polyphonic overtone singing – Anna-Maria Hefele

Hello, I am Anna-Maria, and I’m an overtone singer, and I’m going to tell you something about polyphonic singing today. Overtone singing is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time. [singing] So, this was the overtone scale on one fundamental I can also choose an overtone and move the fundamental. [singing] So, I can choose the fundamental and have the overtone scale or I choose an overtone and have the undertone scale. If I want to sing a special melody and there are melody notes that don’t fit to the overtone scale from one fundamental then I need to find another fundamental to sing this note And for that, there are often different possibilities and I choose this fundamental that fits harmonically best with the melody line And for polyphonic singing there are different possibilities to build scales and to move notes So, I can move the overtone with the fundamental, in parallel [singing] Or I can move the fundamental in steps. [singing] Or in smaller steps [singing] Or even smaller [singing] I can also move the overtone and the fundamental in the opposite direction. [singing] And that scale also works in major. [singing] And with these tools, I can sing, for example, folk songs in polyphonic solo voice. [singing] Thanks for watching

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  1. This is horrible! So eerie. You don’t sound human.
    Your monochrome filter makes it even more disturbing but not in a good way.

  2. Very interesting!

    I recall back in the late1980s (or perhaps the early 1990s) there was a NOVA episode on PBS about the famous physicist, Richard Feynman, and one of his many interests involved a group of old men — I believe they lived in some part of Russia — who had a tradition of singing similarly to what is performed here. I was stunned and fascinated hearing them!

    Ditto for this performance! 🙏🏼👍🏼❤️

  3. When I was a kid there were these plastic snake flutes you could swing around your head to activate, and they made the same beautiful, unearthly sort of sound. Just mix that with the Huzzhuzz of cicadas at dusk, and the citrus breeze coming off the magnolia blossoms, and you've pretty much defined childhood in the Southern U.S.

  4. What the hell?!!! How? kinda sounds like a Theremin…..It is legit amazing ..I never heard a human sing like that …actually now I think I have heard someone doing this in the oddworld games…

  5. totally beguiled by this, wow! it also helps that this beautiful lady is the exact double of Milla Jovovich!
    you could imagine this being the stories of mermaids mesmerising sailors with their song, leading them to their demise.

  6. big market for this, eh? what application? sy-fy movies? it's like whisteling through your nose and singing!! very talented.

  7. Woah, my head felt like I was going to burst. Made my sinuses rattle. Definitely don't listen with earbuds. WoW!

  8. I would SOOO love to see these sound frequencies being displayed on a spectrum analyser to see the harmonics you are producing & view the actual fundamental frequency waveform shape on an oscilloscope. 🤔

    I know … I'm a nerd 🙄😔🤭

    BTW… 14 million views… and not a cat in sight !! 😂😂


  9. Meanwhile I cry at my voice lessons when I try to think about breathing from my diaphragm, posture, and placement at the same time.

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