Paper Star Lanterns with Cut-Outs and Snowflakes!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. When I type in the project request it always freezes or doesn't let me click maybe because I'm on my phone but I'd really like videos on sublimate and also scrapbooking I saw you can use design space to create layouts I tried searching your name and that but nothing came up

  2. I love these! Great video too! I think I will use battery operated fairy lights inside. I'm also glad that you provide links to the materials needed since I'm new to Cricut and have no clue about cardstock weight etc.

  3. The things you are doing for us just keeps getting better! That's so cool, I'm ordering the hanging lantern cords now along with the holographic poster board. I have holographic everything except that lol go figure. Thank you once again!!!

  4. Wow! These are spectacular! Will have to visit JoAnn's to get some foil poster board. In the meantime, will try one with cardstock!

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