OMG Moment: Divorce Papers | Season 6 Ep. 9 | EMPIRE

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. What the tf is wrong with lee Daniels he making luscious seem like the bad guy for now reason someone tell me what he did wrong in season 5 till now

  2. Sometimes I feel tired of this "go&back" of cookie-lucious and then… I see their powerful scenes or this one… and I realize I'M NOT! hahaha I don’t care. I love them!! I can’t get enough of them, lol

  3. Luscious is only acting this way because of Cookie…she the one that went after Damon. All Luscious did was try and get rid of Kingsley so they can then focus on their marriage. Lee Daniels AND Danny strong are smoking crack for trying to break up Coocious.

  4. This was not an omg moment that was a wtf were yall thinking moment !!! Y'all can't never let Lucious and cookie be happy!!

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