Papers, Please: Typographical Errors

Next! Here. Entry permit? Passport. All entrants must provide a valid entry permit. What? Since when? About twenty minutes ago. This is ridiculous. Have passport, am passing. What are you doing, what is there? Big button that calls the guards! Fine! Get entry permit… Great! What? Passport numbers don’t match. It is…typographical error. Ugh! There! It’s fixed! This one is expired. And it says you’re a woman, and is actually just someone else’s passport. Oh! Right. Wrong one. There you go. Unfortunately, we now require a work pass. And some other stuff. This is bureaucratic incompetence. I don’t disagree with you, but you also clearly forged half of these. So… Fine. I’ll do it better. It says you’re here to assassinate someone? Да. Do you have a license? Нет. There. License. Waited at KGB for nine hours. Was better than here. You know, I get paid by the number of people I process, right? I will help, then! Look! I’m in Arstotzka! Job done! Where is red tape now, eh? We are now required to perform a full body scan on any confirmed hitman. Please stand still. This is profiling. Come on, man, I’ve got a family to either feed, keep warm, or buy medicine for. There is everything. Nothing is wrong. Bomb is being shipped UPS, you have to let me through. Best for both of us. *Sigh* There you go! Glory to Arstotzka! Wait, what?!? Issuing city was wrong! You lose! Come on!

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  1. 이 멋진 영상에 한국어 자막을 달아주신 분과 만들어주신 분께 아스토츠카의 영광을!

  2. Грехи этого видео:
    1. В разрешении на работу сказано имя "Yegor", а в паспорте Орбистана – "Jegor";
    2. Перед входом в Арстотцку, оружие инспектора появляется из ниоткуда;
    3. Инспектор не проверил паспорт Орбистана, так как там был указан неверный город выдачи. Мог бы он внимательно посмотреть – не знаю.
    4. Когда гражданин выдает разрешение на въезд – стоит поддельная печать, и инспектор должен отказать. А если бы пропустил гражданина с печатью, замечание было такое:
    Разрешение на въезд: Поддельная печать.

  3. The end is why i use a cheet sheet.

    My excuse is that the border control person could just write that shit down anyway.

  4. I have had a typographical error on my passport, got stuck 6 hours in a border check. My last name was called Hasselkvist, not Hasselqvist

  5. What kept getting me was the height. I got so use to just looking at it and going "looks correct" I kept not checking and it would be off. Like ohhh I'm so sorry is the 180 cm man only 175cm? Fuck off

  6. Sono felicissimo che avete messo i sottotitoli in italiano 🇮🇹🇮🇹 I'm glad you put the subtitles in Italian

  7. I like the idea that there are Reichsadler of the Greater German Reich, though Arstotzka itself is Communist country.

  8. 0:48 I bursted out laughing at the "forged" work pass. Scratching out assination and instead writing "taking care of puppies" over it.

  9. 2:03 "Glory to Arstotska" Is only said to people FROM ARSTOTZKA

    This guy is from Obristan!

    You deserve another ticket!

  10. if he waited at the kgb for 9 hours to get the permit, why didnt he get his license to kill at the same time? fool

  11. This video was funny, I liked it a lot.

    But Arstotzkan people doesn't require an entry permit nor work pass, only their ID and a posteriori a Polio Vaccine

  12. so, someone else plays this too. interesting. i wonder if they added a save game function yet. a real one, that you can go bsck to if you accidentally don't have enough money for taxes.

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