you all. Thank you. (applause) What a
group of people we had. Fiat, Chrysler is already
investing $4.5 billion. Anybody here with
Fiat Chrysler? Thank them very
much, 4.5 billion. Peanuts, it’s peanut. And creating 650,000 new
jobs in Michigan very quickly and opening up the
first new Detroit plant in over 30 years. That’s a big step. And Ford is putting up
$1.5 billion and creating 3,000 new jobs. So that’s Ford. Thank you, Ford. Anybody from Ford here? (applause) Three thousand new jobs. While, General Motors is
investing $2.2 billion dollars and creating 2,200
new jobs in Michigan, 2,200. Anybody from
General Motors? (applause) Okay. We’re going to get that. That’s good, thank
you very much. General Motors, 2,200. So, you’re talking about
6,500, 3,000, 2,200. And that’s just what
they’re doing right now. They’re going to be
doing a lot more. In addition to that,
we have many foreign companies coming in
because we’re insisting that they build their cars
in the United States, not in some faraway land. (applause) Dana,
Incorporated is the perfect place to honor the
immortal legacy of the American worker. And that’s what it is,
it’s an incredible legacy. When the United States
battle the forces of tyranny in the Second
World War, the assembly line here was round the
clock production building more than one quarter of
all tanks made in America. And now, we have a very
special place that builds tanks. You know about
that, right? Does anybody know where
I’m talking about? It’s called Lima. Do you know one of the
first things I did, I was president elect, and they
told me they were closing a plant in Lima, Ohio? I said, what’s the plant? It makes tanks. I said, “Really? Where else do
we make them?” That’s it. I said, “So, if I want to
build our military and we want tanks. What are we going to do,
send over to China for them or something?” They said no. And I went to Lima, Ohio. I went there, and I looked
at this incredible plant and the incredible
workers and the detail. I mean, these plants are
— these tanks are really complex machines now. I mean, they were more
complicated than any dashboard of any plane
you’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe it. And the precision of the
mechanics and the turrets and the perfect they have
to get it within 1/100 of an inch, everything
has to be perfect. I said you’ll never be
able to restart something like this. So, I turned down the
closing of that plant, just by instinct. And now we’re making
hundreds of tanks there a year. We were making none. We’re making hundreds
of tanks a year. (applause) I don’t think
they ever could have started it up like here. You can’t start these
places very easily. But we produced a new
fearsome and famous weapon, the mighty
M-4 Sherman tank. You know that right here. We produced right here. We produced that
for some reason. We don’t make the tanks. And what we’re going to
have to speak to Dana. How about a little
competition for Lima? (laughter) I’d better not
say that Lima is going to get angry at me
if I say that. Audience Member:
(inaudible) The President: You
have a plant in Lima? You have it covered
all the way. They’ve got a Dana
plant, in Lima. But Dana employs some
amazing veterans, including production
supervisor Devin Mallory. Where’s Devin? Where’s Devin? Devin, come on,
say a few words. He served the U.S. Army, two tours
in Afghanistan. Devin, come on up. (applause) Devin Mallory: Thank
you, Mr. President. Good afternoon. My name is Devin Mallory
from Wausau, Michigan. (applause) I decided to
join the United States Army as an
officer in 2010. At that time, it was
difficult to find a job in Michigan. After serving two tours in
Afghanistan, transitioning to civilian life
was my top priority. As our family grew, my
wife and I decided we wanted to be
closer to family. I started looking for a
job to make the move back to Michigan last year and
was quickly able to find a position with Dana as a
production supervisor. (applause) My wife and I are proud
parents of two beautiful daughters. I actually just returned
to work yesterday after spending time with my wife
and newborn daughter. (applause) I want to
thank you, Mr. President. I am glad that we have
a growing economy in Michigan, and a job where
I can provide for my family. I’m looking forward to the
future possibilities with Dana. Thank you. (applause) The President:
Thank you, Devin. Congratulations. Thank you, Devin. Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: There is a
tremendous pride in our country that I see again,
and it was not going in the right direction. I’ve never seen
more spirit. I was in New Jersey the
other night to make a speech and the crowds were
records peoples — I had never seen
anything like it. I’m now going to Iowa. It’s all over the news. The crowds are like
they’ve never seen before. So, there are
things happening. People are proud of
our country again. And that’s a great thing. That’s a great thing. (applause) Well, this surge in new
investment means new opportunities
for everyone. Few people know that
better than launch specialist
Courtney French. And Courtney, I’m going to
ask you to come up and say a few words. Incredible job. Incredible job. Thank you. Courtney, come
on up, please. (applaue) Courtney French: Thank
you, Mr. President. My name is Courtney
French, and I was born and raised in St.
