My Hero Academy is one of the animes that
is winning the world over, and has a large community of followers. If you don’t already
know it, we’ll tell you more about its origin and plot. It started as a one-shot, a one-chapter story,
written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It was published in the fifth volume of the
manga Oumagadoki Zoo, under the title “My Hero”. And it was so successful that in the
summer of 2014 it became a series of its own, featured in the popular magazine Weekly Shōnen
Jump. The story is set in a modern society where
most of the population has developed powers, called Quirks, so there are lots of superheroes
and villains. But the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is precisely one of the few who has no special
talent. That is why he is harassed and excluded by
his schoolmates, especially a bully named Katsuki Bakugo. However, Izuku does not lose
hope of one day having his own Quirk and studying at the U.A. Academy to become a superhero
like his idol All Might, one of the teachers. The opportunity arises when he accidentally
crosses paths with him and manages to capture his attention, to the point of naming him
heir to his great power, the One for All. Izuku then enters the Academy, where he will
learn to control the most powerful quirk to become the leader of a new generation of superheroes. Meanwhile, the League of Villains, an evil
organization created by All Might’s arch-enemy, All For One, pursues a plan to destroy all
heroes and take control of society. This will be one of the challenges faced by
the protagonists, class 1-A students. Izuku is a calm and shy young boy, insecure because
of the harassment he suffered as a child. But thanks to his new quirk, he gradually
develops more self-confidence, without losing his enthusiasm for helping others. He has become the ninth heir to the One for
All, a quirk that gives him superhuman strength and agility. In addition to super speed and
reflexes, he has great endurance, which could make him the greatest superhero. But if he
doesn’t learn to control his power, he can harm himself. His great class rival is Katsuki Bakugo, who
he knows since he was four years old. He is arrogant, likes to humiliate others, and very
ambitious, always trying to improve himself. However, he is also fair and knows how to
face defeat. He has the ability to cause explosions with the nitroglycerin segregated from the
sweat of his hands and channeled through the mechanisms of his super-suit. Shoto Todoroki is a silent, sharp boy, under
great pressure as the son of two great superheroes. He actually despises his father, who in his
obsession to overcome All Might, neglected his family. Shoto has inherited the quirks
of his parents, allowing the right half of his body to freeze while the left half releases
fire. Ochaco Uraraka is Izuku’s best friend. She
is a happy and simple girl from a modest family with economic problems, and she wants to become
a hero to earn money and save them. She loves Izuku, although she hides it so as not to
disrupt school life. Her quirk lets her play with gravity and levitate objects at will. The Academy’s most distinguished teacher is
Toshinori Yagi, the world-famous All Might. He was the number one hero, symbol of peace,
but his battle with the most powerful villain, All For One, left him with so many physical
scars that he is no longer able to control his quirk. That’s why he seeks an heir and
finds Izuku. Although he is not a great teacher, he is willing to train him hard. The anime adaptation of My Hero Academy was
released in April 2016 and is now in its fourth season, which began on Autumn 2019. In addition
to several OVAs, it has two parallel films that explore personal relationships between
protagonists: My Hero Academy: Two Heroes, from 2018, and My Hero Academy: Heroes Rising,
which will be released in Japan very soon, on December 20th, 2019. We have our Quirks too, tiktakers. Like drawing
at the speed of light or thinking of new ideas to talk about. And you, which superpower or
quirk would you like to have?

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  1. my one is ultra speed and dark form for lil bro he would be all the sonic forms and sonic.exe and helps deku bust the bad guys

  2. Hey I just have a suggestion could you do Mr. Hopp from Mr. Hopp's playhouse well… have look up one him but please do Mr. Hopp -w-"

  3. My hero Academia 🤩😔😘🥰😍
    Why is she calling My hero academy
    I thought it was My hero academia 🤨🤨
    5 Characters that close to each other
    -All Might

  4. Where is
    Eraser head??
    Present mic??

    Please have a video about class 1A

  5. Me : *sees this.*
    A kid in my class : What ever. It’s just another dumb anime.
    Me : YOU UNCULTURED SWINE *detroit smash-*

  6. This may sound dumb but I want Aziawa’s Quirk.

    Quirk: Erasure
    What it does: It can take away anyone’s quirk until you blink. After you do it for a well you get dry eyes so pack some eye drops lol


    who else scream when it was todoroki? im obssesed with him •~• oh and…. I would also have a creatiom
    n just like yaoyarozu shes my best gurl

  8. All Mights Quirk Is One For All It If One Person Had it It Passes To Another Person Until It Grows

    All For One It Gives The Quirk to One Poeple And Never Return

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