Clair County. At age 19, I started
at Dana as a temporary worker, unknowingly
pregnant with my second set of twins. My husband and I now
have eight children, so, knowing that we have solid
jobs to provide for our kids is really important. Today, I’m a project
launch specialist for Dana, St. Claire facility,
and over the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate
to have access to tuition reimbursement and many
opportunities to further my career. So now, more than ever,
I’m excited that the USMCA will help even the playing
field for American manufacturing while
continuing to grow job opportunities here in
Michigan, giving me confidence and steady
work for the future. Thank you. (applause) The President: Great job. Great. Thank you,
Courtney very much. My administration is very
pro worker, to put it mildly. Pro-American policies have
reduced unemployment to its lowest level in more
than 50 years, and we’ve created over 7 million
new jobs, including over 100,000 brand new
jobs in Michigan. (applause) African
American unemployment, Asian American
unemployment, Hispanic American unemployment is
the lowest it’s ever been in the history
of our country. (applause) Real median household
income is now at the highest level
ever recorded. That’s a good one for you. You know, President Bush
in eight years, it was $450. President Obama in eight
years, it was $975. And President Trump in
less than three years, because when the stats were
taken, it was two and a half. And including the tax cuts
and regulation cuts, it’s $10,000. Think of that. (applause) That’s tough to beat. That’s tough to beat. Right? Earnings for the bottom 10
percent are rising faster than earnings for the top
10 percent, first time. And we’ve lifted 2.5
million Americans out of poverty. More Americans are
working than ever before. In everything we do, we’re
restoring Washington’s allegiance to
hardworking citizens. The people that
I love — I love. I love the worker. Somehow, we have
this relationship. They talk about
it all the time. Why the hell do
they like Trump? But they like me? What can I tell you? (applause) They like me. I guess some of those
stats have something to do with that. Right? Because you have
never seen it. But, you know, in the
upcoming election, the last time I talked about
what we were going to do, but I didn’t do it. I talked about what we
were going to do, but I hadn’t done it
because the election. Then I get elected, and as
they will tell you, the fake news — they will
tell you, even they will admit I get more than I
even said I was going to do by a lot. So, when we go into this
next election, we’ve created all of these jobs,
all of these companies have come in. We’ve created Space
Force for the military. I never said I was going
to do Space Force. And we’re reclaiming a
very proud heritage as a manufacturing
nation again. Do you remember when the
previous administration — the head of the previous
administration. I won’t mention names. I’m sure you’ll never
guess the name — but said that you did a magic wand
to create manufacturing jobs. Well, we found the magic
wand because we’re going to be hitting 750,000
manufacturing jobs in the not-too-distant future. (applause) Never made
sense to me when they said no increase in
manufacturing jobs. No manufacturing jobs,
manufacturing jobs are disappearing. I used to say those
are the best jobs. Those are great people. Those are unbelievably
talented people. You’re very talented. (applause) You’re very
talented people. I said there’s no way
that’s going to happen, and that’s why all of
those companies are coming back. We’re taking them
from other countries. We’re doing
incredibly well. We’ve taken in billions
and billions of dollars from China, billions and
billions of dollars from China. And then they agreed
to sign the agreement. Now, we’re working very
strongly with China on the Coronavirus. That’s a new thing that a
lot of people are talking about. Hopefully, it won’t be as
bad as some people think it could be, but we’re
working very closely with them and with a lot of
other people in a lot of other countries. And we think we have a
very well under control. We have very little
problem in this country at this moment. Five and those people
are all recuperating successfully. But we’re working very
closely with China and other countries, and we
think it’s going to have a very good ending for us,
so that I can assure you. In the meantime, I just want
to congratulate all of the people of Dana. You have been
just outstanding. I’ve followed your company
as a person in the business world
for a long time. I followed Dana and lots
of other companies. You’ve really done
an outstanding job. And it really is the great
people, right now, the great people that work
here, those people that can do such precision,
brilliant work. You’re the ones that are
doing it, and you’re the ones that our country and
the people of our country has great respect for. So, I want to thank
the state of Michigan. I want to thank our
great congressman. And I want to thank all
of the workers and all of those people that are making
all of that extra money that I’ve helped you with. Making a hell of
a lot of money. If you want, you could
give it back to the country or give it back to
Dana, but I have a feeling you’ll just keep it. I say spend it wisely. But I want to thank all of
you, because this has been really a special
moment for me. You know, coming back
to Michigan after all Michigan’s been through
after all that I talked about, I talked about
Michigan so much. I talked about it. How can you let it happen,
as I said, how can you let it happen? And we’ve stopped
it from happening. They’re all
coming back to us. So, thank you very much. Congratulations, Michigan,
and congratulations to Dana. (applause) Thank
you very much. Thank you all. Thank you, fellas. Thank you. (applause)

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